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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Archive for April, 2007
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Archive for April, 2007

LC & IB Allahpundit found a “memorial” to the embodiment of evil that was Psy-Cho and asks the very good question: “Is it possible to be too forgiving?”

A rhetorical question if ever there was one, but one that deserves an answer nonetheless.

We are commanded by the Lord G-d to forgive those that trespass against us, as He is willing to forgive us for our trespasses against Him so, in that sense, you cannot be too forgiving towards those who wish you ill. But, as we must ask Him to forgive us to gain His forgiveness, as we must repent of our sins to show that our actions were prompted by the original sin that we all carry and not an act of pure evil in our hearts, so must those who sin against us repent and beg.

Granting your forgiveness without a show of true repentance on the part of the sinner is not holy, it is an endorsement of the evil that the sinner wrought. Ask yourselves this: if a sinner is guaranteed forgiveness regardless of what he does after the sin, what is to stop him from sinning again? If forgiveness is automatic, then why care about it at all? If the stain of evil upon your immortal soul is washed away immediately without action required on your part, then what possible reason have you to be worried about the stain in the first place? If no reflection upon your sin and acceptance of your guilt is necessary for you to be forgiven, then what hope is there of you not sinning again?

Did that spawn of Satan ask for forgiveness? Mayhap he did in the hereafter, but we’ll never know, so it is not for us to forgive him.

There are few who have the power to grant forgiveness to that demon in human form, and none alive today have it. 32 innocent souls now in Heaven may, as may the Lord G-d Himself, but we cannot.

It is not ours, so it is not ours to give.

And, in that sense, there is indeed such a thing as too much forgiveness.

The ones who erected that memorial to evil, that apologia for Satan, are like unto thieves. They gave away a precious gift that is not theirs to give, they laid claim to a power they do not hold and they, as a result, are now in dire need of forgiveness themselves. And if they realize what they have done, for I am certain that they did not do so when they gave it, if they ask for it, they shall have it. Of that I’m sure. Not from me, for they have not sinned against me in giving something that is not theirs, but from G-d, for He is merciful and understanding beyond comprehension.

Those who built that altar of evil did, indeed, build nothing but a monument to their own ignorance. They did nothing but bear witness to their own vanity and narcissism, their yearning to prove that they are better than anybody else, their unholy lust for being holier than thou and bask in the cold warmth of their own imaginary goodness. Not because they themselves are evil, in their minds they did it with the best of intentions, but because they have been led astray, because they have forgotten the meaning of forgiveness, they have lost sight of our obligation to face evil, to confront it unwaveringly, with a hardened heart, and replaced it with a fantasy in which they can make evil go away by turning the other cheek, even when the cheek they turn belongs to somebody else.

If someone were to kill my brother, can I forgive the murderer for his evil deed? No, I cannot. It is not for me to do, for I was not the one wronged. That is for the murderer to iron out between him and G-d and the soul of the slain.

By doing so I am, in fact, taking the place of G-d and the soul of my brother, and I have no right to do so. It is a sin in itself.

What I can and what I must do is to harden my heart against evil, to lay down an oath to confront and fight it in whatever way I can, so that I may be instrumental in preventing the evil that took my brother to manifest itself again. I must honor his memory by using the pain, sorrow, anger and frustration from his murder to strengthen my resolve to face evil in all of its forms, to battle it whenever and wherever I can, without pause or mercy, to protect the weak, help the helpless and, to the best of my very limited and mortal abilities, do G-d’s work here on Earth.

Deus Io Vult!

But never, ever must I allow myself to turn somebody else’s cheek, forgive a wrong done not against me unless the victim himself or G-d has granted it, for that is a sin. That is theft, vanity, pride and self-aggrandizement at its worst. It is what Satan wants, it is an implicit endorsement and acceptance of the evil that he does and, for as long as I shall live, I shall never stay my sword from a strike at the neck of evil, however it may manifest itself.

That is what my Lord G-d expects of me, and to let Him down is the road to eternal damnation.

Empty, feel-good gestures are for empty souls, narcissistic fools valuing instant personal gratification above the Will of G-d.

I pray for their souls, for they will surely need it.

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Ah, if only our government weren’t too afraid of the known terrorist front organization CAIR to do something like this.

Instead, we end up with clusterfucks like this one (thanks, LC readerjp):

Federal authorities are accusing a former engineer at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station of illegally taking software codes to Iran and downloading details of control rooms, reactors and designs of the nation’s largest nuclear plant.

Officers arrested Mohammad “Mo” Alavi, 49, in Los Angeles this month and charged him with one count of violating a trade embargo, which prohibits Americans from exporting goods and services to Iran.

Authorities say there is no evidence to suggest the use of the software was linked to terrorists or the Iranian government, which has clashed with the U.S. over attempts to develop a nuclear program.

Listen, “authorities”, we appreciate your desire to NOT cause a panic among the general population, but we say again: Would you PLEASE stop insulting our intelligence?

A member of the terrorist “religion of peace” steals detailed information about a place that would be a splendid target for a terrorist attack while in a terrorist country run by a terrorist regime known for repeatedly issuing terroristic threats against us (and everybody else, for that matter), and “there’s no evidence to suggest the use of the software was linked to terrorists or the Iranian government?”

How silly of us to think so! Why, he obviously just absconded with the codes to a terrorist country run by a terrorist regime in order to show off the floor plans to his Aunt Fatima in Tehran!

Of course, we’re not allowed to do anything about a regime acquiring nukes, a regime that has repeatedly threatened to incinerate our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel, in a nuclear Holocaust. We mustn’t because, as the talking airheads keep telling us, that would make the Vaunted Iranian Underground™ angry with us:

The people of Iran are probably the most pro-Western in the world, though that will not stop them fighting like hell if we are foolish enough to attack them…Again and again, Iranians told me Western hostility was the main force that could push them into the arms of a regime they did not much like.

How long has it been now? 28 years? 28 years with the Fiercely Loyal Iranian Underground “launching the Revolution™ ANY MINUTE NOW!”

“Just wait a little longer and it’ll happen. Cross our hearts and hope to die, it really will. And, until then, you silly infidels must continue sitting on your hands and let the Mad Mullahs do as they please because, if you lift a finger to stop them, the Fiercely Loyal Iranian Underground will get very, very cross and immediately join forces with the theofascist regime that they allegedly hate more than death itself.”

If only they were half as intent on regaining their freedom as they seem to be on joining forces with their “worst enemies” in case we as much as look at Ahmadinnerjacket funny. One might almost begin to think that the Fiercely Loyal Iranian Underground Ready to Throw Out the Mullahs Any Minute Now™ were an invention of the Mad Mullahs themselves. We mean, wouldn’t it be truly brilliant?

The Mullahs get to thumb their noses at the West on a daily basis while continuing the nuclear program that nobody has the balls to take away from them, they get to acquire materials, install centrifuges and even enrich uranium, commit acts of war and piracy, and every single time anybody suggests that maybe acts of war should be treated as such, we have an army of ignorant blatherskate pundits jumping up and saying “oh NO, that will just make the Iranian Underground mad at us and make them join the Revolutionary Guard overnight! Best to keep our thumbs up our asses, because the Revolution&Trade; is coming ANY MINUTE NOW!”

You know what?

I don’t care.

If us doing something to keep Ahmadinnerjacket from finishing the job that Hitler started makes you Brave Dissidents&Trade; change loyalties like other people change socks, only with less hesitation, and join forces with a regime that you “don’t like very much”, then so be it.

You see, when that regime that you “don’t like very much” (yet obviously don’t hate quite enough to actually do anything about) reach the point where they’re capable of making good on the threats that they’ve publicly, unashamedly and repeatedly made, then WE will be forced to do something that we assure you that YOU “won’t like very much” either. You won’t like it at all, as a matter of fact, since it will involve sudden temperature increases and massive amounts of unhealthy radiation.

That’s what YOU need to realize. When your leaders reach that point, your precious feelings won’t matter one bit anymore, and that time gets closer with every day you sit around doing nothing. You can join forces with the regime all you like, it will only mean that you’ll die with them as well.

Add to that that His Imperial Majesty isn’t much in the mood to wait until you set off a nuke somewhere, and we think that it should become clear to you just how little we care about your misplaced pride.

Ask the Germans and Japanese how “standing by their leaders” worked out for them.

Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki.

Memorize those names, then, O Vaunted Iranian Underground With Loyalties For Sale to the Highest Bidder™, start thinking about just what you’re willing to do to keep Tehran off that list. Because if you don’t, it WILL be on it one day.


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In the desert wind, their voices call to us.

With all the danger they face, with the constant threat of murder, just for the “crime” of showing up, in defiance of terrorists who want to turn their home into a bloodbath, their land into a graveyard….the students of Iraq are reaching out to Virginia Tech.

Courage needs witnesses.

From the Oregon News

(AP) Students in Baghdad, where universities have been hard hit by violence, said Monday they were saddened by last week’s massacre at Virginia Tech and hung up a banner to express their solidarity with “our brothers in humanity and in pursuing knowledge.”

Surrounded by bombings, in daily fear of their lives. Threatened and targeted for wanting a better life, the young lions of Iraq extend a hand to the grieving families of America.

“We want to let the whole world know that we do not support terrorism anywhere,” said Yassir Nazar, head of the student union at Baghdad Technology University, who organized the hanging of the banner near the campus gate.

Why do I get the feeling that you won’t have to for much longer? And I don’t have to ask if there are more like you at home, I know there are.

It reads, “We, the students of Technology University, denounce the attack at Virginia Tech. We extend our condolences to the families of the victims who faced a situation as bad as Iraq’s universities do. The sanctity of campuses must be protected around the world.”

“We have lost many friends and professors,” said Nazar. “But in spite of our wounds, we want to show our solidarity with the students of Virginia Tech who are our brothers in humanity and in pursuing knowledge.”

Did you hear that? DID YOU???

THAT is the voice of freedom. THAT, is the youth of Iraq waiting in the wings,ready and willing to make a better future. Where death is a companion on the road in every waking moment..they reach out to their fellow students a world away…ignoring their own peril to, even in a small way, ease the suffering of people they may never know.

Courage needs witnesses.

In Baghdad and other Iraqi cities, scores of students have been killed and their campuses targeted by Iraqi insurgents who often regard universities as bastions of Western thought and political activities they oppose.

More than 200 university professors have been killed in the past few years, and thousands have fled the country to teach at universities abroad, said Basil al-Khateeb, spokesman for the Iraqi ministry of higher education.

On Feb. 25, a female suicide bomber triggered a ball bearing-packed charge, killing at least 41 people at a mostly Shiite college whose main gate was left littered with blood-soaked student notebooks and papers amid the bodies.

And yet they return.

On Jan. 16, two car bombs exploded as students from Mustansiriyah University lined up for rides home, killing at least 70 people and wounding at least 133.

Baghdad Technology University, which is an annex of Mustansiriyah University, can seem more like a war zone than a college campus, despite its sports fields, modern buildings and a small garden with wooden benches.

Concrete barriers block nearby streets to keep out suicide car bombers. Students from Iraq’s complex mix of Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds and Christians walk peacefully across the campus, but the sound of ambulance and police sirens, military convoys driving past and U.S. helicopters flying overhead is nearly constant.

And yet they return.

“We denounce the shooting in Virginia Tech because it targeted students of knowledge,” said Hassan Abdul-Karim, a junior engineering major who said he has lost two friends to deadly insurgent attacks in his neighborhood of Baghdad. “Al-Qaida in Iraq does the same thing here in an effort to make ignorance prevail so its ideology can win.”

They get it. They know what is at stake. They know who the enemy is

Reid, Pelosi , if you had one ounce of integrity, one shred of humility, you would get down on your knees and BEG HIS FORGIVENESS for your craven cowardice and treachery.

THERE is the true Iraq, in that ONE man, that tower of courage, lies all the truth you will ever know or will ever need., “Madam Speaker”…in his eyes you will see everything you are not and never will go ahead.

Ask him.Go on.

He does not think the war is lost

He does not know the meaning ot the word surrender.

He is the shining future of Iraq, he and thousands more like him..the same hardy souls you would walk away from, would abandon to the atrocities of Iran-backed terrorism.

Zahra Hussein, a fourth-year engineering student, said she was shocked by the Virginia Tech killings in a country that is so much more peaceful and secure than Iraq. “For us, such attacks have become normal, even when they target students,” she said.

Mohammed Akram, a third-year chemical engineering student, said Iraq has seen many examples of recluses who have become suicide attackers. “But we are determined to complete our studies and do all we can for our country,” he said, as several friends standing around him on the campus nodded their heads in agreement.

Virginia Tech hears you.

Their families hear you.

We hear you.

Iraq hears you.

One day, I pray to God, the world will hear you.

Courage needs witnesses.

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Noted Genius on Everything There is to Know in the Whole Universe™ (according to 9 out of 10 certifiably sub-retarded garden slugs) Sheryl Crow and her girlfriend went to Washington, and all they got was a lousy T-shirt. Oh the HUMANITY!

Last night Thelma and Louise drove the bus off the cliff or at least into the White House Correspondents Dinner. The “highlight” of the evening had to be when we were introduced to Karl Rove. How excited were we to have our first opportunity ever to talk directly to the Bush Administration about global warming.

Why didn’t you bring Hansel & Gretel as well, seeing as how you seem to be enamored of fairy tales?

We asked Mr. Rove if he would consider taking a fresh look at the science of global warming.

You mean you actually found some? Please, let us see it as well, because all we have so far is a bunch of hyperventilating hysterics on the public grant dole, trying to outdo one another in baseless assertions and crazed conjectures.

Much to our dismay, he immediately got combative. And it went downhill from there.

We reminded the senior White House advisor that the US leads the world in global warming pollution and we are doing the least about it.

Which is what one should do about something that isn’t “pollution” and doesn’t contribute in a meaningful fashion to global warming.

Anger flaring, Mr. Rove immediately regurgitated the official Administration position on global warming which is that the US spends more on researching the causes than any other country.

Which is, sadly, true. And a horrible waste of tax funds as well. Surely we can find something other than full employment for nutty “scientists” to spend His Imperial Majesty’s money on?

We felt compelled to remind him that the research is done and the results are in (

…now that the IPCC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the U.N., the single most inept and corrupt kleptocracy in all of human history, are done editing out the scientific conclusions that contradict the preferred message, that is.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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My most sincere thanks to LC Doug, who generously sent me the first three books of Terry Goodkind’s “Sword of Truth” series.

Yes, I loves me a good tale of swordsmanship and chivalry, and it came highly recommended from LC Daealdric, so I put it on the wish list.

And now, thanks to LC Doug, I have it and you won’t see me for a month or so :happy_tb:

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Just as we’d expected, YouTube is now overflowing with fawning, illiterate praise videos dedicated to the pathetic, psychotic losers’ association’s hero, Psy-Cho.

And since they’re not critical of pisslam, we’re sure they’ll stay up there just like the pro-terrorist, al-Qaeda snuff videos that “Don’t be Evil” Google just can’t get themselves to delete.

Thanks, NBC!

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I learned right here

….A community debate over religious freedom surfaced in Western Pennsylvania last week when Dutch feminist author Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali refugee who has lived under the threat of death for denouncing her Muslim upbringing, made an appearance at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.

Islamic leaders tried to block the lecture, which was sponsored through an endowment from the Frank J. and Sylvia T. Pasquerilla Lecture Series. They argued that Hirsi Ali’s attacks against the Muslim faith in her book, “Infidel,” and movie, “Submission,” are “poisonous and unjustified” and create dissension in their community.

Although university officials listened to Islamic leaders’ concerns, the lecture planned last year took place Tuesday evening under tight security, with no incidents.

Imam Fouad ElBayly, president of the Johnstown Islamic Center, was among those who objected to Hirsi Ali’s appearance.

“She has been identified as one who has defamed the faith. If you come into the faith, you must abide by the laws, and when you decide to defame it deliberately, the sentence is death,” said ElBayly, who came to the U.S. from Egypt in 1976.

But hey, we mustn’t be insensitive to their beliefs.

That sort of thing is reserved for Christians.

Pisslam — a religion of pigs.

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(Via Hot Air)

Just when you thought that government idiots couldn’t get more idiotic:

HICKMAN, Kentucky — Officials mistakenly released a prisoner from a Kentucky facility after receiving a phony fax that ordered him freed, and it took them nearly two weeks to realize it.

The fax contained grammatical errors, was not typed on letterhead and was sent from a local grocery store. The fax falsely claimed that the Kentucky Supreme Court “demanded” Timothy Rouse be released.

“Deer Warden,

We demand that u releeze tim rite now b/c we sez so.


Teh supream cort of kintocky.”

“It’s outrageous that it happened,” Fulton County Attorney Rick Major said. “I’m just glad nobody got hurt because he’s dangerous.”

As are the functional retards in charge of your correctional facilities, it would appear.

Police are still investigating who faxed the letter.

We suspect that asking the grocery store from whence the fax originated might help you in that quest but hey, you’re the professionals here. Don’t let a silly mere citizen tell you how to do your jobs.

Prison officials did not notice that the fax came from the grocery store because policies did not require checking the source of a faxed order, said the LaGrange facility’s director, Greg Taylor.

“It’s not part of a routine check, but certainly, in hindsight, that would perhaps have caused somebody to ask a question,” he said.

You think? Amazing. What was your first clue because, to be honest, we hadn’t even thought of that until you mentioned it.

Misspellings on orders are common, he said.

We don’t doubt that for a second. An applicant showing disturbing levels of actual literacy would be grossly overqualified for government work. As a matter of fact, the poor spelling and grammar was most likely what convinced the officials that the “court order” was legitimate.

Still, they ought to have raised an eyebrow when they realized that the document hadn’t been scribbled in crayon on a place mat from Denny’s as is usually the case.

Thank G-d we have professionals taking care of us.

***UPDATE:*** Incompetent government officials don’t release dangerous prisoners, FAX MACHINES release dangerous prisoners!

Ban fax machines! NOW!

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As you may or may not remember, we gave a Time article about self-defense the old Imperial TLC™ a while ago, as well as a NOLA officer, Sgt. Donovan Livaccari, who, from what we could tell reading the article, wasn’t exactly too fond of citizens running around protecting themselves with firearms.

Today, Sgt. Livaccari responded in the comments to that post, clarifying what he actually meant as opposed to what the editors at Time made it look as if he meant.

We believe, of course, that everybody deserves a right to defend his or her self and to be heard when doing so. We also know that nobody reads the comments to old posts, so we updated the post itself to include the response. Also, since it’s an awfully (in Blog Time™) old post, we decided to put the rebuttal up here as well:

I appreciate your vigorous defense of the right to own guns. However, I think that my comments in the Time article were misinterpreted.

First, I have a law degree from the Loyola University School of Law and am admitted to the Louisiana Bar. I am by no means a liberal or anti-gun.

My message is simple. If you are going to own a gun, know the laws that effect you and, more importantly, know that if you are going to display a gun, you better be ready to pull the trigger.

If you believe that you have the fortitude to take a life, you know how to use weapon, and you know the laws regarding its use, then by all means, buy a gun if it makes you feel more secure. I am certainly not giving mine back.

Finally, in Louisiana, you can not use deadly force to protect property. You can use deadly force in the event that someone invades your home, but that really isn’t a case of protecting property but protecting yourself.

Sgt. Donovan Livaccari

First, sir, I want you to know that I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Second, and most certainly no less importantly, I am glad to hear that my understanding of your comments was wrong, not to mention that I can’t find a single thing in your response here regarding the proper use of firearms and lethal force that I disagree with. There are times when it’s a joy to be off the mark, and this is one such time. Of course, that also leaves me with an obligation to apologize since, whether the misunderstanding was due to selective quoting from Time or not, my words are still mine and I do not wish to be even partially responsible for giving a false impression of your true opinions. That’s what we have the press for and they do a depressingly good job of it.

So, Sgt Livaccari, I do apologize. I apologize for having contributed to the misinterpretation of your words and I am relieved to hear that you, as one of “our boys in blue”, are not what the Time article made you out to be. I am also, again, grateful for this opportunity to set the record straight, not to mention that it serves to teach me and anybody else happening upon this post a lesson about the need to take everything the MSM say with a large amount of grains of salt, no matter what our doctor might say it’ll do to our cardio-vascular system.

Also, no less importantly, it is now clear to me that Sgt Livaccari is in no way a “birdbrain” or any of the other, er, colorful appellations that I assigned to him. I apologize for those as well.

Again, thanks for your reply.


Misha I

P.S.: Thanks for your clarification of LA laws regarding defense of property. As I mentioned in the post, I didn’t know. Now I do.

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