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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Archive for June, 2007
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Archive for June, 2007

As we are daily treated to the Dem Cong’s urge to repeat their victory when they handed over Southeast Asia to the communists and genocide by going back on their word and cutting off funds to one of our allies, we thought it would be timely to reprint the words of former Prime Minister of Cambodia, Sirik Matak, whose response to an offer of being evacuated before the killing fields of Ted Kennedy Pol Pot became a reality was:

“I thank you very sincerely,” Matak wrote in response, “for your offer to transport me towards freedom. I cannot, alas, leave in such a cowardly fashion. As for you, and in particular for your great country, I never believed for a moment that you would have this sentiment of abandoning a people which has chosen liberty. You have refused us your protection, and we can do nothing about it. You leave, and my wish is that you and your country will find happiness under this sky. But, mark it well, that if I shall die here on the spot and in my country that I love, it is no matter, because we are all born and must die. I have only committed this mistake of believing in you [the Americans].”

Eventually, between 1 million and 2 million Cambodians were murdered by the Khmer Rouge when “peace” came to Indochina. Matak, Kissinger recounts, was shot in the stomach and died three days later.

Mary Jo Kopechne isn’t the only one murdered by Ted Kennedy.

Now tell me again why we should do the same to the Iraqis?

(Link via the Imperial Firearms Advisor)

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As we’re sure you know, the cloture vote was defeated 53-46!

THIS, my friends and LCs, is when the Empire DANCES!

And, we might add, so does the humping robot.

We’ll be putting up the Roll of Shame™ naming the 46 that need to be out of a job at the earliest opportunity later.

For now, however, we’ve got some Happy Dancing™ to do. Nekkid, in the rain…


And now, the Roll of Shame™: Make sure those scumbags defying the will of We The People will be hanging around Home Depots soon, begging for “the jobs that no Americans will do”.

UPDATE: Why not send the RINOs one of these, courtesy of our friend Lastango at the Daily Pundit? Better still, send them a whole pile of them, wrapped around tea bags and cinder blocks.

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Alert reader (who also didn’t leave a nick so we could properly attribute, argh!) Ewokstomper sends us this link about a Sheriff in Florida who is, I don’t know if I can even type out the horrible words, ENFORCING THE LAW! Of course, the Usual Suspects are howling like butt-fucked burros with splinters in their arses:

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - The sheriff’s department has developed a remarkably effective — and controversial — way of catching illegal immigrants: Deputies in patrol cars pull up to a construction site in force, and watch and see who runs.

Those who take off are chased down and arrested on charges such as trespassing, for cutting through someone else’s property, or loitering, for hiding out in someone’s yard, or reckless driving, for speeding off in a car.

U.S. immigration authorities are then given the names of those believed to be in this country illegally.

“It’s not wrong for them to run, but it’s not wrong for us to chase them either,” said Sheriff Frank McKeithen, who created his Illegal Alien Task Force in April to target construction sites in this Florida Panhandle county.

Definitely not wrong, as long as you let your deputies know that a running target requires a longer lead.

Immigrant advocates say the technique is repugnant,

That would be “ILLEGAL Immigrant advocates”, since it’s hard to see how LEGAL immigrants would have a problem with this.

and the ACLU says its constitutionality is questionable.

But of course they do. We all know and revere the part of the Constitution where it clearly and unequivocally says “the laws must never, EVER be enforced.” It’s a good thing the ACLU hates it, though, or some people might be left wondering if it really is a good thing. Once again, we owe the American Communist Litigative Unit for having provided us with a litmus test. If the ACLU hates it, it just has to be good for America.

Illegal immigrants are leaving town.

See? It’s working. Criminals are being deprived of the fruits of their thieving. No wonder the ACLU are livid.

And builders are worried the crackdown will deprive them of the labor they need to take part in a building boom in which Panama City’s Beach cheap spring-break motels are being torn down and replaced with high-rise condos.

We bet the Southern plantation owners were worried about their cotton harvests when Abraham Lincoln decided to free the slaves too, and we are just about exactly as sympathetic towards the plight of the builders.

Would somebody bring us the Imperial Nano-Tech Violin™, please? We feel a horribly sad song coming on.

The sheriff said the raids are justified under a long-standing Florida law prohibiting employers from knowingly hiring illegal immigrants.

What? A law against knowingly and criminally hiring criminals who are criminals for being here in the first place? Just you wait until Jorge Arbusto hears about THAT crime against humanity, Sheriff! But you’ll have to wait a bit. We understand that he’s on yet another “lick the floors of mosques, wailing about the religion of peace” tour right now.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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Thanks to an alert reader, we learn that Senator Nelson (D-FL) pro-criminal genes have been passed on successfully:

ORLANDO — A jury on Wednesday convicted the son of U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson on charges of battery on a police officer and resisting arrest stemming from an incident that occurred after a re-election party in November.

Charles William Nelson, 31, faces a maximum penalty of six years in prison but could also get no jail time. Sentencing was scheduled for July 31 by Orange County Circuit Judge Stan Strickland.

“While we are disappointed with the verdict, we respect our system of justice,” said Sen. Nelson and his wife, Grace, in a statement issued in Washington. “And we love our son and support him during this difficult time in his life.”

Of course you do. As one of the scumballs voting in favor of cloture on the Zhamnesty Bill of ‘07, your support and love for criminals is well-documented. And it’s no surprise that you’re disappointed with the verdict either, considering your track record of being in favor of amnesty for swine breaking the laws of our nation, the laws that you once swore an oath to uphold.

It’s a pity that your felonious spawn won’t be facing any sort of sentence, being the son of a douchebag belonging to the “above the law” class of citizens, because we rather like the thought of him being the prison bitch of a randy, sex-starved 7′ maniac hopped up on a constant overdose of ecstasy.

(P.S.: As a new Imperial Editorial Policy, we’d like you all to know that if you find some dirt on any of the 64 scumbags in favor of dissolving the United States and grant amnesty to 20 million criminals, we’d love for you to send it to us. Provided that it’s legit and backed by evidence, it will be published with full credit and our thanks. Anything goes, the more hurtful and damaging the better — Emp. M.)

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We bet you’re wondering what made all of those RINO cocknozzles vote in favor of cloture for a Bill that a majority of the American people (that would be the people without whom the empty Beltway suits wouldn’t have a job, a.k.a. their constituents) don’t want, a Bill that isn’t even written yet (but Dirty Harry Reid assures the Senators that it’ll be fine, once he’s done putting whatever in there that he and McKennedyGraham have agreed upon), a Bill that is a transparent, un-democratic sham with more lies than the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and you’re not the only one.

Robert Bluey went a-hunting for explanations and, lo and behold, he found out that at least three of them had been convinced in that time-honored tradition of politicians everywhere: They’d been bought off like the cheap, syphilitic hookers that they are.

Sen. Bennett (RINO-Utah) was a bit expensive. In return for his vote he got a satellite U.S. Attorney office supposed to deal with criminal activities associated with illegal immigrants (in the notorious border state of Utah, no less) AND a, wait for it, a brand spanking new ICE office tasked with “reducing the flow of illegal immigrants.” In Utah. All of those damned aliens beaming down from the motherships, we bet.

The two Alaskan RINOs, on the other hand, Lisa Murkowski and Ted “Intertubes” Stevens, weren’t quite as demanding when it came to what they wanted left on the night table in return for their votes. All they took was a CIS office. In Fairbanks. That’s Fairbanks, Alaska, in case you’re wondering. Now all we need to figure out is how to ferry all of the illegals from the Southwest to the middle of the fucking tundra.

All of that in return for voting in favor of a Bill that hasn’t been written yet and that nobody has even read, for that very same reason.

That’s it.

I’m not merely NOT donating another cent to the GOP anymore. Tomorrow, I’m sending off a hundred to the DNC. I figure that’s twice the pain. It’s a hundred the self-appointed RINO royalty that don’t give a shit about us stupid peasants voting for them won’t get, plus a hundred to their enemies.

UPDATE: Want more?

That scary requirement that all of the applicants for the “24 hours or approval is guaranteed” Z-visa have to prove that they’ve been in the country for four years? Well, there are ways of dealing with that.

The $4.4 billion supposedly earmarked, cross our hearts, for “enforcement?” It all depends on what the meaning of “is” is or, in this case, “enforcement.” You see, under Arbusto/McKennedyGraham, “enforcement” can also mean “paying for the paper and printing presses that create all of those wonderful new Z-visas.”

Still happy with the RINOs?

Fuck ‘em. Fuck ‘em all to Hell. And, G-d willing, they’ll be going there soon.

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…and then we promise that we’ll stop making fun of retards (at least for a day or two), but this obviously reading comprehension-challenged twit at “Feministe” just begs for attention, and never let it be said that His Imperial Benevolence, Misha I, withholds attention from those who crave it:

Case in point: Emporer Misha I, who I think might be one of the most disgusting human beings on the planet:

Thanks, darlin’, but flattery really won’t get you anywhere with me. I thought that everybody on the nutroot wing of the Blogosphere knew that already. Then again, a courtesy at the opening of your missive is considered good manners, so I won’t criticize you for it.

See what’s funny is that these crimes aren’t the natural consequences of a live-and-let-live society — they’re the consequences of a society in which certain classes of people feel that they have the right to punish others when those others don’t behave according to the social rules. If we truly lived in a non-judgmental society, Jesse’s murderer would have had no reason to kill her.

And if my grandmother was a pine tree, she’d have pine cones, Jill. The world is what it is, and there’s not a dang thing you can do to change it. There’ll always be murdering scum out there, evil bastards wishing to do you harm at the slightest pretext, and as long as there are sharks in the pool, it’s inadvisable to jump in the water. Oh yes, go ahead and counter that if there really weren’t any sharks in the pool, then there’s be no risk of being eaten if you jumped in the water!, but it’s not going to do you a damn bit of good when you’ve been turned into chum.

Besides, I have to admit that I’m more than a little bit impressed by your reaching into the mind (if it can be called that) of Jessie Davis’ murderer and determine that he murdered her because he disapproved of her morals. For all that the rest of us know, those of us without a Psychic Network Membership Card, he could’ve done so just because he felt bored.

The actual facts of the matter, the ones you so studiously avoid in order to maintain your sanctuary in your “reality-based” alternate dimension, are that adultery makes emotions run high. Yes, Jill, I know that it’s terribly unenlightened for those judgmental Neanderthals whose families are being torn up before their very eyes, whose trusts are betrayed and who are seeing their lives go down the drain to get all emotional and irrational about it, but that’s the way it is. So when you start fucking around with somebody else’s husband (or when you’re the husband deciding to do the fucking around with any slut with a pulse and a twat), you’re poking one heck of a stick into an anthill populated by some very scary ants who might up and do something truly vile and repulsive as a result. There’s even a term for it in actual law that you may or may not be familiar with: “Crimes of passion.” It wasn’t put in there on a whim, Jill, it was put in there because it’s something that actually happens on a depressingly regular basis.

Adultery creates a lot of seriously pissed off people, Jill hon, and among sane people it’s generally considered a Bad Idea to insert yourself in a situation where there’s bound to be a lot of them around. Just as walking into a bar in the middle of a brawl probably isn’t the smartest thing you could possibly do.

Oh shit, now you’re going to say that I’m saying that everybody who gets hurt in a bar fight “deserved it”, right? Because, gosh darn it, if we didn’t live in such a patriarchally oppressive system where people get drunk and act like fucking morons, nobody would ever land an uppercut on an innocent bar patron who just happened to pass by!

“Live and let live” generally allows others to, you know, live.

Provided that everybody is on the same page and agree that “fuck with whom you want, when you want” is the preferred way of looking at things. Which is the case… exactly nowhere.

“How the fuck did you expect the life of somebody who had, knowingly, let herself get knocked up not once, but twice by a married man to turn out?”

Uh… not dead, that’s for sure.

You don’t get out much, do you, Jill? You should at least convince your minders to let you read newspapers from the outside every once in a while. People get killed as a result of soap opera adultery cum jealousy dramas on a daily basis. I hate to break it to you, but it’s a really mean world out there, and people get murdered all the time. Oh, I know that it’s not fair, it’s not reasonable, I don’t disagree with that one bit, but it still happens.

Reading Misha’s post will give you some real insight into the minds of misogynist right-wing fuckwits. There are a lot of possible responses to the question, “How do you expect the life of someone who got pregnant twice by a married man to turn out?” I don’t think most normal people would answer, “Brutally murdered, duh!”

Granted, it’s not the only outcome, but if you have the intelligence of at least a poached egg, you’d recognize that there’s a real risk that you might and act accordingly in order to prolong your life expectancy. At any rate, it’s unlikely to have a very happy ending.

There’s a big difference between “wagging a finger” and “pissing on a corpse.”

You’re right. It’s much better to just ignore the unpleasant lessons of her horrible fate, plug your ears and sing “LALALALALALALALA!” as loud as you possibly can. If you click your heels three times as well, all evil in the world just might go away, you know.

A woman getting pregnant by a married man leads to murder? It’s “as predictable as a sunset”?

Why do I suspect that it was predictable at least in part because the victim was white and her killer is black?

Because you can’t get your pitifully inadequate intellect unstuck from Stoopid, Jill darlin’. You just can’t see an issue anywhere without immediately grabbing for the race angle, even when it’s completely and utterly irrelevant. You just can’t divest yourself of your laughable stereotypes, even when the people you’re stereotyping don’t mention race one single time in their posts. It just has to be all about race, right? It always is!!!

This is disturbing. It’s disturbing that values voters like this guy think that there’s a cause and effect relationship between getting pregnant out of wedlock and being killed. It’s disturbing that he feels like he could have predicted this — it makes me think that he can put himself in the shoes of her killer and somehow justify his actions, because she was a slut and she had it coming.

What’s disturbing, Jill, is your unnatural and unwholesome infatuation with your own strawmen.

It’s disturbing that the supposed decline of our morality goes hand in hand with misegenation, gay rights, women’s rights, birth control and sex for pleasure. It’s disturbing that he thinks our country is immoral because we don’t level punitive punishments on women who get pregnant out of wedlock, women who have affairs, interracial couples, and gays and lesbians.

Hold it one second, Jill. Let me get the wieners and marshmallows before your strawman burns off completely. I’d hate to let all that wonderful heat go to waste.

And then the kicker:

It’s not your fault if you’re raped going down a back alley downtown in the middle of the night dressed only in a bikini, but let’s be honest here; you shouldn’t be fucking surprised either.

Not if you’re walking down the alley with Misha, you shouldn’t be.

“Because Misha is a rapist!

Got that from your Miss Cleo act as well, did you, Jill baby?

I suppose I should be all outraged now, I know for a fact that your side would be positively livid with indignation and threats of litigation if the shoe were on the other foot, but I somehow don’t think that retards can be held responsible for libel. Not to mention that my dear grandmother taught me to always consider the source.

Give it up, sweetie pie, you’re way out of your league, but you are entertaining as you twist and spin furiously, trying to make a coherent point.

Here, have a cookie. The great Misha paid attention to your little temper tantrum. Don’t you feel validated now?


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This just in from the gun-free Paradise of Australia (via Tim Blair):

A man has been charged after allegedly firing a shot through the front door of his home to deter would-be intruders terrorising the occupants.

Police said the man, 43, fired one shot from a rifle through the front door of the home in McNeil Avenue, Geelong East, about 10pm last night.

The would-be intruders had thrown rocks through the front window and cut the home’s power supply before trying to jemmy open the front door.

They fled after the man, who was inside with a woman and young girl, opened fire.

Police recovered the rifle and charged the man with conduct endangering life and firearm offences.

Defend yourself, go to jail.

It’s a pity that he didn’t save a few rounds for the cops. That’s the only sure way to deal with Gestapo tyrants and their henchmen who are “only follovink orderz.” After a while, they get nervous from hauling the perforated bodies of their fellow goons back to the morgue.

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LC & IB Beth, ISW, during a hot, steamy & most passionate Yahoo! Messenger session, linked the Imperial Dungeon™ Game Room ™ to this story that raised the ambient temperature of the various bi-valved mollusks of our collective cardio-vascular systems.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Bill Barnes says he was scratching off a losing $2 lottery ticket inside a gas station when he felt a hand slip into his front-left pants pocket, where he had $300 in cash.

He immediately grabbed the person’s wrist with his left hand and started throwing punches with his right, landing six or seven blows before a store manager intervened.

“I guess he thought I was an easy mark,” Barnes, 72, told The Grand Rapids Press for a story Tuesday.

He’s anything but an easy mark: Barnes served in the Marines, was an accomplished Golden Gloves boxer and retired after 20 years as an iron worker.

The festering fucknugget who was trying steal Mr. Barnes’ hard-earned money is now in the tender care of the Kent County Sheriff’s Office, thanks to Mr. Barnes refusing to become a victim.

Mr. Barnes, thank you for your service to our country, both during your time in the U.S. Marine Corps and in this case.


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Thanks to Hot Air.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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And here are the names of the swine voting in favor of a piece of crap Bill that a vast majority of Americans don’t want:

Give the dictatorial, anti-democratic bastards a piece of your mind and…


UPDATE: Expect more like this one. MUCH more:

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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