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Archive for June, 2007

If there’s one thing more sure than death and taxes, it’s that if you dare make any moral judgment of the “do as you want, 24/7, it’s never your fault if something happens” lifestyle, a short bus full of drooling leftards with severe impressive aphasia will park on the curb outside your house shortly thereafter, its passengers howling like enraged chimps, flinging feces everywhere (and mostly on themselves).

A perfect example is this post and its comments, put up in response to our post directly below this one about the Jessie Davis murder, where the Sadly, No (Brains Whatsoever) inmates demonstrate a pathological inability to comprehend what they’re reading. The comments, in particular, are truly hilarious:

Leonard Pierce said,
June 26, 2007 at 7:35

Hmmmmm. How many of these fuckbags on the right would be filled with moral outrage at the victim if she hadn’t gotten knocked up by a darkie? What if it was her HUSBAND who killed her, and he was white? A kerbillion Schrute Bucks says all their approbation would disappear.

Right. Because the post is just chock full of racial references. Oh, wait. It isn’t? Well damn, but don’t let that stand in the way of pulling out your worn and tattered race card, Leonard. You just wouldn’t be a real Moonbat if you didn’t do it any chance you get, particularly when it isn’t relevant at all.

But wait, there’s more. Just give poor Leonard time to reload so he can shoot his other foot as well:

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OK, His Majesty has decided that it’s time to piss off a lot of people, so why not go with it?

What set us off is this post by LC & IB Dan about the Jessie Davis murder that is now going to bore us all to death for weeks as real news are replaced with round-the-clock blather from the likes of Greta van Facelift. You see, Dan is right. He’s absolutely, positively, dead on right.

There is nothing about this crime that ought to surprise us. Crimes like these are the natural consequences of a society where anything goes as long as it feels good, “whatever gets you through the night” and “don’t you dare judge me.”

In all of the gushing talk about St. Jessie, nobody has yet asked the question: “How the fuck did you expect the life of somebody who had, knowingly, let herself get knocked up not once, but twice by a married man to turn out?”

Does her adulterous ways and piss-poor decision making in any way excuse what happened to her? Of course it doesn’t, and I hope and pray that Cutts, if he’s proven guilty, is kicked out of this world and straight to Hell, courtesy of the State. I’d like it even more if we could dispense with the niceties of “humane executions” and perform them in a fashion more befitting of the crime, but as long as he stops stealing oxygen, I’ll be content.

But I also will not shut up about the society and culture that led to that situation, a society where screwing around is not only accepted, it’s actively encouraged (turn on TV and watch any major “show” if you doubt me), where nobody is held to account for anything and where breaking up a family is more acceptable than daring to wag a finger at the home-wrecking slut in the first place.

And that’s just one symptom.

Nothing is sacred anymore, no actions are scorned and looked down upon, everything is a “valid life choice and nobody’s business” and our pre-teen children are being taught in school how to put on condoms, have anal sex and how to fist each other to orgasm.

Don’t give me any shit about how a crime like this horrid murder is a surprise to you. It was as predictable as a sunset, and it’s only going to get worse and worse until what used to be a moral nation has become a horror making the last days of the Roman Empire look like Sunday School.

It’s not your fault if you’re raped going down a back alley downtown in the middle of the night dressed only in a bikini, but let’s be honest here; you shouldn’t be fucking surprised either.


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Oh, and he throws in a “you’ve hijacked the Christian religion” as well, just in case anybody still doubted that he’s more delusionally demented than a slug on mescaline.

Not to mention that, after that barrage against Christians actually believing in what the Bible says, he then add his outrage that those hijacking, zealous, religious fanatics dare suggest that liberals disrespect traditional Christian values. How dare we and, more importantly, where did we get that idea from?

The take-away message is, of course, that only progressive fad “churches” like Barack Hussein Obama’s United Church of Christ (Bible Optional™) defend the True Faith™, and that all of us ancient relics pathetically hanging on to millennia’s worth of Christian teachings are nothing but a bunch of mindless drones refusing to accept the much more nuanced “Christianity” of the “take what you want, ignore what you don’t” brand of denominations.

But hey, he respects us, don’t you know? For which we should be grateful, considering that we’re nothing more than a bunch of pseudo-literate, medieval peasants.

How wonderful it is to bathe in the warm glow of the Obamessiah’s enlightenment.

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Today is the day that LC Crunchie’s oldest, Crumb Crunchie, shipped off to join the fun at Parris Island after much drinking, eating and making merry, of course, and we’d like to give him an Imperial Sendoff. No, Crumb, it won’t do a damn thing about the hangovers, but don’t worry. That’s what DIs are for, muahahaha! Feel free to chime in on the thread below, LCs, because I know that I can’t possibly say all that needs to be said.

I can’t imagine how proud your dad must’ve been when you chose to follow in his footsteps, but I know that he has every right to be. And you have every right to be proud of your decision. It’s one heck of a decision to make at a young age, yet it’s the only appropriate age at which to make it.

What’s more, you didn’t have to. You could’ve chosen to just sit tight and let somebody else do the job and not a damn soul would have had any reason to say anything to you because of it. It’s a free country, and we like it that way.

Which makes your decision even more worthy of the man that you have become.

Of course, to old pissy, aching, worn-out farts like myself, it also pisses us off that you’re going to do the job that we wish we could be doing but, on the other hand, if it weren’t for fine young men and women doing what you’re doing, all of us old farts would have far more serious things to worry about.

And that’s another thing. When the shit gets rough, Crumb, and believe me it will get rough, I want you to remember that there are a whole lot of people like myself that are very grateful for what you’re doing. We know full well that our lives of leisure are owed to you guys standing on the wall keeping the barbarians out, and it’s not something that we’re ever likely to forget.

Finally, as an old decrepit warhorse, there’s no small amount of nostalgia involved in watching the next generation joining the family. And that’s what you’re doing. Already, you’re no longer a kid. And pretty soon, although it might seem like years (that’s those DIs earning their keep again), you’ll be a brother. Forever.

I’ll paraphrase your dad and close with this:

Good luck, and make us proud.

I know you will.

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I wrote this for my radio talk-show Tuesday Truth this week and thought it worthwhile to publish here: The illegal immigration issue has taken on a life of it’s own. In spite of massive public opinion against Zhamnesty 2008, that even congress is admitting they are getting swamped with constituency feed back, overwhelmingly AGAINST all proposals and iterations of what they started with.

There can be no fifty-fifty Americanism in this country. There is room here for only 100% Americanism, only for those who are Americans and nothing else.

-Theodore Roosevelt


We’ve been watching the Bush administration and congress the last few months going all out to enact legislation addressing the issue of illegal immigration. The last few years have brought out an increasingly shrill and ‘in your face’ push from various groups purportedly trying to address the issue with lies, distortions and bullying. The president has even alluded that opponents of the legislative efforts are racists and bigots. Endless opinion polls, patently biased, are widely published as representative of the average citizen’s views. Rarely do they coincide with the good commons sense of most people outside the beltway and the special interest groups. Let there be no mistake about it, this bill, regardless of flowery words, fully intends to give amnesty, citizenship, voting rights and full access to government (that would be from your wallet of course) benefits to individuals that are de-facto felons. The existing immigration laws make it a felony for illegally entering the country. The very presence of the illegal alien in the US, make them criminals. Regardless, we see protest marches, civil disobedience and even schools encouraging students to cut classes to attend these events. Do we see protest marches by other criminals proudly proclaiming their crimes? Have we seen burglars and robbers marching in the streets, demanding the ‘right’ to continue committing crimes and pardons for crimes already committed?

What gives?, why does the president and congress seem hell-bent on getting amnesty for what may nearly be 20 million criminals? This is an issue that both political parties have a stake in. The democrats see a large group of new potential voters that fit their agenda of ever-growing social welfare programs and expanding government. The illegal immigrant issue is a gold-mine for pandering with socialists programs and demagogue stances by race being played by DC at every turn and that’s coming from both sides of the Taco Aisle (or should I say Isle?) . They foresee generations of guaranteed votes, unlike former European and Asian immigrants, those of Hispanic ancestry seem determined to resist assimilation. This is the group that ‘demands’ a bilingual society and culture and ‘rights’ of access to every nickel of the federal largess.

Teddy Roosevelt said it bluntly:

Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or leave the country.

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The Imperial Firearms Advisor has an update on Operation Melt Their Friggin’ Server:

The Mrs. asked me to keep you guys in the loop about this. We’re at 4,970 as of this morning. The RCT has decided they want to send out a flag from their HQ to the 6000th emailer, plus another if they get to 10,000 or 20,000.

4,970 support emails for RCT-6, USMC?


The fact that the Internets aren’t groaning under the weight of a Biblical Deluge of support messages, slowing down to a crawl already is a fucking DISGRACE!

Who the fuck does a poor Emperor have to screw in this country to get you gottdamm slackers to fire up your email programs???

But OK, we’ve now received a secondary objective: Not only must you melt their server down, you now have a duty to make sure that they run out of flags as well.

NOW HOP TO IT, und ein Bißchen willig, verdammt noch Mal!

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We just got a message from a fellow blogger, Eric, who politely asked if we’d take a minute to inspect his site, and now we’re glad we did. Right at the very top of the page was an article about why the New Duranty Times is swirling the drain, doing its damndest to become the laughing stock of the NYSE.

It opens like this:

The Jayson Blair (aka New York) Times is on the verge of collapse. It is in free fall. It did not have to be this way. It seems that they followed the Palestinian business model for success.

…and it gets even better after that.

Welcome to the Dept. of Information, LC & IB Eric, and thanks for stopping by our humble Empire. Glad to have you on board.

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This time courtesy of LC Chairborne Ranger, who sent us this heartwarming story of a car-jacking gone horribly right:

METAIRIE, La. (AP) — A man with a gun was trying to force a woman out of her car at a fast-food drive-through when the woman’s 17-year-old son wrestled the gun away from him and shot him.

The only thing more worthy of celebration than a goblin getting shot in the commission of a felony is when he’s shot with his own gun. Good job, son!

Carl Chestnut, 44, of Kenner, is expected to survive wounds to his head and body,


…and will face armed robbery charges once he is released from East Jefferson General Hospital, Col. John Fortunato, a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said Monday.

It would have been safer to hand over the keys and let the gunman drive off, Sheriff Harry Lee said Monday.

And the Sheriff’s office would immediately have given the lady and her son a new car, I presume? It’s truly touching how generous you are with other people’s property, Sheriff fwenchy.

Yes, it’s almost always “safer”, at least in the very short run, to simply submit and let armed troglodytes run off with your hard-earned possessions at will, but who is left without transportation all of a sudden? Who is left with the hassle and torment of replacing their personal papers and other possessions? Who is left with expenses trying to replace the things lost, expenses that can only be paid by giving up more hours of your life in order to earn the funds necessary? Remember this: When somebody steals something of yours, you’re never going to catch up with the loss. Even if you make enough money to buy new stuff, you’re still behind. Because, you see, the time you spent earning money to buy stuff you used to have, had it not been for the robber, could’ve been spent earning money to buy other stuff instead.

That’s something that the “bend over and just give them what they want” crowd always seem to forget. Those belongings of yours represent time and effort that you’ll never have back. The robber didn’t “just” steal your car, he stole part of your life.

And preventing the goblin swine from doing that to himself and his mother wasn’t the only heroic act that 17-year-old kid did. Oh no, not by a long shot. Thanks to his bravery and decisiveness, that goblin won’t be robbing anybody else either, not for a long, long time.

That’s something else to keep in mind: If you’re faced with a goblin trying to rob/rape/murder you, submission isn’t just a decision you make for yourself, it’s a decision you make for an unknown number of future victims.

You may feel quite “clever” if you follow the Sheriff’s imbecilic advice and let the goblin run off with your car, but just how good will you feel about that decision when the same goblin is on the front page of your local newspaper two months later after having gunned down a family of four?

Every single one of your actions leave repercussions, like ripples in a pond after you throw a stone in it.

The same is true of inaction.

Don’t forget that.

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The “overwhelming majority” of Americans that whole-heartedly support Arbusto/McCain/Kennedy’s “comprehensive ass-reaming of American taxpayers” is now up to a whopping 3%!!! (Not a typo).

Shove that up your arses and spin on it, Wall Street Journal editorial board.

97% of Americans are unpatriotic, neo-Nazi, racist, xenophobic, Mexican-hating troglodytes? Who knew?

***UPDATE:*** And just in case you’re interested in what our Congressional Overlords really think about We The People, alert reader bledbetter forwards us this link, containing some of their internal email correspondence. You should probably put away all firearms and other potentially dangerous objects before clicking on the link, however. Unless you’re planning on using them on the elitist swine who wrote the emails, in which case all I can say is: “Go ahead, but you’re going to have to wait your turn.”

Oh, and Congressional staffers? If you ever manage to waddle your fat butts outside of the Beltway, please do come visit Texas. We’re renowned for our hospitality, and I’d dearly love to show you just how much we like your kind. Personally. Over a period of several days.

It’s a pity the Brits didn’t finish the job in 1812. Preferably by burning it all down, tearing down every last brick and plowing the swamp with salt.

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Listen, we appreciate our brothers and sisters up north, they’re doing a great job with the Coalition and, whereas some might quibble that they ought to be sending more, there’s no doubt that the ones they have sent are second to none. Besides, if you were to, say, nuke Quebec and surrounding areas off the map, Canada would be a pretty wonderful country overall (most Canadians His Majesty knows agree).

But the DemCong are just ridiculous in their Canada worship.

Remember October of last year when they, trying to express their support for our troops and how much they longed to bring them home from the war, enlisted the Canadian Army on their official site?

Well, guess what, now they’re blathering about veterans’ health care and, once again, the DemCong have no fucking clue what the uniforms of the soldiers they claim to support look like.

Listen, DemCong, we’re truly touched by your concern over the wellbeing of our Canadian brothers and sisters in arms, but still…

It’s getting to be ridiculous, you know.

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