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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Archive for July, 2007
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Archive for July, 2007

Mark Steyn elaborates on the case of two vile child molesters, initially charged with felony sexual assault but now “downgraded” to five misdemeanor counts of sexual abuse and five counts of sexual harassment, crimes that carry lifetime inclusion in a sex offender database and up to ten years in the slammer if convicted.

The crime committed by those two very dangerous criminals, I hear you ask?

They slapped some of their female seventh grade classmates in the butts on what the students call “Slap Butt Friday.”

I’d like to slap something too right now. With a nail-studded ClueBat™. Repeatedly. Until their brains run out their ear canals.

UPDATE: Thanks to LC EFA, here’s another example of prosecutorial prickheadedness, a guy being charged with two counts of felony for throwing a koran in a toilet.

Yep, that’s two felony charges for throwing a book in a toilet. Thoughtcrimes — it’s not just for Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union anymore.

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Via the Imperial Linkmaster General, your one-stop link shop.

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A Boise State University running back who scored the winning points in the Fiesta Bowl, then proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend on national television, has hired security for his weekend wedding because of racial threats, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

Ian Johnson, who is black, and his fiance, Chrissy Popadics, who is white, are due to be married Saturday in Boise.

Johnson, who will be a junior this fall, proposed to Popadics, at the time a Broncos cheerleader, on the field after time expired in the game in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Since then, Johnson said he’s received phone calls, 30 letters and, in some instances, personal threats from people who objected to his plans to marry Popadics.

I may be overly sensitive to this kind of troglodyte behavior and, if that’s the case, I have only one thing to say: BITE ME, CUMNOZZLES.

It really, really pisses me off that I have to tolerate sharing perfectly good oxygen with creatures as utterly useless as that; racist throwbacks to the earliest state of evolution who ought to be beaten and shot for the amusement of the rest of us. I mean, have we achieved nothing over the last, I don’t know, 140 years or so?

What the fuck business is it of yours, you knuckledragging, sister-humping rejects? Listen, I realize that seeing somebody else find what you’ll never find must be infuriating to you, seeing as how your only intimate dates ever have been with Rosie Palm and her Five Sisters, but that’s how it works. Some genes just aren’t worth passing on, and nature sees to it that they won’t be. Sucks to be you, I know, but kindly keep your misery to yourselves or you’ll find that there are more than just a few of us who’d like to multiply your pain beyond levels that you can possibly enjoy.

As a matter of fact, were I living in Boise, I’d be only too happy to volunteer, free of charge, for the security detail. It ought to be fun, particularly if the cowardly scum harassing those two innocent kids were to find the courage (and stupidity) to show up. I’d even bring my own 9mm, 7.62mm and .45 Brand Bleach™ and I wouldn’t charge a dime for that either. I’d consider it an honor to clean out some of the sludge stinking up the Gene Pool.

Instead of being utter assholes about something as completely irrelevant as skin color, you should congratulate the happy young couple. But, then again, lonely, miserable, worthless losers like you have a really hard time watching other people have what you’ll never have, don’t you?

Again: Sucks to be you.

Don’t make it suck any more. Really. You wouldn’t like it. Not one little bit.

But I would.

Front sight… Squeeze… Front sight… Squeeze…

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LC Jackboot IC/A-OBR is, as we’re sure you know, occasionally moonlighting at the Imperial Blog “The Cigar Intelligence Agency” where he fritters away his considerable talent for a ridiculously small fraction of the wealth we here at the Empire bestow upon him.

And, as is his wont, he hammers out one hit after another, such as this fine piece about the Obamessiah and his urge to fellate every two-bit tyrant, murderer and genocidal maniac on the planet. Do go read it. You’ll be glad that you did.

But Teh Funny™ really begins when suddenly, out of the nowhere that is all you’ll find between a libtard’s ears, a pingback appears on the post from a little Obamabot. “Ah, but surely she”, for a she it was, “was merely pointing out the hateful rhetoric from the wingnut right?”

That’s what I thought too, until I actually clicked back to the post from whence the pingback came and found nothing whatsoever indicating a disagreement with Jackboot’s fine evisceration. As a matter of fact, she even used his headline, “Barack Obama, Neville Chamberlain for the 21st Century” as a headline for her own post.

At long last it’s been confirmed. Being called “Neville Chamberlain”, the incompetent buffoon who is second only to Adolf Hitler in responsibility for WWII and the death and murder of millions, really is considered a compliment of the highest order among the ClueTarded Left.

Or maybe they’re just utterly ignorant of anything happening prior to last week’s episode of… Well, whatever it is that those twits watch on TV.

UPDATE: Upon further investigation, it looks like the site linking back to LC Jackboot is a strange new sort of site set up to automatically link to anything even mentioning the Obamessiah. “New” in the sense that it’s the first time we’ve seen one involved in politics. Usually they’re about penis enlargement and Viagra which, come to think of it, is still one heck of a lot more useful than Barack Hussein Obama.

Perhaps we should start sprinkling our more offensive posts, particularly the ones containing PhotoShops of a graphically sexual nature (as if we had any other kind) with a gratuitous mention of the Dumbo-Eared One’s Most Holy Name™? Just thinking out loud here.

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And this one, caught by LC & IB Baldilocks, coming from a clown at the Columbia Journaljizzm Review who is, we suppose, still studying to become a mediot moron. He blabbers, referring to Scott Boochamp von Munchhausen’s tales of woe:

How dare a college grad and engaged citizen volunteer to [sic] join the Army to fight for his country! (Which is something that most of the brave souls who inhabit the milblog community prefers [sic] to leave to others.)

Would somebody please take this barely literate chimp outside and explain to him what “milblogger” is a contraction of before he beclowns himself any further? Here’s a free Clue™, wannabe Rather: Don’t use a word if you don’t know what it means.

“Those damn military blogger chickenhawks”, huh?

Jeebus Keeeerist. On the other hand, if we didn’t have J-schools, then where in the name of Be’elzebub’s pet crab louse would we stick those retards?

Oh, and as for the rest of the basic errors in those two sentences, Paulie, how many times did you flunk fourth grade before your school gave up on you and sent you to J-school to get you out of their hair?

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More honest scientists are coming forward pointing out the asinine ‘alternatives’ espoused by the Global Wormening crowd, in meeting our energy needs while reducing greenhouse gases. The entire issue and the proposed ’solutions’, primarily massive reductions in the use of carbon based fuels, is a classic placing of the cart before the horse. The Gorebots want, no DEMAND !! world action and legislation, yet viable substitute energy sources are limited. Of course the left has their favorite ‘green’ substitutes, none of which could meet even a fraction of an industrial economy.

Renewable energy could ‘rape’ nature

Ramping up the use of renewable energy would lead to the “rape of nature”, meaning nuclear power should be developed instead. So argues noted conservation biologist and climate change researcher Jesse Ausubel in an opinion piece based on his and others’ research.

Ausubel (who New Scientist interviewed in 2006) says the key renewable energy sources, including sun, wind, and biomass, would all require vast amounts of land if developed up to large scale production – unlike nuclear power. That land would be far better left alone, he says.

And we aren’t talking vast acreage for solar or wind power farms, we’re talking vast square mileage.

Renewables are “boutique fuels” says Ausubel, of Rockefeller University in New York, US. “They look attractive when they are quite small. But if we start producing renewable energy on a large scale, the fallout is going to be horrible.”

Instead, Ausubel argues for renewed development of nuclear. “If we want to minimize the rape of nature, the best energy solution is increased efficiency, natural gas with carbon capture, and nuclear power.”
‘Massive infrastructure’

After spending a considerable portion of my adult life in the Nuclear Energy business, it’s amazing to hear the environmental types even mention the evil “N” word.

Ausubel draws his conclusions by analyzing the amount of energy renewables, natural gas, and nuclear can produce in terms of power per square metre of land used. Moreover, he claims that as renewable energy use increases, this measure of efficiency will decrease as the best land for wind, biomass, and solar power gets used up.

Moreover, once the warmeners start seeing the bulldozers leveling their backyards for miles off into the horizon, the screaming will start. Remember the flap over the Cape Cod off-shore wind farm?

Using biofuels to obtain the same amount of energy as a 1000 megawatt nuclear power plant would require 2500 square kilometres of prime Midwestern farm land, Ausubel says. “We should be sparing land for nature, not using it as pasture for cars and trucks,” he adds.

He’s actually being conservative there. Most nuclear facilities are multi-unit plants typically having two reactor plants on site. The last generation of reactor, nuclear steam supply system and generators produce about 1400-1500 megawatts of electricity. Two of these plants at the same site producing nearly 3000 megawatts would fit nicely onto about 50 acres, much of which would be the open areas required for security between the fences and the actual buildings. So using Mr. Ausubel’s thumbrule in a real world example, your average nuclear generating station produces energy that would take 7500 square kilometers. (call it 2900 square miles). The State of Rhode Island has about 1000 square miles in total land area, and Delaware 1955 square miles of land area, to get a good reference on those numbers. I like his thinking and give him a pass on relinquishing highways for cavorting wabbits.

So put simply, it would take a biofuel energy farm the size of both Rhode Island and Delaware to produce 1000 megawatts of juice.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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The moral giants and impeccably credentialed journaljizzmers at The New People’s Stalinist Republic are now trolling threads, using the ID of the whistleblower they fired for telling the truth to get back at the meanies that exposed them for the pitiful, pathetic, douchebag liars that they are.

No wonder their circulation is down 40% since 2000.

It is, however, quite puzzling how they managed to find retards sufficiently daft to subscribe to the remaining 60%.

No, wait, it isn’t. People still voted for John Fuckface Kerry, after all.

Nicely played, shitheads.

So is Franklin Foerball going to comment on that, or is he too busy elevating the douchebag boning his editor to sainthood?

That was a rhetorical question, by the way.

UPDATE: Looks like Boochump’s entry fuck, Elspeth Reeve, may have to wait for a while before she has her bun stuffed again. From a previous entry on his old blog:

We finally got official dates on Iraq deployment: May 15 - Our Bradleys get shipped to Kuwaite June 11- Advanced Units move in June 28 - Bravo Team, second squad, first platoon, Alpha Company, first battalion, 18th brigade, first infantry division (the breakdown of who I belong to) deploys. Were probably going to sit in Kuwaite for some unknown amount of time, and then move into Baghdad…

Now, I don’t know how the kinder, gentler U.S. Army handles OPSEC violations like that, but I do know that if I had been publishing detailed deployment and roster information like that overseas, I’d still be rattling bars in a military prison today.

Oh, and for fuck’s sake, Boochamp: If you’re such an enormous intellect and probably the greatest poet alive today (as you like to think), could you at the very fucking least learn how to spell Kuwait correctly? It’s only got fucking two syllables, Mr. “Pity Fuck TNR Writer.”

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LC & IB GuyS, expands Joe Biden’s recent YouTube video into a fine essay over at the Cigar Intelligence Agency. Grab yer smokes and a cold libation before you start reading.

Tired of Progressives? It’s Our Fault !!!

A great read, Bravo Buddy !!!

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More bad news from the Reconquista Front. I’ve been following this case pretty closely and as expected, once again a black-robed tyrant runs roughshod over the 10th Amendment.

US judge rules town’s anti-immigrant laws unconstitutional

A US federal judge on Thursday ruled that a small town’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigrants were unconstitutional, in a blow to similar laws adopted across much of the United States.

Judge James Munley ruled that Hazleton, a town of some 30,000 people in rural Pennsylvania, did not have the right to enact a law punishing businesses for employing illegal immigrants or landlords for renting them property.

How dare the City government lift so much as a finger to save itself from an invasion of de-facto felons.

The Illegal Immigration Relief Act was adopted last year, but has been in limbo ever since due to legal challenges posed by civil rights activists.

“Federal law prohibits Hazleton from enforcing any of the provisions of its ordinances,” Munley wrote in his 206-page decision.

206 pages of legalese justifying that which can’t possibly be justified except by judicial fiat. I’m sure his copying machine took at least an hour to reproduce La Raza’s amicus curiea briefing for the subversion and shredding of the constitution.

“Hazleton, in its zeal to control the presence of a group deemed undesirable, violated the rights of such people, as well as others within the community,” he added.

“Even if federal law did not conflict with Hazleton’s measures, the city could not enact an ordinance that violates rights the constitution guarantees to every person in the United States, whether legal resident or not.”

Obviously Judge AssMunchley also took the Gitmo Seminar™ for conferring constitutional rights on illegal aliens. Those zealous, xenophobic gringos can’t be allowed to control criminals and miscreants, doing the jobs that no American will do.

Since 2000, Hazleton’s population has swelled from 23,000 to an estimated 30-33,000, fed largely by an influx of Latino families, many from the New York and New Jersey areas, seeking affordable housing and better paid jobs.

Hazleton’s Republican mayor Louis Barletta reportedly accused illegal immigrants of “destroying the city,” and said he wanted Hazleton to be “one the most difficult places in America for illegal immigrants.”

For the math-deficient libtards out there, this small city has experienced a roughly 33% increase in population, with an explosion in crime and devastating increases in cost of services. Mayor Barletta spoke before a Senate Judiciary Hearing last year very eloquently on the situation in his city: Hazelton Mayor Barletta speaks at Senate Judiciary hearing on immigration reform. A number of other municipalities throughout the country have been watching this case as it proceeded, considering similar laws. Who was behind the push to overturn the city fathers acting rationally to save their community? Of course, the Pennsylvania Ass Crack Lickers Union. The usual suspects, as always.

But Munley said Barletta had overstepped his authority.

“Whatever frustrations officials of the city of Hazleton may feel about the current state of federal immigration enforcement, the nature of the political system in the United States prohibits the city from enacting ordinances that disrupt a carefully drawn federal statutory scheme.”

Ever since Hazleton passed its law last year, dozens of towns across the United States have sought to introduce similar legislation. It was unclear immediately how Thursday’s ruling would affect other laws.

How dare Hazelton begin disrupting the carefully drawn federal scheme to open our borders and wallets to anyone strolling across a non-existent fence. The real question is: Would Judge Manley let that ‘constitutionally protected’ group of felons live in his basement or garage?

The Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform immediately welcomed the ruling as a victory for the rule of law, fairness and equality.

“This ruling sends a clear message that the Hazleton ordinance, and other similar anti-immigrant laws around the country, are unconstitutional and will not be allowed to stand,” the group’s campaign manager Clarissa Martinez said.

Where’s the fairness for the citizen-taxpayers of Hazelton already murdered by the invading hordes? The ruling makes a mockery of the Rule of Law and the Constitution.

Judge James Martin Manley supporting illegals everywhere, I’m sure he’ll have a place of honor in the Reconquista Hall of Fame. Appointed to his dictatorial position by *drum roll* William *where’s da wimmin* Jefferson Clintoon. Surprised? I didn’t think so. The gift, like herpes, that keeps on giving.

That “RESET” button is looking better all the time, isn’t it?

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(Via LC & IB Lastango)

CHESHIRE, Conn. (AP) — Two men accused of killing a physician’s wife and two daughters and setting fire to their house in this upscale town are suspected in two other burglaries the night before, said homeowners who spoke with police.

Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes, both on parole for nonviolent crimes, could face the death penalty if convicted in the slayings early Monday of Jennifer Hawke-Petit and the girls.

Authorities say the men broke into the home of Dr. William Petit Jr. and held the family hostage for several hours. One of them forced Hawke-Petit to make a withdrawal at a bank later that morning, triggering suspicion among bank employees, police said. Police rushed to the house, found it on fire and encountered the suspects fleeing. The two were arrested after crashing the Petits’ car into police cruisers.

But, but… Aren’t we constantly told that nobody needs guns to defend themselves and that if you just give the goblins what they want, nothing will happen? Just co-operate, right? If you defend yourself you’re just asking for it, right?

Tell that to Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters Hayley, 17 and Michaela, 11 (who, by the way, was sexually molested as well, along with her mother).

A perfect example of a case where the death penalty is entirely too kind and lenient for the perpetrators.

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Just a stray thought on the whole The New People’s Socialist Republic kerfuffle:

Now that the lying liars at that thoroughly discredited rag have proven that they’re quite willing to fire an employee for the “crime” of telling the truth that they don’t want published, can we assume that The New Stalinist Republic won’t be using “unnamed government sources” anymore? Furthermore, if they insist on doing so in the future, can we expect them to not protect their sources’ identities, claiming that they’re doing so to protect the sources from repercussions?



Because you’re a soggy paper bag full of rancid, hypocritical, two-faced shits?

Boochamp’s wife who got her paramour hired — still an editor.

Boochamp himself who, shall we say, seems to have certain trouble with refraining from “embellishing” the truth — still employed.

Franklin Foer, the chief cover-up artist failing to do any factchecking at all, violating each and every standard that journalists claim to follow, then backtracking, side-stepping, and speaking through both sides of his mouth to cover his own arse — still the boss at The New People’s Republic.

“Gracie”, the source that blew the lid on this whole affair and, alone among all of the individuals involved, told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth — promptly shitcanned at 7.30 in the morning with a telephone call saying “your services are no longer required.”

Must be wonderful to live in a fantasy world where standards only apply to everybody else, n’est pas?

UPDATE: Douchebag Franklin Foer, still defending the indefensible (and still employed, unlike the only member of the organization capable of telling the truth):

The magazine’s editor, Franklin Foer, disclosed in an interview that Beauchamp is married to a New Republic staffer, and that is “part of the reason why we found him to be a credible writer.”

Finally, it is revealed how you get a job with the MSMidiots. Just be sure to stick your sausage in the right bun and you’ve got it made. Credentials? We don’t need no steenkin’ credentials!

Foer also said Beauchamp “has put himself in significant jeopardy” and “lost his lifeline to the rest of the world” because military officials have taken away his laptop, cellphone and e-mail privileges.

My heart fucking bleeds for the poor maligning, malingering, lying, buddy-fucking bastard caught all alone in Baghdad with NO INTERNET ACCESS! How the everloving fuck is he supposed to exist that way, stuck in the horrific conditions at his FOB without access to Malaysian Midget Pr0n while all of the guys that he stabbed in the back are outside the wire, having all the fun dodging IEDs and bullets?

Oh the fucking HUMANITY!!!1!!!11!

Foer, you’re a worthless, filthy, lying asshole, a terrorist aiding and abetting waste of skin and a backstabbing cockholster of the very first water.

And those are your good qualities. Go to the garage, get in your car, crank the engine and wait for a few hours. Do something worthwhile for once in your miserable, oxygen-thieving life.

As both the military and the magazine investigate Beauchamp’s allegations, a personal blog surfaced in which Beauchamp said last year that each morning he feels “retarded for joining the army,” “a little more liberal than the day before” and “a tool for global corporations.”

Gee. Wonder why Franklin Fuckhead couldn’t be bothered to check a single word sent to him by that douchebag? It’s a mystery, we tell you.

In a statement posted on the New Republic’s Web site, Beauchamp said his columns for the magazine, written under the name Scott Thomas, were “one soldier’s view of events in Iraq” and “never intended as a reflection of the entire U.S. military.”

Funny that you deliberately chose to only describe violations of the UCMJ committed by other soldiers then, don’t you think? No, you don’t think. That’s your problem, right there. That and the fact that your momma threw out the baby and raised the afterbirth instead.

“It’s been maddening, to say the least,” he added, “to see the plausibility of events that I witnessed questioned by people who have never served in Iraq.

All of those damn milbloggers at Blackfive et al who’ve never seen a second’s worth of service anywhere in the world, and certainly not in your elite, ninja MOS in the motor pool of FOB Falcon.

I was initially reluctant to take the time out of my already insane schedule fighting an actual war

Fighting a war with what? Monkey wrenches? Listen, maggot, we respect devotion and commitment, but don’t you think you’re taking it a bit too far?

in order to play some role in an ideological battle that I never wanted to join.

Er, right. That’s why you, on your personal blog, are endlessly yammering about your immense, progressive intellect and how you really only joined to gain the necessary street creds and “absolute moral majority” to yammer even more about the war. Nope, no ideological battle to be joined there, none at all.

That being said, my character, my experiences, and those of my comrades in arms have been called into question,

By yourself, asswipe.

and I believe that it is important to stand by my writing under my real name.”

Funny how you didn’t believe that until your name and unit had already been determined by others, isn’t it?

Foer said the magazine is attempting to confirm every detail. “We are trying to be as deliberate and meticulous as we possibly can,” he said. “We’re not going to be rushed into making any sort of snap judgment.”

Unless it’s a snap judgment about calling whistleblowers at 7.30 in the morning to inform them that they’re fired for telling the truth, that is.

You sickeningly hypocritical, self-serving jackass.

In his blog, called Sir Real Scott Thomas, Beauchamp quoted Vice President Cheney as explaining in 1991, when he was defense secretary, why the United States ended the Persian Gulf War without taking Baghdad. Beauchamp added that “we laugh harder at CSPAN than comedy central. Silly republicans.”

Nope, he definitely didn’t want to join any ideological battles. At least not the ones that he was certain to lose. But we already knew that he is a coward.

Beauchamp, who was based in Germany when the blog entries were posted in 2006, described his career this way: “I shoot, move, communicate, and kill . . . the deaths that I inflict secure the riches of the empire.”

Germany sure is one heck of a lot more interesting to serve in today than it was back during the Cold War. It’s almost as if he’s — I don’t know — making shit up out of whole cloth here, isn’t it? But hey, what would I know, a damn “chickenhawk” with a mere 14 years of service total.

As conservative bloggers yesterday continued to challenge the veracity of Beauchamp’s accounts, Foer said: “It is really unfortunate that someone like Scott, who was really only trying to tell his particular story, has become a pawn in the debate over the war and the Weekly Standard’s efforts to press an ideological agenda.”

Mr. Foer? I’ve got a Mr. Kettle on line 2 asking for you. Is your middle name really Pot?


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