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Archive for August, 2007

Is an essay that should be read by one and all, not just men.

Because Kim, one of my dearest friends in the world, is kind enough to put into words what all of us men know already. What we don’t usually say in polite and, more importantly, mixed company because we know that it will be seen as rude and what’s the bloody point? We all know it, so why go on about it if we know that some people in the party become offended by it? It’s no less true because we don’t mention it, but we won’t have to waste precious time defending what is the self-evident truth to wankers, tossers and ankle-pissers who insist on arguing the point.

Real men don’t waste time arguing the political correctness of the law of gravity, we just recognize that it’s there.

What made that essay, The Pussification of the Western Male, a favorite essay of mine is that Kim took the time and trouble, in a fit of pique and the RCOB, to explain it to the world. To spell it out in large bloody letters what being a man is all about, things we men already know, but none dare speak out loud because it’s either pointless or because we don’t want to piss people off when it’s not going to do a damn bit of good anyway.

If you’re not a man or if you are one and haven’t had the upbringing that Kim and I had, that post is a free, open look into the soul of a man.

And, of course, the usual pissers will whine and moan about how it isn’t “right” or how it’s something that is “fixable.” Shut the fuck up. It isn’t. It’s who we are. I can’t count the number of column inches that have been wasted trying to explain the “real man” and how he can be “fixed” over the years, and none of them know what the fuck they were talking about, because none of them were real men. Being a man isn’t a disease that can be “cured”, it’s who you are, and if you’re worth a damn thing, you’ll never change it.

And if there’s one thing that hacked me off (when it wasn’t amusing me how ignorant people are), it’s that the reaction to that post wasn’t “oh damn, now somebody finally explained how men think”, but “oh, that won’t do. How can we fix it?”

I often despair of how stupid the average hominid that I am unfortunate enough to call a member of my own species is.

And then I read a post like this by a woman who is married to a real man who truly Gets It. Now that is beautiful.

Here’s a hint to all of those women (and metrosexuals) who find Kim’s post “offensive:” We’re not demanding that you change. We’re just trying to explain to you who we are. We’re also working on finding out who you are and it would be a damn sight more helpful if you’d just tell us. We don’t want you to be like us, if we did we’d marry our own kind with disastrous consequences for the perpetuation of mankind, we just want to understand you and accept you for what you are.

And all that we ask in return is that you do the same thing.

Is that too much to ask?

If you think that it is, then, well, have a nice rest of your life without us, because we’re not going to change.

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I have been tinkering around here today, cleaning up some spills, updating some old plugins and adding new features.

If you have posted a comment here today, you might have noticed one of the new features:


That’s right, you now have the ability to edit your own comments!

Now, if you make a mistake, or you want to re-work something, you have 30 minutes to make those changes. If you let more than thirty minutes pass, you will be outta luck.

There is a small bug that you will have to work around until I figure out how to solve it. If you make an edit to your comment, you are going to be stuck in the “Edit Mode” until you leave the comment page and come back to it. I will work on the bug when I find the time. I am sure you can live with this minor irritation in the meantime. (after all, you’ve endured MY comments here for quite some time. :lol: )

Now I am off to do some more stuff here. I will keep you informed. Bear in mind that you might get the “Maintenance Mode” screen every now and then until I am done.

<s>UPDATE: I have changed the comment preview. The AJAX “live comment” preview got to be real problematic when threads got to be so bloomin’ long. So instead, I installed a “preview button” like the old Movable Type sites had.</s>

UPDATE #2: Okay, this was it for today, I promise.

I have now installed “paged” comments. It is currently set up to show twenty comments per page, with the last twenty comments displayed initially. You can either “show all” or go back by individual pages.

Why set it up this way?

It is easier on the page loads for those extremely long comment threads. I might increase the number of comments displayed to fiddy, if it becomes too annoying for y’all.

UPDATE to the UPDATE:  I had to remove the “preview button”, and remembered why I went for the “Live Preview” in the first place.  Besides, now that there are paged comments, the issue with too many comments making the Live Preview drag, is no longer an issue.

But while I have your divided attention…

You might have noticed this little thing at the bottom of every post:

It is called “Sphere”, and it is supposed to be able to find other sites with related content.  Right now, I have it programmed to search only political sites Left and Right.  I thought it would be interesting to see what results it brings in.

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In these times of rampant anti-American, treasonous & seditious acts by the Left and their hypocritical, billionaire Neo-Marxist ass-clowns in the Lamestream Media & WhoreyWood, it’s refreshing to see a story, such as this one, about a US company supporting the efforts of our incredible troops over in the steaming cesspool of Southwest Asia.

(Note: The article will be below the fold to save space for those of you too lazy to click the link up there. ;) )


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Even CAIR was not ready for THIS….. :)

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Yes, it is time for another installment of DJ’s Totally Off-Topic, Open Thread. This is where you come to talk about totally unrelated stuff so you won’t clog up the other topic-oriented threads.

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Just wanted you all to know that our very own LC & IB Brendan and member of Management™ is back at home after surgery and is mending quite well.

What was originally supposed to be a routine operation got complicated somewhat (British Understatement™ there) by a raging, migrating infection. Thankfully, he had two of the very best docs Down Under attending to him, so it was brought under control and beaten down with a very large stick (and some antibiotics too, if my sources are correct) and now, after an unexpected extra two weeks in the hospital, he’s back at home recovering. You can’t keep a good man down, especially not one who is strong with the Dark Side of the Force.

If you have any good thoughts and a line to the Man Upstairs, I’m sure they’d be appreciated.

Welcome back, Brendan, and get well soon!

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Thanks to LC Terrapod, the Imperial Dungeon Game Room™ now has to call in The Imperial Sanitation Crew™ to clean all of the spewed beverages off the floors, monitors & walls and then have them take our pissed-in pants to The Imperial Dry Cleaners™. Why all of the mess? We clicked on this link.

(Note: You have to watch the video.)

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Moving into yet another week of the metrosexual version of mine’s bigger than your’s, John Edwards calls for an end to the establishment and injustice at the hands of “the man”.

John and Liz pose for their newest 2008 Retro Tour Poster

Edwards talks tough at Clinton, Obama

Presidential hopeful John Edwards said Thursday the Washington establishment is corrupt and suggested — without mentioning her by name — that rival Hillary Rodham Clinton has been part of that corroded system.

Duuude, the establishment is like, corroded man, yeah corrupt like a bad acid trip, ya’ know? Sen. Clinton’s Gyn Report did include some reference to corrosion.

Edwards’ new stump speech, centered on a a need for change and aimed at his top two rivals, comes just before Labor Day, the traditional start of the primary nominating season in this state where he has seen his polling lead slip in recent months.

His polling lead is slipping, because his slip is showing. Taking the neener, neener approach to winning hearts and minds, he continues:

“Real change starts with being honest, and I want to say something again: The system in Washington is rigged, and I’ll say it again, it’s rigged and it’s rigged by greedy powers,” Edwards said Thursday.

The chief riggers have had the better part of a half-century to create a perpetual political class inside the beltway. The ‘greedy’ man owns the establishment. Better say it again, it’s rigged.

“It’s rigged by the system to favor the establishment,” he said at Dartmouth College.

The establishment just sucks man. Hey don’t bogart that bone, pass it around. They got it rigged to channel babies and other really trippy things.

What Edwards called “the rhetoric of change” is popular among all the Democratic candidates. Sen. Barack Obama uses the notion throughout his campaign. One of Clinton’s slogans is, “Ready for change, ready to lead.”

The ever popular, “Elect Us For Change™” rhetoric, carefully devoid of any substance whatsoever.

Edwards challenged his Democratic rivals’ ownership of the word at the start a four-day swing through New Hampshire. [Emph Mine]

Johnny, can I buy a talking-point word for $200 please? Do mind the swinging cankles though, they’re fatal at 100 yards.

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Denizens & LCs, we’ll start off this edition of the Perfect Football Weekend™ with a question:  If I told you that a Texas team laid an ass-whipping on Baltimore, 30-3, you’d think football, wouldn’t you?  You’d think to yourself, “Man, Brian Billick, Ray Lewis and the rest of those goons got their heads handed to them by the Cowboys.”  Some of you would even break out in happy dances, I’ll bet.    And you’d think it was the Cowboys, because the Houston Texannes…snx…the Texans…snxxxnxxxxx…the Tex…BWAHHH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!11~

Sorry, got carried away there for a second. Where was I…?  Ah, yes…

You’d be wrong.  Not only about the teams involved, but about the sport itself.  As you probably know by now, the Texass stRangers destroyed the Baltimore Orioles last night in the first game of a doubleheader, setting the modern record for runs scored in a single game by a single team (they also set the record for runs scored in a doubleheader, as they won the nightcap, 9-7).  Down 3-0 in the opener, they roared back on the strength of two grand-slam homers, two three-run shots, and 7 RBIs apiece from the bottom two slots in the batting order.

“Damn”, as former FlaState footballer Ron Simmons would say.

Which brings us around to football.  And Florida football (sort of), at that.  Tonight, Lefty Leftwich & the Jacksonville Jaguars visit the frozen rain-soaked tundra of Lambeau Field to take on Ancient Mariner™ Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers.  Fox has the game with its #2 team, which means you’ll probably see more of Tony Siragusa than you really wanted to. 

Tomorrow night, CBS brings us a rematch of Super Bowl…uh, Super Bowl…


LSIK&T:  Oh, yeah, right.  38.  Thanks, Augie.

AUGUSTUS:  !%@(#!#(#$(#%@*@!!!!!!!!

(He hates it when I call him “Augie”.  Which is, of course, why I do it.    )

Anyway, it’s a rematch of Super Bowl 38 as the Pats go to Carolina.  Jake Delhomme & company haven’t looked all that great to start, but good things are being predicted for the Pats this year.  Rumors that NE QB Tom Brady was having a customized papoose-pak made for him were unsubstantiated at press time.

Speaking of the Cowboys (and the Tex-annes, for that matter), they’ll hook up Saturday night in Houston.  It’ll be interesting to see how former Atlanta backup QB Matt Schaub fares behind that sieve of an offensive line (the guess from here is that you could put The World’s Greatest Quarterback Ever In The History Of Ever, Ever!!!™, Donna McFlabb, behind that line and he’d get killed).

Speaking of Team Clunky Soup©, they’ll join Madden, Michaels and the NBC Sunday Night crew in Pittsburgh for another intrastate matchup vs. Ben Rothelisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Pitt has its third head coach in the last forty years - dammitall, can’t Art Rooney get some stability  into that franchise? 

And speaking of Hotlanta, we’ll round out the weekend Monday night with the Falcons hosting the Cincinnati Bengals (it should  be on ESPN, but it’s not on the schedule, but why would it be on Monday night otherwise?).  The over/under for this game is six felony convictions.

We’re back Tuesday for the recap.  In the meantime, feel free to discuss Atlanta replacing Michael Vick with…Joey Harrington??? 

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Don’t allow the Dem Cong piss on this man’s sacrifice!
Don’t let them endanger our children!

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