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Archive for August, 2007

Since we’re having a fun video Sunday around here, I thought you might appreciate this one, found over at Ace’s.

I’ve played it over and over and over again and I still can’t stop laughing!

UPDATE: It didn’t take long until the terrorist snuff propaganda hosts at YouTube took this one down (watching their terrorist friends get killed makes them cry, whereas they’ll happily post as much terrorist propaganda as they can lay their paws on), but thankfully we have LiveLeak as well. The video now works again.

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Oh come on, things can’t be this bad with the Department of Defense:

Short of Purple Hearts, Navy tells vet to buy own

Korean War veteran Nyles Reed, 75, opened an envelope last week to learn a Purple Heart had been approved for injuries he sustained as a Marine on June 22, 1952.But there was no medal. Just a certificate and a form stating that the medal was “out of stock.”“I can imagine, of course, with what’s going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, there’s a big shortage,” Reed said. “At least, I would imagine so.”The form letter from the Navy Personnel Command told Reed he could wait 90 days and resubmit an application, or buy his own medal.After waiting 55 years, however, Reed decided to pay $42 for his own Purple Heart and accompanying ribbon — plus state sales taxes — at a military surplus store.On the day he was injured, getting a medal was the last thing on his mind. Stationed close to the front lines at Panmunjom, where peace talks were under way, Reed “was a forward observer — the one that’s up on the front line directing the artillery. I had to get to the observation point.”

Reed jumped in a Jeep and had started out when a 76-millimeter shell “comes in and hits right below the Jeep in the mud. And when it went off, it blew the Jeep over and threw me into the windshield, where I busted my cheek — you can see the scar — and I was bleeding like a stuck pig.”

“And I could see this battalion aid station, with Navy corpsmen. So this doc, this surgeon, sewed me up and he says, ‘Do you want a Purple Heart?’ That’s when I said, ‘I haven’t got time! They’re waiting for me up at the front lines,’” Reed recalled. He rushed back to duty.

About three years ago, Reed said, he started thinking that it would be nice to have the Purple Heart to pass on to his two sons or daughter, or to show to his eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

“I thought it was going to be an easy thing. Well, I found out that’s not true,” Reed said. The first response Reed got was that there was nothing in his record about the incident, and that he had to provide witness statements and other verification.

Reed located two Marine Corps buddies, who provided the statements.

“Then I started sending all this information to congressmen, senators, the president, the commandant of the Marine Corps, anybody,” Reed said. “Well, I kept getting turned down.”

“The real support I got was from Sen. (John) Cornyn.”

John Drogan, a spokesman for the Texas Republican, said Thursday that the senator’s office has now arranged for Reed to get an actual medal.

“I have word from Navy folks they have just received additional Purple Heart medals, and we are going to make sure Mr. Reed gets his,” Drogan said, adding that he could not explain why the Navy Department had no medals when the senator’s office contacted it last month.

Maj. J. DeLaRosa, a media affairs officer for the Marines at the Pentagon, couldn’t believe Reed received only the certificate.

“That’s unacceptable. ‘Out of stock’? That’s like saying, ‘We’re out of ammo.’ That’s like saying ‘The Marines are going to close tomorrow.’ It just seems a bit weird,” DeLaRosa said. “There have been a lot of guys wounded, but not to the point that we’re out of medals.”

The Department of Defense estimates that 29,098 troops have been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan through Thursday.

For his part, Reed is simply happy he finally received recognition for what happened to him that day. “That’s why I am so grateful to Sen. Cornyn.”

I just sent Mr. Reed a check for $42.00 because there is no excusable reason why this man – after waiting 55 years just to be awarded this medal — should have to pay for it out of his own pocket or wait another minute for the government to get their shit together.  (Okay, that is going to take longer than a minute.)

I have heard of this happening before.  I have been a volunteer at the VA here in Seattle for fifteen years. I have seen this kind of thing about twenty times.  It is disgraceful.

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Friend of the Empire, Admiral Kender comes up with a delightful perspective on socialism and why it’s vile.

An Open Letter To Socialists

Any post that starts in this manner:

I will keep this short and sweet.

I despise you.

Just has to be worth a read, and it truly is.

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(Via LC & IB Tim Blair)

A Canadian woman has given birth to extremely rare identical quadruplets.

The four girls were born at a US hospital because there was no space available at Canadian neonatal intensive care units.

I’m sure it’s the fault of the irresponsible parents, who forgot to make allowances for the 11-month waiting list for child deliveries or something.

It has to be. After all, aren’t we constantly told that the only problem with U.S. healthcare is that it isn’t run by the DMV USPS wonderfully efficient, cheap and fair state?

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Due to popular demand (if one thinks that LC Wil is “popular”) I have opened this second open and free-fer-all thread.

There are no prizes for being first.

I was invited to go to the dealer’s auction this morning, and lookie what I picked up:

Not bad for $2500, huh?

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(Via The Jawa Report):

The Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez has anointed himself president for life by proposing sweeping changes to the country’s constitution.

Setting out his plans for completing his socialist revolution in the oil-rich Latin American nation, he proposing radical constitutional reform which has at its centre indefinite re-election for himself.

I suppose that means that we won’t have to endure the Libtard Moonbats yammering about how the Eeeevil KKKonservatives in this country are “just out to destroy the fledgling, struggling ‘democracy’ of Venezuela?”

Who am I kidding? They’ll just move the goalposts again. Besides, they’re too busy gibbering about the Evil Bu$hHitler plotting to suspend elections and declare martial law in 2008 to bother paying attention to a socialist fuckwit actually abolishing democracy.

Socialists. Patton was right. Why did we leave the job unfinished in ‘45, succeeding only in wiping out the national socialists? The rest of them need to be exterminated as well. With extreme prejudice.

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At least that’s what this moron from the Huffington Compost considers an adequate description of trying to enforce the laws already on the books regarding illegal immigrants. Nice to know that Yahoo News™ considers barely literate spew like that worthy of inclusion in their lineup. Then again, they also carry the Associated (with terrorists) Press and al-Roto Reuters, so we suppose they’re just being true to form.

GOP Declares Open War on Brown People

Oh knock it off, will you? We Evil Right Wing Death Beasts have been at war with “little brown people” ever since our ancestors first crawled out of the caves and found a herd of The Other just outside, ready for us to Oppress™. Doesn’t anybody read history anymore?

Gingrich said that the “war here at home” against illegal immigrants is “even more deadly than the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Let the pogroms begin good times roll! Maybe this will be part of Newt’s grand strategy to campaign on withdrawal from Iraq: bring the troops home to fight the insurgent immigrant menace at home.

Or maybe he’s just wondering if it makes sense to leave illegal immigrants running around free after they commit crimes rather than deporting them, just as the law says? Incidentally, we’d have you know that not all illegal immigrants are “brown people”, nor are all legal immigrants “white people.” Are you suggesting that only brown people violate our immigration laws, you racist bastard?

The rationalizations will no doubt be entertaining from the wingnut base, MalKKKin’s place and LGF as they attempt justify such Dhimmitude when anihilation at the hands of the Islamofascist horde has been their raison d’etre for six years now.

“MalKKKin”, “wingnuts”… Oh, you libtards are so funny. You crack me up with your fantastically witty names for anybody not prostrated before the altar of Marx. Care to throw a few “Bu$hHitlers” and “McHalliburtons” in there as well? Really, you shouldn’t just leave out your best material, you know, particularly when your best material is at the level of a particularly retarded 1st grader.

Perhaps we’ll see a fracture in that fragile alliance between the hawkish Israel faction and those whose commitment to fighting global jihad is slightly less keen than their desire to keep from soiling their beautiful minds with the sound of espanol at the local Circuit City.

Since you’re busy throwing around italicized foreign words (presumably to let us troglodytes know that you’re hip to international lingo or, as is more likely the case, equipped with a dictionary), would you mind terribly spelling it correctly? It’s Español, doofus. See that squiggly line over the “n?” Pretty, isn’t it? Now throw in a few umlauts as well and everybody will think you’re a Heavy Metal fan as well.

This is the well-focus grouped kickoff to Newt’s presidential bid, it seems. He has an email signup to go along with this, building out his lists no doubt with an eye to launching a fundraising warchest.

But Newt’s not alone. In the wake of the White House’s announcement last Friday that they will cooperate with larger efforts to rally the bigoted GOP base…

Because anybody opposed to criminals going unpunished is, of course, a bigot. Even when the group of criminals in question have no common racial, religious and/or ethnical denominator. Isn’t it funny how those libtard poseurs (see, I can do it too!) love throwing around words that they have not the faintest glimmer of understanding of?

We’re not the ones suggesting that all illegal immigrants are of a particular ethno-social extraction, libtards. You are. Which, as we already mentioned, can only mean that you’re a bunch of bigoted swine lumping everybody with an olive complexion in with border violators, serial rapists, murderers, drunk drivers and muggers. You really ought to attend some classes to get that out of your systems, you know.

…and ramp up the regulatory assault on immigrants,

From the Libtard Dictionary™: “Enforcing the laws” = “regulatory assault.”

Mitt Romney is obviously reading the same tea leaves and trying to hang the brown menace around Giuliani’s neck:

Mitt Romney accuses former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani of making his city a haven for illegal immigrants. Giuliani denies it, insisting he cracked down on lawlessness of every kind.

And Rudy would be right to deny it if “supporting and encouraging New York City’s status as a sanctuary city” meant “cracking down on lawlessness of every kind.” Unfortunately, that’s not quite what it means in the real world, but we’re sure that his spin doctors can come up with some reason as to why those two ought to be synonymous.

It’s the first real clash between two leading Republican candidates who are vulnerable on immigration, a volatile issue that infuriates Republican conservatives who hold sway over primary elections.

If only we did hold sway over those primaries, then we wouldn’t have an array of RINO clownshoes currently competing to become the next RINO President.

Romney, inspecting border fencing and checkpoints Monday in San Diego, reiterated his plan to hire more Border Patrol agents, sanction employers who hire illegal immigrants and cut federal dollars for sanctuary cities.

Romney blames “don’t tell” policies, and Giuliani’s support for them, for luring millions of illegal immigrants to the United States.

How on Earth did he get that idea? It’s almost as absurd as suggesting that leaving your front door open and putting a sign up saying “everything must go, we won’t call the police” would “lure in” burglars.

Meanwhile Rudy is fighting his own race war, arguing for a tamperproof ID card that includes fingerprinting for everyone entering the country, in addition to a central database to track their exits.

Because, as we all know, every single soul entering the United States belongs to one single race. Not sure which race that is, but how can it be a “race war” otherwise?

To the surprise of no one with a functional attention span (which of course excludes any of our Very Serious Political Pundits), the decades-old pancake makeup covering the hateful racist core of the GOP has flaked so hard it’s falling right off, and we’re about to witness quite the Klan rally for the soul of the Republican Party heading into 2008.

Jackboots de rigeur.

Again with the incorrect usage of italicized foreign words. Something is “de rigeur”, you can’t just drop it in there without a verb, you illiterate imbecile. So are jackboots “de rigeur”, will they be “de rigeur”, were they “de rigeur” or are you just too damn dumb to look up an idiom before you use it?

The world might never know.


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Obama defends foreign policy statements

Democratic Barack Obama on Thursday defended controversial foreign policy statements he’s made recently, saying presidential candidates must challenge conventional Washington thinking.

“My call for a new foreign policy is based on the same thing that informed my opposition to the war in Iraq: common sense, not conventional Washington thinking,” Obama said. “I’m running on my judgment and I’ll tell the American people where I stand.”

That would be the same common sense displayed in your statement about invading a foreign country? Back to the new Cut and Run over the horizon foreign policy now? Your judgment stance is suspiciously like that of J. “still waiting for his service record” Fuckin’ Kerry’s. I’ll invade Pakistan, but run away from Iraq and make sure we stop bombing all those RPG equipped civilians in Afghanistan.

Speaking before about 250 people at a Council Bluffs school, Obama said critics have ignored his vow to work cooperatively with Pakistan and that his call for negotiations with hostile foreign leaders was only common sense.

Perhaps because “negotiations” with foreign (hostile) leaders isn’t such a good idea as well as lacking common sense. Poor B. Hussein, being ignored, perhaps if you hold your breath, we’ll start paying attention.

Obama has come under fire from Democratic rivals, including New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Republicans, who accuse him of being naive about foreign policy. They point to recent statements in which Obama has said he would be willing to send U.S. military forces into Pakistan to rout terrorists even without the permission of the Pakistani government and that he was willing to meet with the leaders of rogue nations without preconditions.

Note to B. Dumbo: The internet is forever. You can’t run away from statements now matter how hard you try. You didn’t really think the Hildebeast Cankled one was going to give you a free ride did you?

“I am not afraid of losing a propaganda battle to a bunch of dictators,” Obama said Thursday.

It’s not a matter of losing the propaganda battle you clue-bereft hack. Merely agreeing to meet with them is a big score for the enemy, getting the weak U.S. to the table with no preconditions as well. You really need to write that on the board 50 times, OK?

He also said he would always work with Pakistan and simply was stating his commitment to ensure that terrorists not have a safe haven.

Nice try, pull the other finger. See above. This is the big leagues Barack, not T-Ball. No do-overs, sorry.

Obama argued that extensive foreign policy experience doesn’t always lead to good decisions, and he used Vice President Dick Cheney’s tenure as an example.

Cheney has more foreign policy experience in his left big-toe nail than you’ll ever have snot-weasel. Perhaps you should study his resume before spewing the Kos-Kiddie Eeevil Cheney talking point.

“I think it’s time to turn the page on conventional foreign policy thinking,” the Illinois senator said. “What they lacked was good judgment.”

Obama also blamed the Iraq war on conventional Washington thinking and challenged rivals to a full and open debate over their differences on foreign policy.

OK everybody let’s say it one more time, out loud. The Bush foreign policy is based on fighting terrorism and asymmetric warfare by unconventional means and on multiple fronts, militarily, economically and to some extent diplomatically. We’ll give you the Sesame Street version, it’s better to kill bad guys where they live than where you live, especially since they’ve already done it here.

He devoted much of his remarks to underscoring his differences with Clinton, including her 2002 vote to authorize the use of force in Iraq.

“After all, the war in Iraq wasn’t cooked up by folks in Council Bluffs,” said Obama. “It was authorized by politicians in Washington who said they knew better. And if that’s what conventional thinking on foreign policy amounts to, conventional thinking has to change.”

Did they know “better” before, when they voted or afterwards? I do recall they voted in favor of the war, therefore “knowing better” after the fact is the answer. Can you say perceived political expediency?`

In his first term in the Senate, Obama has sought to use his inexperience as an advantage, arguing that Clinton and other candidates are creatures of Washington and not capable of pushing for real change. On Thursday, he again pointed to his new approach to foreign policy.

“Think of what we can achieve together if we change the conventional thinking that’s squandering America’s reputation in the world,” said Obama. “We can have a foreign policy that the American people are proud of and set an example of leadership that inspires not hate, but hope, in forgotten corners of the world.”

Yes of course, America is much more about reputation than national security. As long as the Iranians, North Koreans, Cuba and every other socialist or Euroweenie country loves us, we can all fly kites and prance with unicorns, in between group hugs. Meanwhile, back here at home, the murderous, mohammedan mutt-fuckers are free to maim and kill wherever they please. Spare us the vision of “hope” Obama. Our enemies fully intend to kill or subjugate us all.

Conventional thinking tells (most of) us, that if an enemy has repeatedly demonstrated his desire and ability to murder innocents, it’s best to kill them firstest and fastest and in their own shitholes, not on our streets.

Cue the two-step music.

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Just got FiOS installed yesterday and whaddayaknow, the TV chooses today to die on me. Dead as a doornail. Out for the count. Not turning on.

Well, I guess I’m off to pull tricks in bathhouses until I can buy a new one. Right after I get done cursing fate for about six hours straight.

Life… Oh, how I hate it.

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