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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Archive for September, 2007
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Archive for September, 2007

It’s amazing. The more money we pump into the Publik Skoool Sistem, the more incandescently ignorant the little morons attending the “schools” become (thanks to LC Lorraine):

Waving signs and American flags, Boulder High School students this morning will stage the first of what could become many Pledge of Allegiance protests in the school courtyard.

Members of the activist Student Worker club are inviting their peers to leave class every Thursday at 8:30 a.m. — when the pledge is recited over the intercom — and meet in the courtyard to say a revised version of the pledge that doesn’t reference God.

Oh good. The little tykes are taking an active interest in issues of the day. How wonderful. We wouldn’t want them to waste time studying, now would we? Of course, their little protest would be so much more impressive if the spokestoddlers had the faintest idea what they were talking about, but let’s not expect too much from the victims of the Publik Skools.

Club President Emma Martens, a Boulder High senior who’s leading the protest, wrote this new version: “I pledge allegiance to the flag and my constitutional rights with which it comes. And to the diversity, in which our nation stands, one nation, part of one planet, with liberty, freedom, choice and justice for all.”

We have to admit that, even for a functionally illiterate “beneficiary” of public “education”, that is quite amazingly obtuse, dimwitted and just plain incoherent. Congratulations! We thought that our publik skools had already hit rock bottom, yet you managed to start up the backhoe!

Members of the student group say they have three main gripes with theway the traditional pledge is read at the start of second-period classes: It takes away from school time;


Students concerned about “wasting precious school time?” Oh yes, we’re going to believe THAT! Right after we take up worshiping the Easter Bunny. Besides, how is running around in the courtyard waving the hammer and sickle, chanting barely coherent “pledges” NOT taking away school time?

it’s ignored or disrespected by mocking teens;

And we are almost 100% certain that we know just who those mocking, disrespectful teens are. Now that’s Chutzpah! First you mock and jeer at the Pledge, then you use your own mocking and jeering as an argument against reciting the Pledge in the first place. Impressive.

and the phrase, “one nation, under God,” violates the separation of church and state.

It does, now does it? That’s funny, because generations of actual scholars have failed to see any such thing in the Pledge, not to mention that there IS no “separation of church and state” mentioned anywhere in the Constitution, but they must have just missed something obvious to a High School senior in Colorado. Yep, we’re sure that that’s what happened.

Now go back to class and work on your three R’s, you little mongrel, before we bring out the paddle.

“Boulder High has a highly diverse population, not all of whom believe in God, or one God,” Martens said. “We didn’t think it was fair for the whole school to have to listen to it.

“It’s almost religious oppression,” she said.

“Help, help! I’m being oppressed! What a give-away! Did you see the violence inherent in the system???”

Listen, missy, we really appreciate your feeble attempts at logical, coherent thought, but it’s painfully obvious to anybody with an IQ above Twiggy’s waistline measurement that you’re not quite ready for Prime Time yet, so why don’t you go conjugate some verbs, solve a few equations and, while you’re at it, look up “religious oppression” in Webster’s?

Hint: It doesn’t mean what you think that it means.

There. Off you go. And wipe the snot off your face, ferchrissakes!

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This just in via PMSNBC:

Bin Laden may have just escaped U.S. forces

Our forces have invaded HELL???


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As if we didn’t know already, here’s the real reason behind the biggest push of junk science in the history of mankind (thanks to LC Rob):

WASHINGTON — Dealing with global warming will be painful, says one of the most powerful Democrats in Congress. To back up his claim he is proposing a recipe many people won’t like _ a 50-cent gasoline tax, a carbon tax and scaling back tax breaks for some home owners.

Yep. Holy Mother Gaia is sick, and the only way to cure her is to rob you even blinder. But hey, don’t worry about it. While you’re sitting in the cheap government project apartments that will be all that you can afford with what’s left over from your paycheck, you can find consolation in the fact that you’re saving the planet. Rest assured that the rich and powerful (those would be the worthless 535 swine inhabiting the swamps of the District of Columbia) will be stressing that point as they’re jet-setting all over the globe, having lobster dinners, living in five star hotels and driving 15 limo motorcades on your dime. It’ll make the gruel and porridge go down much easier, we promise!

“I’m trying to have everybody understand that this is going to cost and that it’s going to have a measure of pain that you’re not going to like,” Rep. John Dingell, who is marking his 52nd year in Congress, said Wednesday in an interview with The Associated Press.

At least Rep. Dingleberry has the virtue of honesty to some extent, in that he doesn’t try to sugarcoat the imminent rape of you, the American taxpayer, all in the name of the worst scam in the history of mankind.

Dingell says he hasn’t rule out such a so-called “cap-and-trade” system, either, but that at least for now he wants to float what he believes is a better idea. He will propose for discussion:

_A 50-cent-a-gallon tax on gasoline and jet fuel, phased in over five years, on top of existing taxes.

Don’t worry and agonize over your next car purchase, because you won’t be able to afford driving it. And aren’t those the same Democrats who want to impose Stalinist price controls on the oil companies and their “obscene profits” in order to keep prices down? We may not be the sharpest tack in the box, but somehow we don’t think that adding an additional half a dollar to the price at the pump is going to help much in that department.

_A tax on carbon, at $50 a ton, released from burning coal, petroleum or natural gas.

You think your energy bills are outrageous and highway robbery now? Thanks to the DemCong majority in Congress you ain’t seen nothing yet. And all in the name of imposing a tax on the generation of the most vanishingly insignificant contribution to the grand total of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

_Phaseout of the interest tax deduction on home mortgages for homes over 3,000 square feet. Owners would keep most of the deduction for homes at the lower end of the scale, but it would be eliminated entirely for homes of 4,200 feet or more.

Of course, what they don’t really want to say out loud is that removing a deduction is exactly the same as a tax increase. Chew on that if you happen to own the humble domicile that you live in. The New And Improved Socialist Government of America™ doesn’t want you peasants to own anything, much less the roof you live under. How are they supposed to keep you under control and in line if that’s the case?

Try to think about your last tax return. Now pull out interest deductions. Wonderful, isn’t it?

He estimates that would affect 10 percent of homeowners. He says “it’s only fair” to tax those who buy large suburban houses and create urban sprawl.

“Divide and conquer.” It’s “only” 10 percent of homeowners, after all and, as Niemuller said: “First they came for the people who owned a home larger than 3,000 square feet, but mine was only 2,900, so I didn’t care.”

Oh, and of course it is only “fair” that people who have worked their asses off their entire lives in order to afford a bigger house should be punished for their “greed.” How DARE they when they, as good little slaves of the Government, ought to have sat on their arses and scraped through in a 1,000 square feet apartment while living off the dole?

But, at least all of those additional blood monies extracted from the already overtaxed population will be used to save us all from the impending doom caused by something that used to be called “weather”, right?

Wrong again:

Some of the revenue would be used to reduce payroll taxes, but most would go elsewhere including for highway construction, mass transit, paying for Social Security and health programs and to help the poor pay energy bills.

Nope. Not a dime. All of the money stolen from you will be used for building highways (for cars that won’t exist anymore) and welfare payments to those who aren’t contributing to the economy. More specifically, to those who then, because their continued living depends on the government’s largess, can be relied upon to always vote for their sugar daddies.

It’s quite simple: Just make sure that the majority of voters are dependent on your welfare handouts and you’ll be guaranteed a majority forever.

But hey, it’s all in the name of Mother Gaia!

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We are rarely moved to waste our time commenting on the mental waste products of random Idiotarians, but sometimes they’re just too cosmically cretinous to be ignored, as is the case with this great northern pansy, one Rick Perlstein:

Bed-wetter Nation

By Rick Perlstein on September 25, 2007 - 3:02pm.

Here’s a big question that I want to start addressing in upcoming posts: what is conservative rule doing to our nation’s soul?

And we can’t hardly wait for armchair psychologist Perlstein to launch into 476 installments of how horrible those conservatives are and why liberals are so much more wonderful and nuanced; better not merely for our nation as a whole, but better for the very soul of our nation.

One thing that has always struck us is the truly fascinating modesty of those liberal pansies. Even though they’re obviously so much better than everybody else (they’d have to be in order to justify the endless column inches wasted on their sermons regarding their superior nature), they nevertheless, on a regular basis, take time out from their indubitably busy schedules to descend from Mt. Olympus to enlighten us poor, misguided rubes.

How is it rewiring our hearts and minds? What kind of damage are they doing to the American character? And can we ever recover?

We hate to inform you about this but no, you can’t. You’ve been beyond therapeutic reach for quite some time, but we’re told that the pharmaceutical industry has numerous products that might help a bit with the symptoms.

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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Responding to comments from us poor slobs condemned to live in the Eastern Time Zones and the need for some sleep, before heading off to the slave ships job on Wednesday a.m., the Emperor and I have decided do a 50-50 time split on Rottie Radio Tuesday, yes some Cubanos Dominican ceegars were involved in the deal, along with appropriate libation to accompany them.

Nevertheless, I’ll kick off with Tuesday Truth at 7 pm CT and His Rottiness will take over with Keep the Home Fires Burning at 9:30 pm CT giving some of our early-birds an additional half-hour of fine programming from the Republic of Texas studio.

While you’re surfing about the intertubewebnet, we do have an extremely urgent request posted over at the RadioCIA homepage, for a listener in dire straits and any help would be greatly appreciated by us all.

Thanks for the support- We’re don’t have radio without our wonderfully loyal listeners. Trust us, seeing a full-house tuning in, just makes us try that much harder to provide you the finest in entertainment !!!!!!

Emperor Misha I and LC JackBoot IC/A, your humble hosts—–

(Minor update from his Imperial Highness: In order to further demonstrate the openness and popular appeal of the Empire, we’ve decided to keep the Imperial Yahoo IM open for the duration for requests, shoutouts, links to great stories etc. Keep in mind that we’re on the air, however, so we may not be as quick in answering as we’d like. Also, there’s an email request line for the station. Just email ciarequest AT gmail DOT com)

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Yes, we heard the ferocious furrowing of brows and vigorous wagging of fingers from president Bollinger too, but before you wear out your arms patting him on the back for that “beautiful smackdown” and how it “utterly ridiculed that Tehran Tumblefuck in the eyes of the world”, allow us to remind you, once again, that it doesn’t matter one mosquito in an F-5 twister how YOU perceive it, what matters is how it is perceived in the part of the world that our propaganda should be directed AT.

And they’re having a ball with it.

But hey, if it makes you feel better, keep reminding yourselves how foolish the psychopath looked to US. I don’t know why that would be considered a “victory”, though, unless you were a bit on the fence about him to begin with, which I fervently hope isn’t the case.

Thanks, State Dept. and Gondolapisser Rice, thanks president Bollinger for handing a free propaganda coup to our enemies, enemies who are, as we speak, murdering American servicemen overseas.

May we one day forget that you were ever our countrymen.

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And it is simply too cool to not link:

Dammam, Asharq Al-Awsat- Members of Khobar’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice were the victims of an attack by two Saudi females, Asharq Al-Awsat can reveal. According to the head of the commission in Khobar, two girls pepper sprayed members of the commission after they had tried to offer them advice.Head of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in the Eastern province Dr. Mohamed bin Marshood al-Marshood, told Asharq Al Awsat that two of the Commission’s employees were verbally insulted and attacked by two inappropriately-dressed females, in the old market in Prince Bandar street, an area usually crowded with shoppers during the month of Ramadan.

According to Dr. Al-Marshood, the two commission members approached the girls in order to “politely” advice and guide them regarding their inappropriate clothing.

Knowing a bit about the definition that the Allahfascist nutjobs of the Virtue Gestapo uses for “polite”, His Majesty’s only regret is that the two ladies in question weren’t properly equipped to respond in an appropriate and deserved fashion.

High velocity lead injections would work nicely, if you ask us.

Way to go, ladies!!!

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So sayeth the oracle of Columbia, the most honored guest (since Hitler wasn’t available) of said filthy cesspool of ignorance institute of higher “learning”.

What, you murdered them all already, AhmadinnerHitler and Darling of the Left?

Well, in that case, we suppose that you’re right.

At least until you return home.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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So help me Cthulu, the same damned crew worked the Frog & Cowboy games this weekend.

at TCU 21, SMU 7
#3 Oklahoma 62, at Tulsa 21
at UBuffalo 21, Baylor 34 (UBuffalo covers)
at #2 LSU 24, #12 S. Carolina 16
Dallas 34, at Chicago 10

Baylor finally found someone they could beat besides Rice. Drew Willy threw three picks, and Blake Szymanski threw three TDs as the Bears held off a furious Bull charge.

OU didn’t play one of its better game, especially on defense; in fact; there were times in the first quarter that Tulsa positively dominated. Talent won out, though, and the Hurricanes wilted under the overwhelming Sooner pressure.

Allan Patrick scored two touchdowns, DeMarco Murray added three and Sam Bradford threw a couple of bombs to Juaquin Iglesias.

And yet another memo to Mack Brown:

The Sooners (4-0) have put up at least 50 points in all four games. That’s only the second time in school history they’ve had such a streak — they also did it in 2003, capped by a 65-13 romp over Texas.

These guys are slightly better than Rice.

Steve Superior Spurrier’s squad gave Bo Pelini’s defense more trouble than anyone else so far this year, thanks to occasional trickery, but Matt Flynn and kicker Colt David pulled a bit of a surprise of their own with David catching a Flynn flip off a fake field goal attempt (try saying that five times fast) late in the first half to power the Tigers over the Gamecocks.

The Frog offense got a TD, the defense got a TD off a pick-six, and the kicking game even got in on the act, scoring one themselves off a blocked punt.

They tried to trick up the game and call it the “DFW duel: The Battle for the Iron Skillet”. (Why do they always have to try and trick something up like that? Why not just call it “TCU-SMU” and be done with it?)

Anyway, here’s the game in a nutshell: TCU sucked. SMU sucked. The refs really sucked. But they were sucking more in the Mustangs’ favor, and for once, the Good Guys™ survived an eleven-on eighteen beatdown.

Cases in point: In the 2nd quarter, SMU driving, the Frogs were called for a 15-yard pass interference penalty. Just a slight problem - the pass was not only uncatchable, the Frog defensive back turned to look for the ball during the coverage. Presumably, the DB has as much right to the ball as the receiver. Not to this crew, though.

In the 4th quarter, TCU intercepted a Justin Willis pass, only to see it nullified by a roughing the passer penalty. Only thing was, Willis wasn’t roughed.

Backup quarterback Marcus Jackson relieved a woefully ineffective Andy Dalton and guided the Froggies to their only offensive TD of the night. Starting tailback Aaron Brown returned to the lineup and added 92 yards on eleven carries.

And then this half-assed excuse-for-an-officiating-crew must have boarded a United flight and high-tailed it to Soldier Field for last night’s soirée.

In the second quarter, Romo completed a 14-yard pass to Julius Jones, who received a nice block from tight end James Witten on the play. Witten, however, was called for a block in the back, negating the play. Just one minor detail - Witten never even touched the guy’s back. Replays showed that he came in from the defender’s side to deliver the block.

Then at the end of the half, Chicago had the ball at midfield with about seven seconds left. Grossman went back to pass on fourth down, and was sacked by DeMarcus Ware with three seconds left. The ref, inexplicably, wound the clock instead of stopping it, ending the half. Nor did the replay official intervene to correct the blunder.

(UPDATE:  It doesn’t necessarily mean anything, until I tell you that at the spot where Grossman was sacked, Dallas would’ve had a shot at a 54-yard field goal.

Fortunately, it didn’t affect the outcome of the game. Then again, maybe we should all be accustomed to Chicago officials trying to manipulate outcomes…)

In the third quater, the Bears scored their only touchdown with a huge assist from our favorite crybaby/whipping boy, Widdle Woy Willie, when his POS tackling gave tight end Desmond Clark 20 extra yards on a 52-yard pass play; Chicago would score two plays later.

Fortunately for Dallas, Rex Grossman was…well…Rex Grossman. “Wrecks” threw three picks in all, one returned for a TD by Anthony Henry.

Romo was 22 of 35 for 329, and Marion Barber III had 102 yards on 15 carries. Demarcus Ware had two sacks on Grossman, helping to contribute to his sorry night. Look for a change at QB this week out of the Windy City.

This week: 5-0 (Perfect Football Weekend™ achieved (2)). Overall: 19-3.

The PFW will return on Friday to ponder the age-old question, “What in Cthulu’s unholy name were the Beagles thinking with those uniforms?”

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From The Globe and Mail:

THE PRESIDENT of the United States from 2008 to 2012 will be one of the following three people: Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney.

It’s rather early in the election season for such pointed speculation. But a look at the situation reveals that the prediction is not all that chancy.

It is now almost certain that Mrs. Clinton is going to be the Democratic nominee. Fred Thompson is the most likely choice for the Republican nomination, but he could not beat Hillary Clinton in the fall.

Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Romney are the only two Republicans with a shot at the nomination who could defeat Hillary Clinton.

Republican candidate Sam Brownback, a dark horse, said the other day that if the Republicans nominate Mr. Thompson it’s political suicide. He’s right. Most polls show that, going head-to-head against Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Thompson would lose by 2-1. The former Tennessee Senator would be the Barry Goldwater of 2008. He is too right-wing to appeal to enough moderates to win and he is too prone to incredible gaffes.

Does this sound familiar? It should, for more than one reason, because it’s a rerun that we changed the text of a bit to make it current. Here’s the original, courtesy of LC & IB Bill Quick:

Give us more, O Emperor! »

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