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Archive for November, 2007

Yes it is Tuesday, and that means the obligatory pimpin’ posting is in effect.

Tuesday is Rottie Radio Night on Your First Choice On the ‘Net!!!

LC Jackboot, Imperial Correspondent and Ambassador to the Outer Blue Rim and Ranter Extraordinaire™ slicing, dicing and stomping the left on Tuesday Truth 7-9:30 CT and yes I might consider taking music requests. That doesn’t mean I’ll play them however.

Immediately followed by his Imperial Despotic Benevolence, Misha I with Keep The Home Fires Burning 9:30-12:00 am CT. Teh Emperator™ as I understand is feeling much better and ready for his normal toe-tappin’, be-boppin’ nekkid chair dancin’ tunes as well as the Good News form the front lines.

Reach us on the RadioCIA request line ciarequest AT gmail DOT com or via Yahoo Instant Messenger (tuesdaytruth) for JB / (emperor_misha) His Imperial Vindictiveness™ obviously.

We do get rather busy on the console, so your patience is appreciated and please, no IM “Buzz” that’s reserved for technical emergencies.

Please note to all listeners: We have been experiencing serious and consistent issues with the Winamp media player that occurs during our handoffs from one studio to another. Listeners, immediately following transfer of the broadcast may hear either James Earl Jones on barbituates or Alvin and the Chimpmunks on crack, issuing forth from your headphones or speakers. Not to worry, if that happens, just reset your player using the “Play Bookmark” function or alternatively you can also just bypass using Winamp altogether and stick with Windows Media Player. It is NOT necessary to reboot your ‘puter to correct. Sorry folks it isn’t something that is under our control to correct, so don’t waste your time telling us about it, M’Kay?

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Oh, and how about these reporters getting a crash course in what “private property” really means?

What makes it truly hilarious (even if it IS as predictable as day following night), is the utterly cluefucked response from the journaljizzmers and their arrogant sense of entitlement.

We particularly love the airhead studio bimbo advising the trespassing reporter on the scene to “not let him (the property owner, presumably) touch you, because that would be assault.”

No, you clue-castrated clusterfuck, that would be “legal eviction of trespassers from private property.”

The moment you’re put on notice that you’re on private property and told to leave, your best course of action is to start vacating the premises without undue delay, because from then on you’re TRESPASSING, you bovine butt-pimple. And trust us, at least around these here parts you wouldn’t LIKE what might legally happen to trespassers who refuse to leave.

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Not that we give two shits about the Dhimmicrat “debates”, but we think that Hot Air’s expose of the “random” questioners at the last one is so brilliant that it deserves a link.

Next, they’ll be dressing themselves up in costumes and asking “deep” questions of themselves.

Which would actually be fun to watch, but we digress…

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Just in case you’d forgotten (I almost had), today is:


More information right here but, as to myself, I’ll be off to Wally World to replenish supplies…

Remember: It’s better to have and not need than to need and not have, so load up those buggies and buy ’till you bleed. Give the GFWs a heart attack!


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Yes, we know that’s it’s Monday night football or I assume so, but if you’re looking for some fine entertainment that isn’t on the idiot box, why not tune into Mz Deb aka LC Mrs. M- ITT™, one of our finest, snakiest and altogether fine G.L.O.R.s on Sentimental Journey on RadioCIA ? The one and only official radio station of the Empire.

If you like the Emperor’s choices in tuneage, you’ll LOVE hers as he stole most of his from her. *ducking into the bunker*

Deb puts on a fine show, sure to please the lovers of Big Band, Swing and the oldies of the Golden Age of Radio from 7-9 pm CT. Trust me, the Emperor is jealous of her fine library in the genre and sure to please both young and old alike. Of course, she’ll take requests at ciarequest AT

There isn’t any legit excuse, mute the football or whatever else you might have on the Telly and listen in. We promise you’ll enjoy the change of pace from the the CW top 40 and the rest of the garbage that you can tune-in on your local terrestrial channels sans those annoying used-car commercials.

Thanks to all our LCs for the support, without listeners we don’t have Intertubewebnet Radio at it’s finest !!!!! Besides the Empire has assimilated the entire web for the finest in the infant media.

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So far Unsung Glory has been dedicated solely to heroes from The Long War since their stories have largely been ignored. But recently I came across a story of heroism from Viet Nam that needed to be told.

Last Sunday at Mass a visiting priest (whom I believe was his self a vet) beautifully wove the Gospel reading into the service of veterans. He spoke eloquently of service to causes greater than ones self, commitment, duty, sacrifice; words which seek to define the ideals that so many vets have dedicated their lives to.

Then he had all of the veterans attending the mass stand to be recognized. After such an eloquent homily, there was a bit of hesitation, and quite a few elbows nudged into quite a few ribs (including Bangie Things into mine), but eventually we all rose. So there I stood with a dozen or so vets while the congregation applauded us. It was a humbling and moving experience and I was actually somewhat embarrassed by the accolades. After mass I made it a point to thank the priest, and as I shook his hand he reminded of my old Battalion Chaplain from 3rd Bn. 8th Marines, Father Dennis Rocheford.

In 1968 Fr. Rocheford was Lance Corporal Rocheford with Company A, 1st Bn. 1st Marines fighting in Hue City, Republic of Viet Nam during the Tet Offensive. He was wounded twice in Viet Nam, one bullet passing clean through his torso with out hitting any vital organs. The wound was scrubbed with surgical soap and bandaged, and LCpl Rocheford continued the march. During Tet Father Rocheford was the radio operator for Capt. Ray L. Smith, A Company commander. Capt. Smith had earned the nick name of “E-tool Smith” for killing three (some say five) NVA soldiers in hand to hand combat with an entrenching tool at Hue. Capt. “E-tool” Smith later became Col. “E-tool” Smith and was the regimental commander of the 8th Marines. When we pestered Father Rocheford about the veracity of our CO’s nick name, he just smiled and confirmed the details, elevating the Colonel to mythical status in our young eyes.

It was a status Father Rocheford shared as well. He was constantly in the field with us, joining us on every hump. Anytime there was a break, as we sat on our packs and nursed sore shoulders and even sorer feet, there was the ubiquitous Father Rocheford walking up and down our ranks, handing out candy from his cargo packets, bucking up our spirits, easing the pain of the welts left by 80 pound packs. His long suffering chaplains assistant (personal body guard is a better term, since he was armed whilst the priest wasn’t) kept pace, longing to join us sitting on the side of the road, resting our aching brogans. Despite the exhaustion on his face, he kept pace with the indefatigable Father. Although he was at least 20 years our senior, he routinely out marched us. We held him in awe, not only because he was a Viet Nam vet and former infantryman, nor because of his physical endurance and stamina, or even because of the solemnity with which he ministered to our spiritual needs. We were in awe because he was one of us when he didn’t need to be. He could have stayed at Battalion HQ and no one would have thought any less of him. But instead he chose to be in the field with us grunts. He left the service in the early 90’s after The Gulf War. He rejoined on September 12th 2001 and is currently deployed in Iraq, his third war.

All of these memories of one of the finest men I have ever known came flooding back to me after that mornings mass and as I surfed the net that night I came across the story of Father Vincent Capodanno, Lt. USNR Chaplain Corps, and Viet Nam Medal of Honor recipient. The coincidence was to much, and Father Capodanno’s story to compelling to ignore.

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Note the following: 7 minutes fifteen seconds from the time of the call starting to the shots fired.

Also, no sirens can be heard.

The police weren’t in a real hurry, were they?

In light of these events, consider the following:

“A man called the police and told them he had 5 men breaking into his tool shed out back. The dispatcher told the guy they didn’t have anyone available to make it out to his property to stop the crime, and that the man should just remain in his home to be safe.

The cops would be there when they could get there. The man was outraged and said “You really need to get out here! They are in the shed RIGHT NOW, and you can catch them.”

The dispatcher again told him they didn’t have anyone available.

The man hung up, waited one minute, then called the police again. He said “I have 5 dead guys in my shed” the dispatcher said “WHAT”? The man nodded

“Yeah, I just went out and shot those burglars I called you about.”

Within seconds, several police cars drove up and the cops went into the shed … they found 5 guys stealing and promptly arrested them. One of the cops said, “I thought you said you shot all these guys.”

The home owner said “I thought YOU said you didn’t have anyone available for my call”

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Yeah, and I have some lovely beach front property in Siberia for sale too. So we are winning the war, our troops are successful on the battlefield, and the Democratic Congress has approval ratings lower than Rosie O’Donuts at a VFW. What ever is a defeatist journalist to do?

Simple. Cook the desertion rate to show how demoralized and beat down our troops are.

It’s a shame the actual numbers show the MSM to be the lying surrendercrats they are.

H/T LC Rurik for the link.

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A while back there was a discussion about PTSD in one of the threads. Grim over at Black Five has a must read on the subject for any one who has even a passing interest in the subject.

What you need to know, first and last, is that so-called PTSD is not an illness. It is a normal condition for people who have been through what you have been through. The instinct to kill and war is native to humanity. It is very deeply rooted in me, as it is in you. We have rules and customs to restrain it, so that sometimes we may have peace. What you are experiencing is not an illness, but the awareness of what human nature is like deep down. It is the awareness of what life is like without the walls that protect civilization.

Those who have never been outside those walls don’t know: they can’t see. The walls form their horizon. You know what lays beyond them, and can’t forget it.

Go read the rest of it. It is definitely worth your time.

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Hat Tip to LC Mrs. M-ITT™ for the linkage AND warning, as I’d still be cleaning chunks of brain matter from the keyboard, and I sure can’t afford to lose anymore. Sorry for the length, it was just too deserving of a thorough fisking, nay begging for one.

Boston, being the bastion of liberalism that it is, decides to cast aside that pesky warrant thing and go right to throwing it’s doors wide-open to searches for weapons. After all, it’s for the chilllrrren and keeping those evil guns that the gang-bangers always seem to have at hand, from going on autonomous killing-sprees. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are living, breathing documents, subject to penumbras and just about whatever a black-robed wearing tyrant says right?

So, we here at Teh Rott Management submit for your consideration, the following:


Police to search for guns in homes City program depends on parental consent

Boston police are launching a program that will call upon parents in high-crime neighborhoods to allow detectives into their homes, without a warrant, to search for guns in their children’s bedrooms. [Emph Mine]

Any numbers of things come to my mind about this. The first being the likelihood of any contraband found during a consensual search will always be questioned in court, without a specific written “Consent to Search” boilerplate document. Chances are the evidence obtained will be suppressed. Next item, “Plain-View Doctrine”. Once the consent to enter the residence is given, the police are permitted to seize any and all contraband that is reasonably visible. So dad or mom, just forgot to remove the crack-stem from the coffee table, and voila, it’s seized, mom and/or dad arrested and the kids go to Child Abductive Services. Call it the “Law of Unintended Consequences” or Bad Karma. You can’t pick and chose with constitutional law. Or worse yet the little goblin-in-training isn’t all that keen about surrendering it’s favorite gat quite yet and decides to “give it” to the man one round at a time. Shit Storm Ensues.

The program, which is already raising questions about civil liberties, is based on the premise that parents are so fearful of gun violence and the possibility that their own teenagers will be caught up in it that they will turn to police for help, even in their own households.

They’re YOUR kids you wastes of protoplasm that just happened to propagate. If you’re too stupid to keep an eye on what’s in your kid’s room and what to do about it don’t expect the gubmint to swoop in and fix your problem without direct and immediate bad consequences to you. Let’s think about this very carefully, something the liberal GFW crowd is singularly unable to do. Were talking inner city here, the majority of the kids that might actually possess guns, won’t be in school to begin with and furthermore whoever is at ‘home’ (if at all) for them is about as likely to cooperate with the police, as Rosie would part with her favorite V-12 turbo-charged vibrator. Besides the kid will be packing the gun, not hiding it in a shoebox under his bed you simpering, simians. Of course, once the police have left (I’m sure they’ll blend right in with the plainclothes) the local gangs get to use the place for target practice. It doesn’t take rocket science to realize what’s going to happen to the ’snitch” and he/she and the home WILL be considered as such.

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