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As you know, Columbia “University” are busy rolling out the red carpet and testing out their kneepads and jars of Vaseline in preparation of Mahmoud Ahmadinnerjacket’s visit to their hallowed halls of academe. Positively tingling with anticipation and joy they are, giggling with joy like a teenaged schoolgirl who just saw the captain of the football team winking at her.

So, naturally, somebody sane, somebody with a functional moral compass, got to thinking: “If they’re so thrilled to provide a platform and a bullhorn to a psychotic, clinically insane murderer who is the head of the top state sponsor of terrorism, a sick, anti-Semitic megalomaniac, how would they feel about extending the same hand of friendship to, say, Adolf Hitler if they had the chance?”

The answer is quite unsurprising: “Why, of COURSE we’d be happy to be hosts to the architect of the Shoah!

Now, you might think that the drooling dickweeds of Columbia are completely bereft of standards, but you’d be wrong. Sure, they’re happy to play hosts to Nazis and terrorist psychos, but they absolutely draw the line at those horrible racist meanies opposing illegal immigration.

Not to mention those incredibly EVIL ROTC programs!

But mass-murderers, terrorists, heads of states that hang gays and threaten to finish what Hitler started? Oh, that’s just dandy with Columbia U.

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  1. Unregistered Comment by DukeFenton

    But, but but … the President of Colombia claims this is a Good Thing because they’ll be able to ‘confront’ him with ‘tough questions’ - you know, like Dan Rather did when he ‘confronted’ Saddam Hussein. :em38:

    I’m betting they fawn all over him and pre-screen the questions so nothing even remotely ‘offensive’ reaches Ahmadinnerjacket’s sensitive widdle ears.

    And FIRST!

    PS - The typo is intentional, DJ

  2. Unregistered Comment by mindy1

    I hope that at least one angry New Yorker gets through and asks him what the hell a terror supporting schmuck like you is even doing here?

  3. B.C., Imperial Torturer™ Comment by B.C., Imperial Torturer™

    Ya’ beat me to, Mein Imperator. I’ll just throw up some of the fodder from the post I was going to write about the blatant hypocrisy of the Idiotarian Indoctrination Institutes™. “Free Speech” and “Free Exchange of Unpopular Views” only applies if you’re bringing a message of anti-Americanism & anti-Semitism.

    Some consider Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad among the world’s most dangerous men (Those would be the sane, sentient members of the Homo sapiens species.—B.), but Columbia University has resisted calls to rescind an invitation for him to speak there Monday.

    However, for the University of California’s governing body, another prominent figure was apparently too controversial - former Harvard President Lawrence Summers.

    Did Mr. Summers call for the extermination of an entire religion? Does he deny the fact that over 6 million European Jews were slaughtered, mutilated, used as gruesome human guinea pigs in Nazi Germany? Does he give money, arms & technical support to terrorist organizations around the world and is he directly responsible for the deaths of a large number of US military personnel trying to bring peace and stability to the Middle East?


    Summers, who drew worldwide attention for his comments that biological differences may partly explain the dearth of women among the very highest achieving scientists, was supposed to speak about pursuing academic excellence to university chancellors and the UC system’s board of regents at an informal dinner last Wednesday.

    But the invitation angered some faculty at UC’s Davis campus, who circulated a petition opposing Summers’ visit and collected more than 300 signatures.

    That’s a whopping number right there.

    So, even suggesting that the proven physiological differences in the brains of males & females “might” have something to do with the pursuit of different career fields is enough for Stalin’s 21st Century Re-Educators to declare someone persona non grata.

    “Inviting a keynote speaker who has come to symbolize gender and racial prejudice in academia conveys the wrong message to the University community and to the people of California,” the petition reads.

    And yet they have no problem snuggling up to (and giving voice to) every Marxist, Nazi, La Raza or other “prejudiced” fuckbucket who walks through the door.

    A few days before the dinner, the invitation was rescinded, Summers said.

    And they promptly started trying to figure out how they could get Hugo, Fidel, Armageddonsdinnerjacket & Mugabe to campus for a DNC fundraising dinner.

  4. LC JackBoot IC/A-OBR Comment by LC JackBoot IC/A-OBR

    They would he happy if only the guest could be challenged by the students and faculty to ‘debate’ the issue.

    Considering the ideological leanings of that indoctrination educational institution, I suppose the challenge would be how long Dinner-Jacket’s Super Viagra would work, when the fellating “challenge” queue lines up.

    Pull their federal funds, every last penny, yesterday.

  5. Unregistered Comment by Tallulah

    I thought you all would enjoy this. An alumnus of Columbia posted his wonderfully scathing letter to Bollinger on PowerLine.

    Dear President Bollinger,

    As a veteran of Wall Street, student of history, and a long-time observer of human hypocrisy, duplicity, and cowardice, I am rarely shocked by any of the mind-numbing stupidity that issues from what passes for “Academe” in America, and in particular Columbia University, whose Graduate School of Journalism I am legally required to admit awarded me an M.S. in 1991. Also, given your contemptible handling of l’affaire Minuteman some time back, I do know it would be more profitable to look for moral integrity and courage in the back-office of a brothel than your executive suite.

    Nevertheless, I feel absolutely compelled to protest in the strongest possible terms against your disgraceful pandering to the horrible Ahmadinejad of Tehran. That this man is a serial Holocaust [denier], supporter of terrorism, and enemy of every principle the West and Anglo-American civilization have through centuries of war and strife attempted to institute upon the Hobbesian state of nature that is life without law, should be apparent to even the most blinkered member of Academe. Or maybe not.

    But by dignifying this creature with a forum, and pompously offering yourself as an interlocutor, you demonstrate that you understand nothing of these ideals—and what is even more wretched, are happy to subvert them as long as it gains you the approval of your leftist constituents.

    I am not about to ask you humbly to reconsider your invitation in the name of higher principle, because you obviously have none. You are an utter disgrace, and Columbia University is a national embarrassment.

  6. LC Cheapshot911, Dept. of Redneck Tech Comment by LC Cheapshot911, Dept. of Redneck Tech

    If they afford badmood the very same respect and indulgence they did the Minutemen, well,,maybe.

  7. Light29ID Comment by Light29ID

    Ok, maybe I need a good thwacking with the Imperial Cluebat but I can’t understand the triangulation that these leftards come up with. You invite a genocidal maniac that:

    1. Executes homosexuals
    2. Oppresses and beats women
    3. Mandates state religion and education
    4. Advocates foreign adventures
    5. Outlaws abortion
    6. Supports the death penalty

    What am I missing here? I thought the Evil BusHitler Regime are the ones who did this?

  8. LC Cheapshot911, Dept. of Redneck Tech Comment by LC Cheapshot911, Dept. of Redneck Tech


    What am I missing here?

    Logic finds a gravity well in the leftard vacuum.

    badmood’s not a conservative.

    Who else do they ever shoot lip at?

  9. sig94 Comment by sig94

    Brothels have back offices? Gorsh, never knew that. I always dealt with the sales manager.

  10. maxxpig Comment by maxxpig
    Some people at least have some sense. Even a few pols getting out there.

  11. Otis Comment by Otis

    My son visited Colombia this past winter, while considering playing football. His escorts recognizing his southern dialect, made repeated comments in what were obvious attempts to entice him into making racist statements. He was pretty disgusted with the whole group.
    The school is in a shitty area of city, with a little luck he’ll get mugged.

  12. Spartan24 Comment by Spartan24

    I have long ceased to try to understand the logic of the left. My only thought about why they are so accepting of the Iranian Hitler is that he is considered “brown and non Christian”. That gives him quite a bit of leway in his beliefs, someone who fit his exact beliefs but was Norwegian or British would probibly be hanged or ripped to pieces before he hit the campus.

  13. ACLPoo Comment by ACLPoo

    I have long ceased to try to understand the logic of the left. My only thought about why they are so accepting of the Iranian Hitler is that he is considered “brown and non Christian”.

    That is precisely why. It’s just that simple. They just have to take that one step away from WASP to believe they’re objective rather than the lowlives they are. Such stupid, stupid people. Vile professors and their stupid, stupid intellectual offspring.

  14. DдrтH бдкфи Comment by DдrтH бдкфи

    Here’s the most gob-smackingly hypocritical part…

    CU has banned military recruiters from campus. Why? Because their hero Saint Willy Of The Molested Intern™ implemented the horrifying “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, which they insist hurts gay folks’ collective feelings.

    Persuant to that bit of ‘logic’, a man who runs a country where the law mandates the execution of gays would persona non grata in extemis.

    Perhaps there’s some other agenda at play here?

  15. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952

    The left’s desperate quest for cultural equavalency knows no bounds, rhyme or reason…….. I can only wonder how they will react to be enslaved or killed. Not that I give a shit which, for I do not.

  16. LittleRott84 Comment by LittleRott84

    Time for an “unfortunate accident”.
    :em96: :em71: :em58:

  17. SoCalOilMan, LC Comment by SoCalOilMan, LC

    We know this event is going to happen. We were right bitch about it…but they always know better than us.

    Now it’s just sit back and see what happens. Let’s see if hard questions are asked. Does dinnerjacket answer the question, or does he “Do the Little Sidestep”? He’ll take about peace and we are all brothers, but only the big Satan prevents the poor arab from showing how your acceptance of islam would make your life better…(just not you women, intellectuals, faggots, jews, atheists, anarchists…well most of you here listening to me).

    I’m looking forward to this now. To hear the explanations of how his speech opened up new dialogue with a misunderstood dictatorship that only oppresses it’s people because allah ordained them to kill us unless we islam (submit).

  18. Hardclimber54 Comment by Hardclimber54

    I wonder if the families of our 4 Canadian soldiers injured in Afghanistan this last saturday (one of them seriously) would like to “debate” this turd’s support of terrorists in the world today. To even have thought of having this piece of shit on your soil indicate what kind of mindset some of these academic morons have established on their campuses. Here’s one idea, why not get them all to sit down together with their Iranian buddy and watch 9/11 sequence of events all over again. Would complete the picture, wouldn’t it…

  19. BigDogg Comment by BigDogg

    Where’s Timothy McVeigh when you could really use him???

    Ooooops … did I just say that out loud?

  20. Hardclimber54 Comment by Hardclimber54

    Quick question for our American friends. How do you intend to disinfect the soil this piece of toxic garbage will putrify wherever it stands once it has got back to its cesspool? How can the New Yorkers NOT become furious and angry at having this stinking waste of flesh stand on the hallowed ground of their city? Ahmadickwad is provoking just by being on US soil, and no, this is one man who refuses to believe any tough questions will be allowed to be directed at this turd “lest we offend its sensibilities”. And no, the use of “it” is NOT a mistake. This pig’s rotting entrails does not qualify for anything else. This sound you just heard is the safety shield on my anger melting down :em71: I feel for you, my American friends, I really, really do.

  21. Unregistered Comment by Cheryl

    Please, Hardclimber, dont’t remind me. We have a difficult enough time with the constant stench wafting down from the Cesspool on Turtle Bay [USEless NITwits]. If Quisling Bloom-turd only had a set of usable testicles, he would have told this anal wart to make its speech to its unholy cohorts at the UN and then have told it, “Get the hell out of my city.” No guided tours; no propaganda trips to Columbia U. in spite of the gnashing of teeth and wailing protests of the toads-in-residence. And if he stayed five minutes past the allowed time, he’d be subject to arrest and detention. :em95: :em94:

    But of course, this is NYC, land of the metrosexuals. :em12:

  22. Hardclimber54 Comment by Hardclimber54


    I didn’t want to sound condescending, just understanding. Agreed, the mayor should act like he’s got a pair and tell this fleck of sh*t to keep out of his city, but I am a dreamer. Stinking garbage like that should never be allowed on ANY civilized countries’ soil. Here’s an idea, let set the phasers on “pulverize” and attend the event… :em96:

  23. Radical Redneck Comment by Radical Redneck

    Dialogue - the be all and end all to rationalize any leftist idiocy. Let’s have the Klan address a Jena 6 rally - after all they encourage dialogue about race relations. It would have to be a good thing. :em95:

    Where’s Dave’s token, and voluminous, defense of this abomination. :em38:

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  25. Unregistered Comment by CKO1986

    Anybody besides me noticed how Ahmadinutjob made a complete ass of himself both at Columbia AND the UN?