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John and Allen of Cox & Forkum fame (also knows as the Imperial Ministers of Satire around here) have decided to hang it up.

Sad news indeed, it’s always tough when another member of The Old Guard™ decides that enough is enough, and John and Allen were always two of my favorite members of that exclusive “club.” Nobody I know have been able to capture the political issues of the day and comment on them more efficiently than they, always managing to say more with one cartoon than any of the rest of us blowhards could express on 40 column inches.

On the other hand, having read their farewell, as you should too, I completely understand how they feel. The BlogoSphere, no matter how rewarding, and rewarding it IS, is hard work too, and it pays worse than lousily if at all, at least in terms that creditors will understand. I also know what Allen means when he speaks of “blog weariness” and having to wade through the sewers of politics every day, and it really gets to you. When you combine that with being as committed as he and John are to produce a consistently excellent output on a regular basis, then there will eventually come a time when you’ll have to decide whether your other obligations in life are being neglected. Again, the pay is lousy, life’s circumstances change and creditors will demand payment from time to time, so sometimes one will have to prioritize.

But it still sucks to lose two enormous talents like theirs.

I remember way back when, not long after Black Tuesday, when I first discovered their work. I was floored by their talent, and when they asked me if I’d be willing to use their material, free of charge, on my site I was wondering if they’d lost their minds. I should be paying for that! And it didn’t end there. After that, in return for the “favor” of me using their excellent material for free they sent me not one, but two copies of their first installment of “Black and White World”, both signed. One for reading and wearing to shreds, one for safe keeping.

We stayed in touch for a while after that, they even asked me for my opinion on some of their work once or twice and if I had any ideas I’d like to share, and I was at a loss for words. Not that I don’t think I do a half decent job at what I do, I’m pretty proud of most of it, but I could never do what they do, so to me it was kinda like getting a note from old Master William saying “yo, Mish, what do you think about Hamlet, Prince of Denmark? Any thoughts or suggestions?”

Yes, John and Allen, you’ll be missed.

Good news is that you mentioned that you just might not be able to resist putting out the occasional editorial cartoon anyway.

I intend to hold you to that.

13 Responses to “The Club™ Grows Smaller Still”
  1. jaybear Comment by jaybear

    that’s disappointing news….Cox & Forkum is one of the sites that I have as one of my home tabs in Firefox. I’ll have to rely on my other Red State cartoonists to fill in the gap, not all cartoonists are doonesbury types ya’ know. Check out Day by Day or Mallard Fillmore. Hell, even Opus is a good bet!!

    C & F….good run guys, I’ll miss you

  2. LC Gunsniper Comment by LC Gunsniper

    Good luck to Cox and Forkum in their future endeavors. They will be missed.

  3. Deathknyte Comment by Deathknyte

    … Now what will I do for something funny to read?

  4. DдrтH бдкфи Comment by DдrтH бдкфи

    DK, now you’ll have to learn to read the little words underneath the pictures. :em95:

    Here’s a hint- most cartoons can be improved by substituting the words “Christ, what an asshole!” for whatever the cartoonist has there.

  5. fox3 Comment by fox3

    Sad, VERY sad :-(.

    Those folks are the best and as the Emperor said, they could express in one cartoon FAR more than most people could write in pages.

    Indeed, they WILL be missed and I can only wish them what they gave us - the best - in their future endeavors.

    Bad dream, just a bad dream…

  6. Naviguesser Comment by Naviguesser

    I did not see that one coming. Took their presence and regular postings as a given.

    Damn. Just damn.

    Good luck, gents.

  7. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952

    Damn……Good luck and may the wind stay at your backs. Thanks.

  8. Gumby USAF Ret Comment by Gumby USAF Ret

    I’ve enjoyed their ‘toons for years. Gonna miss them.

  9. Kristopher, LC Comment by Kristopher, LC

    No more free ice cream ( sniff … sniff ).

  10. LC ShadowFox Comment by LC ShadowFox

    Indeed sad news. Nobody else on our side does it like they did it. But also very understandable. Can you even imagine the hate mail they got over the years?

  11. Muzzy Comment by Muzzy

    Damn, even I liked Cox & Forkum. Still, if you’ve got a spot going for Imperial Satire Minister, may I suggest enlisting this barnstorming motherfucker? The output’s lower but the quality is even higher than C & F (IMO).

  12. LC Shamalama Comment by LC Shamalama

    Just damn.

    sad dog

    The net just won’t be as much fun or rewarding without those sharp minds.

  13. Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur Comment by Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent Provocateur

    Another recent departure in the blogging world. Some days it feels like there is no one left to come out and play…