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Where “youths of mysteriously indeterminable extraction” have fun burning Paris to cinders, so fire up the Car-B-Qs and get ready to roast some marshmallows:

VILLIERS-LE-BEL, France (AP) — Rampaging youths rioted for a second night in Paris’ suburbs, firing at officers and ramming burning cars into buildings. At least 80 officers were injured, a senior police union official said Tuesday.

In fairness to Associated (With Terrorists) Press, they don’t seem to have trouble mentioning the religion that we dare not mention in connection with violence, riots and general ass-hattedness:

Youths, many of them Arab and black children of immigrants, again appeared to be lashing out at police and other targets seen to represent a French establishment they feel has left them behind.

OK, so they don’t mention The Religion That Must Not Be Named Unless Immediately Followed By The Words “Of Peace”™, but unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last fourteen-hundred years (or are a liberal multi-culti type, endlessly tolerant towards any sort of religion except for Christianity), it’s pretty obvious that we aren’t talking about Presbyterians here.

And what a marvelously brilliant behavior by the cluefucked camel-bothering cretins who feel that “the establishment has left them behind.” We’re sure that the establishment will be ever so much more benevolent in their attitude towards you now that you’ve tried to murder 80 of its members. Much like your paleosimian ideological brethren, that whole concept of “Cause and Effect” seems to elude you at every turn, doesn’t it?

“Police officers were targeted with hunting weapons; a certain number of them were wounded by lead shot,” said Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie. “This is totally unacceptable,” she said, adding there were six serious injuries, “people who notably were struck in the face and close to the eyes.”

Are you going to stop wagging your finger at them and actually do something about it, such as rolling out the military and riot guns? That’s what we thought. You fwench”men” aren’t really good at anything that doesn’t involve asking for terms, are you?

So what is the cause for this latest unpleasantness in the Multicultural Paradise that is fwance?

The current riots were triggered by the deaths of two teens killed in a crash with a police patrol car on Sunday in Villiers-le-Bel, a blue-collar town in Paris’ northern suburbs.

Residents claimed that officers left the crash scene without helping the teens, whose motorbike collided with the car. Officials cast doubt on the claim, but the internal police oversight agency was investigating.

Translation: Any excuse for an outbreak of violence, pillaging and vandalism is a good one. We can always blame somebody else later.

The two teens killed Sunday were both black. They were identified in French media only by their first names, Lakhami, 16, and Mouhsin, 15.

Sounds like bona fide Presbyterian names to us.

A recent study by the state auditor’s office indicated that money poured into poor French suburbs in recent decades had done little to solve problems vividly exposed by the 2005 riots, including discrimination, unemployment and alienation from mainstream society.

If you keep paying the Danegeld, you’ll never be rid of the Dane. Not that I’d ever wish to insult my ancestors by comparing them to the Levantine Louts currently trying to finish Hitler’s order to burn down Paris.

Despite decades of problems and heavy state investments to improve housing and create jobs, the depressed projects that ring Paris are a world apart from the glitzy boulevards and tourist attractions of the French capital.

Much like it didn’t take but a few weeks for Gaza to turn into an open sewer once the Israelis handed it over to the sewer rats. If it weren’t for the fact that such talk is just downright racist, one might begin to see a correlation between the Religion of Piss and immediate return to medieval standards of living.

Rioting and arson first erupted in Villiers-le-Bel on Sunday night. It grew worse and spread Monday night to at least five other towns north of Paris.

Several hundred youths organized in small groups led the rioting in Villiers-le-Bel. Rioters rammed burning cars into buildings, trying to set them on fire, authorities said. Arsonists struck the municipal library, leaving burned books scattered on the floor.

The “peaceful” adherents of Pedophile Prophet never were all that fond of books. They keep reminding them of the fact that the last known sign of scientific progress under their rule happened around the time of Charlemagne.

They attacked shops and other businesses and torched more than 70 vehicles, authorities said.

All shops and businesses, not to mention vehicles, belonging to “the establishment”, we’re sure. Hey, that’s what they keep saying that they’re rioting against, isn’t it? You’re not suggesting that the apelike assholes are lying, are you?

President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is visiting China, appealed for calm and called a security meeting with his ministers for Wednesday on his return to France.

The cops will just have to continue volunteering for target practice until then. Can’t upset Nicky’s vitally important itinerary over something as insignificant as scores of gendarmes injured and millions’ worth of property incinerated, can we?

The violence and the use of firearms against officers presented his government, in office since May, with a stern test.

And by refusing to address it until it’s convenient for you, you’ve just failed it, Nicky.

The rioting youth “want Sarkozy. They want him to come and explain” what happened to the two teens, said Linda Beddar, a 40-year-old mother of three in Villiers-le-Bel.

And how the fuck would he know, you simpering sucknozzle? Was he driving the police car that the little runts drove into?

“We will not let go. We will fight with all the force the nation is capable of,” Prime Minister Francois Fillon told firefighters in Villiers-le-Bel. He promised reinforced security for Tuesday night, and several trucks of riot police were on the outskirts of town.

And that is where they’ll stay. The people living inside will just have to get used to being burned to a crisp.

42 Responses to “It’s That Time of the Year Again”
  1. Mad Insomniac Comment by Mad Insomniac

    “Police officers were targeted with hunting weapons; a certain number of them were wounded by lead shot,” said Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie. “This is totally unacceptable….”

    In other words: Strong letter to follow. :em41: Napoleon was an artillery officer; he’d know what to do with this. Where is he when they need him?

  2. Unregistered Comment by mousseman

    The funny part is that the mooselimb braintards didn’t wear a helmet when they cut off a police car on a crossing.

    Aw shucks, but without a helmet, the vacuum inside your head is gonna explode.

  3. Unregistered Comment by fjeldabe

    If I was Sarkozy, I would let the Foreign Legion have some exercise. Would have been fun to watch.

    BTW I had colleague tell to day that he had skiped teaching a chapter on “Multiculturalism”, because it made him sick ( :em38: ).

    Lucky I teach sciense.

  4. LC SkyeChild G.L.O.R. Comment by LC SkyeChild G.L.O.R.

    I’ll bring the chocolate squares and graham crackers, and we can have s’mores!

  5. Unregistered Comment by LC Roguetek


    Couldnt happen to a more deserving bunch.

    I’m gonna go get some hot cocoa, and some popcorn.

  6. og Comment by og

    “it’s the most wonderful
    time of the year” /Andy Williams

    Sorry, that’s the first thing that came to my mind.

    Pity. Maybe they’ll learn. I doubt it.

  7. cmblake6 Comment by cmblake6

    Belt-fed weapons, anyone? The only thing to do is, well, simple enough. :em96: :em96: :em96: :em96:

  8. DaToad Comment by DaToad

    It’s amazing that democratic countries allow their citizens to riot with impunity. After the riots they will continue to pour cash into the neighborhoods and 10 years from now nothing will have changed.

    I guess it takes a dictatorship to know how to handle a riot, or even a peaceful demonstration. Just ask those monks in Myanmar…

  9. jaybear Comment by jaybear

    Mad Insomniac sez:

    Napoleon was an artillery officer; he’d know what to do with this. Where is he when they need him?

    I think Napoleon would call it “Giving them a whiff of Grapeshot” I’ll second that

  10. Unregistered Comment by LC Staci GBOR

    Same thing as last year…started with two idiot teenagers from their group.

    Keep whining about pouring money into the area you fucking idiots. And keep burning it down. :em98:

  11. Unregistered Comment by a.c #1

    Will this strengthen Sarko, or will the Fwenchies
    blame him?

  12. hitnrun Comment by hitnrun

    Youths, many of them Arab and black children of immigrants, again appeared to be lashing out at police and other targets seen to represent a French establishment they feel has left them behind.

    It is yet another (now almost hourly) irony of modern liberalism that the moniker “black” - once inserted into news stories to confirm distrust for a race after crimes committed by black people - is now a disguise used to shroud the nature of religious riots.

    The French have always been spineless, but they have never shied away from cold-bloodedness and cruelty, and, well, gall. (You can tell from the way they project these qualities on America in their newspapers.) They also have a right-wing element in their country which American liberals imagine to be analogous to the American right wing, but actually makes American conservatives look like what we really are: Christian libertarians (more Christian or libertarian to taste).

    Let me put it more plainly: the French Right are the people who willingly governed France for the Nazis for half a decade. It will be interesting to see how much farther they can be pushed by a group that they have extremely little more love for than the Jews.

  13. Light29ID Comment by Light29ID

    I think those Paris cops are pissed and would like nothing better than to pull a good bunch of these goat fuckers out of the crowd and go Rodney King on their asses. Unfortunately, the politicos have imposed a ROE that will punish any cop that so much as raises his hands above his waist.

  14. Unregistered Comment by mindy1

    what is with french “youths”? are they insane? they are hurting their cause, and looking like fools.

  15. Naviguesser Comment by Naviguesser

    Maybe there’s an “energy crisis” in France and the little bastards are just burning cars to stay warm.

    Yeah. Only the Mooselimb youths.

    If they were burning SUVs Huffingwhore might give them medals.

  16. chuck Comment by chuck

    Police officers were targeted with hunting weapons

    Did anyone else read that line and think “That is what they are going to ban and confiscate next.”?

  17. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952

    I did, Chuck. I can hunt with a wrist rocket too…..get rid of the muslims and the problem is solved. Worked once before.

  18. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher

    “A line was crossed last night, that is to say, they used weapons, they used weapons and fired on the police. This is a real guerrilla war.”

    Thirty of them were hit with pellets from shotguns, and one of the wounded was hit with a type of bullet used to kill large game, he added. It is legal to own a shotgun in France - as long as the owner has a license - and police circles were swirling with rumors that the bands of youth were procuring more shotguns.

  19. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher

    “We have heard promise after promise, but nothing has been done in the suburbs since the last riots, nothing,” said François Pupponi, the Socialist mayor of Sarcelles, which has been struck by violence. “The suburbs are like tinderboxes. You have people in terrible social circumstances, plus all the rage, plus all the hate, plus all the rumors and all you need is one spark to set them on fire.”

    what do they hate? i don’t get it.

  20. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher

    State lawmakers debate anti-spank law

    in Mass, where else?

  21. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher

    150,000 Witness North Korea Execution of Factory Boss Whose Crime Was Making International Phone Calls

  22. DJ Allyn,  ITW Comment by DJ Allyn, ITW

    .uosɐǝɹ ǝɯos ɹoɟ uʍop ǝpısdn sı p1ɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ɥbnoɥʇ sɐ 1ǝǝɟ ı buo1 ʎɐp 11ɐ

    ¿sʇuǝɯɯoɔ ʎɯ ɥʇıʍ buoɹʍ sı 11ǝɥ ǝɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ

  23. Unregistered Comment by C-M3PO'd

    Here’s another quote from a disenfranchised “yute” (from the NYT via MM):

    Among the marchers, a young man who identified himself as Cem, 18, but who refused to give his full name, said: “This is war. There is no mercy. We want at least two policemen dead.”

    Mmmkay. Any questions?

    Time for Sarkozy to put snipers on top of buildings in the area and just start cleansing the genepool. When they see dirtbags torch a car, eliminiate them. Maybe the rest of the worthless sacks of skin will get the hint. If not, there’s always more ammo… :em96:

    Besides the huge amount of property damage, how the hell many police have to be hurt and/or killed before someone finds a spare testicle over there and fucking does something?!?

  24. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher

    are you in Australia, DJ?

  25. DJ Allyn,  ITW Comment by DJ Allyn, ITW

    Here are some sites I “StumbledUpon” this evening.

    Upside Down Texting Confound your friends with this stupid thing. Send someone a long email — upside down. Not really good for anything except as a prank.

    Santa and the Raindeer wish YOU a Merry Christmas. (Flash)

    What they were really doing at New Orleans just after the hurricane.

    Obligatory Presidential Humor Yes, it is about Bunnypants.

    Unusual Photographs These are actually fun photos.

    How dumb do you have to be to get to level six? Kid tries out dog collar.

    Recently a University of Florida professor showed up to his class stoned off his brains. The original lecture was over an hour but here’s the best 4 minute segment. I have since learned that he has been placed on leave for this stellar performance.

    And finally, a message to all of your distant relatives and forgotten aquaintances who send you those stupid forwarded emails.

    That pretty much covers my StumbleUpon evening. I will send you more tomorrow.

  26. LC 0311 crunchie I.M.H. Comment by LC 0311 crunchie I.M.H.

    And so it begins. I skimmed sumthin earlier today that said UBL’s next message is to be directed at Europe.

    Somebody already beat me to the Legion comment. The “no religious affiliation at all” yutes have declared it a war, so let them have it.

    Come on Sarko, cry Havoc and let them slip!

  27. ohio right wing nut Comment by ohio right wing nut

    Maybe they are Amish?

    Ya know how violent those sob’s can get …. no.. wait… they are Menonite.

    No I’m going with Amish they hate cars.

  28. Thresher Redux Comment by Thresher Redux

    And so it begins.

    Crunchie, I think you’re right about UBL redirecting AQs focus to Europe. There’s been ample evidence over the last few years of some serious command and control behind these “riots.” Like way beyond simple flash mobs coordinated across a few towns by text and cell, the level of sophistication has to come from a higher puppet master. They’ve got planning and production facilities, established doctrine, a trained corps of real fighters (or at least people willing/able to fire a rifle), they use commo to react to situations….

    The question is, who’s pulling the strings in Europe? What, precisely, are their near-, mid-, and long-term objectives? Are they planning on a softer approach, inflicting calculated pressure to get what they want in political gains? Or are they planning something much more direct…?

    Interesting times.

  29. Panzermann403 Comment by Panzermann403

    Bloody Hell. And my Fatherland is right next to it to the east. These little fucknozzles better not start something like that over in my country. German police, despite being thoroughly PC’ed and multi-culturalized don’t take too kindly to rioting and especially not to being seriously injured.

    In Berlin on Labour Day, we have a fair bit of lefty/punk idiots rioting every year. But as soon as they leave their traditional area (two streets and one square in Berlin-Kreuzberg) police cordones them off and drives them back. A couple of years ago, they even started to riot on an expensive high street. Police was there in no time and used anti-riot ‘tanks’ with water cannons to distribute good manners. The next day there were a couple of articles in local papers that the water in the cannons was laced with capsicum for increased effect. Nice touch. Maybe we should contact the Fwench government and propose an arms sale :em95:

    But seriously, these are not old punks looking for a 1968 revival. This is rioting to subvert the democratically elected state order and conspiracy to commit serious crimes. Serious action should be taken from the side of the state and nobody should be sorry of one or two or a dozen or 50 of these little wanna-be jihadis bite the dust in the process. My favorite would be two companies of Panzergrenadiers with new Puma IFVs touting MK 30-2 autocannons with airburst a ammo. But that might be a bit too much to ask of our touchy neighbors.

    But I must say, I feel for every Frenchman who is disgusted by this display and wishes for a couple if these poor youths to be gutted by the Legion.

  30. LC kepiblanc Comment by LC kepiblanc

    Maybe Nicky learned a thing or two in China, something about “hosing” ?

  31. LC Hardclimber54 Comment by LC Hardclimber54


    But that might be a bit too much to ask of our touchy neighbors.

    Actually, our societies have become so pussyfied as to be handicapped in the face of such events. Hence why such “riots” are bound to increase in frequency and violence. We are so shackled to our PC that whatever it is that THEY do will always be answered as “not enough being done”. The mooseslimes are playing on this and are strenghtening their hold and they are well aware that such tactics will establish them as the “deciding” factor in the forming of policies and “social programs”. No amount of money poured into their neighbourhoods will appease them, quite the contrary. They will see this as a sign of weakness and keep going until the shit really hits the fan. What are they hoping to achieve? Power, but also see how far they can push, and they’ll keep pushing. Rest assured that there is a “central command” giving marching orders to these turds. The local mosques would be a good place to check…

    The fwench are experiencing what the rest of Europe will soon be submitted to. Don’t be surprised to hear of simultaneous “riots” breaking out in several countries all at once in the upcoming months. Such scare tactics and resulting losses and damages are what the mooseslimes will be using to bend the dickless politicians to their will. They get more money poured in their neighbourhoods, they’ll keep asking more and more, provoke more riots and disturbances, and scare the politicians into abject submission. Of course, the citizens will “demand” that they be accommodated because same citizens do not want to lose their property. Once they are made to be so petrified of these mooseslimes turds, in will be an easy step into dominance…

    Already started…

  32. cmblake6 Comment by cmblake6

    #s 29 & 32 are very good observations. And #30 has the only solution. In order to deal with someone, you must find their level of understanding. If someone is intelligent, you can work out a behavioral compromise. If it’s an animal, it may only be subdued, if a particularly stupid form of animal it must be eradicated. :em96: :em96: :em96: :em96:

  33. cmblake6 Comment by cmblake6

    Ah, reread. #24 has a gentle start. If this gives understanding to the stupid animals, it would suffice. For now.

  34. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher

    Nicky appears to have returned to surrender as quickly as possible:

    Sarkozy met with families of the two teens and told them that a judicial inquiry had been opened into their deaths, their lawyer, Jean-Pierre Mignard, said after the meeting. Sarkozy also had a security meeting with his top ministers.

  35. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher

    Some 138 cars were burned around France overnight Tuesday, which Ribeiro called almost “normal.” Police say as many as 100 cars are burned every night in scattered incidents around the country.

  36. cmblake6 Comment by cmblake6

    For the sake of excrement! I’ll let you decipher that. Why does this :em95: make so much sense here?

  37. akornzombie Comment by akornzombie

    Let me put it more plainly: the French Right are the people who willingly governed France for the Nazis for half a decade. It will be interesting to see how much farther they can be pushed by a group that they have extremely little more love for than the Jews.

    Well put, hitnrun.

    I personally am hoping for a repeat of what the franks did the muslims waaay back in the Dark Ages. Chop chop….

    .uosɐǝɹ ǝɯos ɹoɟ uʍop ǝpısdn sı p1ɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ɥbnoɥʇ sɐ 1ǝǝɟ ı buo1 ʎɐp 11ɐ

    ¿sʇuǝɯɯoɔ ʎɯ ɥʇıʍ buoɹʍ sı 11ǝɥ ǝɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ

    :em01: :em01: :em01: :em01:

    My favorite would be two companies of Panzergrenadiers with new Puma IFVs touting MK 30-2 autocannons with airburst a ammo. But that might be a bit too much to ask of our touchy neighbors.

    Not a bad idea Panzermann…. My idea is we could have the areas where they’re rioting, turn them into urban combat training areas for the Marines. Live fire, of course.

  38. ziske68 Comment by ziske68

    Wall the banlieus up…Escape from New York style and let em work it out on their own.

  39. ACLPoo Comment by ACLPoo

    The French deserve everything they get from these spoiled, soulless, parentless faggots. I’m actually enjoying watching these savages walk all over the frogs. If the world needed any more evidence that French cowardice is more than just a passing stereotype, here it is.
    Why, I wonder, would anyone want to be a French cop? Your mayor hates you, society hates you, you get paid next to shit, and you have to stand impotently by as savages who don’t even know what century they’re in shoot at you with hunting rifles.
    If this wasn’t France, I’d consider this whole fiasco an international disgrace of the highest order. Could there possibly be a more humiliating response to something as ominous as a gang of teenagers by an ENTIRE CITY?
    Part of me wants to see each and every arab in France set on fire, but a smaller part of me wants to see just how far these animals will go before the Fwench fight back.
    I have never seen such a cultural disposition to cowardice as the French. They are stunningly passive-aggressive. Such low character too - if they know they can win the fight, they’ll stomp on you with malice and kick you in the balls. If it’s a fair fight, they’ll stick their collective heads up their asses and beg for mercy, begging you take their children and spare them….
    Watching the loonies run the asylum is like a case study of what could happen to our society if we keep fast forwarding into leftist ideology. Sometimes it takes utter desperation and fear to pray for the only thing that can save you - hollow-eyed Marines hardened from battle, a couple of Apache copters, and a row of nooses awaiting the first leftist media sources to cry racism. France needs an enema. Prob is, they’re scared of their own shit.

  40. Cannon Fodder Comment by Cannon Fodder

    Isn’t it truly amazing how, every time the downtrodden riot they burn down their OWN neighborhood? If they get pissed at certain types, why do they never go to that neighborhood to riot and destroy? You think it has to do with the fact that police would respond more forcefully? I bet so. No one is going to care if you are pissed at someone else and burn down your own house! Dumb asses!

  41. terry smyth Comment by terry smyth

    Like in a food prison movie: burn your cell, live in in no bed no blankets tough. The french should take a lesson from the algerian conflict: no mercy for the insurgents. and remember these pukes entered france because frnace thought it had an obligation to the “empire” that was never there. They will never accodate these muslim pukes, sarkozy should start top deport eveyone of the “extended” families of the rioters no questions asked. then we would see a real change in attitude
    vive la france and to hell with the muslims. or as in germany ouslander rous, or something :em95: