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So what else is new, except in this case their lies are more than usually blatant in favor of their personal agenda.

The National Park Service’s first estimate of the turnout of Eagles is, wait for it:


The New York Slimes’ number is… “several hundred counterdemonstrators.”

In anticipation of the inevitable spin from the professional journaljizzmers, we’ll admit that you could describe 30,000 as “several hundreds”. 300 hundreds, to be exact. Or maybe the New York Slimes got their count from watching C-SPAN who, in spite of their wall-to-wall coverage of the event, meticulously avoided turning their cameras in the direction of the Eagles. They had plenty of detailed, swooning footage of the Moonbats, however. In fact, the only TV station that bothered to cover both sides was FOX and, as we all know, Democrats run away screaming like frightened little girls whenever FOX is mentioned, so we much doubt that anybody from the “Paper of Birdcage Lining Record” would have seen it. We may be going out on a limb here, but we don’t think that very many of the journaljizzmers at the “Gray Incontinent Lady” are Republicans.

Funny, though, we’d have thought that maybe people claiming to cover the news would be interested in a side that outnumbered the Sheehans by three to one but, hey, their motto is “all the news that fits our agenda, we’ll print.” Or it should be.

Back to the Eagles: His Majesty is completely and utterly in awe of you. Not only did you not have George Soros funding your trip and your demonstration, rounding you up and busing you in like the deluded twits on the other side, you all shlepped yourselves in on your own dime and time, yet you still managed to beat the Moonbats at their own game, sending a clear message to the nation and our troops.

As we’ve already seen, the MSM are already scampering like frightened rats to drown that message, but we won’t let them, will we? Oh no we won’t.

G-d Bless You All.

There is more coverage of this in the Blogosphere than you can shake a stick at, so let’s give you all a starting point:

First, of course, there’s the Gathering of Eagles site itself.

Also, LC & IB Michelle Malkin has done a great job of collecting links and updates in this post, so that ought to keep you busy for a while. Her site is a bit swamped at the moment, though, so it may take a while for it to load.

Another thought before His Majesty goes reading himself: One of the pre-fab signs that were handed out to all the Moonbats was a yellow one saying “US OUT OF IRAQ NOW!”, so when you look at all the pictures, you’ll note (at least His Majesty did) that when you’re looking at pictures of the Eagles, you’ll see a sea of red, white and blue, whereas pictures of the Moonbats show a sea of… yellow.

Quite fitting, if you ask us.

38 Responses to “Gathering of Eagles Kicks Butt, MSM Lies”
  1. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952

    Misha…I had been concerned that someone might try to desecrate The Wall. In my mind such behaviors make a Kent State response seem appropriate. I realize that is a streong statement, but I will not lie. I have no problem with protesting. I’ve protested when I felt it necessary. To find these losers were outnumbered three to one heart-warming. I remember warming one young man if Kerry didn’t stay away from veterans issues, he would blow the election. He didn’t and he did. Many, many men my age came out of our seats at home swearing fierce profanities watching telly. I was one of them. In my mind some things are sacred, The Wall being one of them….for I would go to jail and/or a hospital seeking to protect it. Fortunately far too many people remember all too well the treatment vets got after ‘Nam……it will not happen again as things look. Not due to any political statements, Bush and Co. far too gutless to stand for anything, be it American sovereignty or our troops over seas. The left I simply view as traitors, to be watched but otherwise beneath contempt. For I think about these things on Memorial Day…..and I think of the men and women better than I that gave them to me, us, our kids and our destiny. God Bless our troops…..

  2. LC Wil Comment by LC Wil

    Bravo Zulu, GOE.

  3. Beth* A. Comment by Beth* A.

    Gathering of Eagles attendees - I agree with Misha, I am in awe of you all. I’ve been up this morning reading every single blog about this historic event that I can link and viewing all the photos and video as they come up. So far only 2 American flags are shown in any photos on the other side: one was held upside down by several, and the other was being worn like a blanket, with all the stars replaced by corporate logos…

    One site (I should’ve copied it, but I’ll find it again) talked with a Viet Nam Vet who felt this was the missing piece to what happened to him and his fellow soldiers 40 years ago. All the sites lamented the news coverage, but praised the attendance and the commitment of those who showed up to make sure the current deployed soldiers NEVER feel as they did 4 decades back.

    God bless everyone who went. I am so proud to know of such stalwart individuals.

  4. LC Beeblebrox Comment by LC Beeblebrox

    It is interesting to see how history plays itself out.

    - JFK steals the presidency from Nixon (but Nixon was a patriot and didn’t contest the election - unlike some people we know).
    - JFK gets us into the southeast asia war.
    - Democrats micromanage the war and almost lose it for us on the battlefield but our military manages to win anyway.
    - Dems pull the funding from the war effort in the single most cowardly action that Congress has ever taken in its history and snatches defeat from the jaws of victory
    -The libs of the 70s spit on the Vietnam vets who fought valiantly in Vietnam.
    - When a war memorial is finally built to honor the fallen Vietnam vet the libs of today want to use it as a political symbol to help us lose another war.

    Fortunately, true patriots like the GOE are standing today against the traitorous actions of the Sheehanites. When I see this I see hope. We may win this war yet, despite the best efforts of America’s enemies (and when I say “America’s enemies” I mean the modern Left in this country.)

  5. Beth* A. Comment by Beth* A.

    Found this comment over at OLD War Dogs, and it speaks for itself:

    Forty years lost in the wilderness. Forty years in exile. Behind us now. Yesterday we took our country back. It’s in the air. I can feel it.
    Bill Faith

  6. jaybear Comment by jaybear

    It might be just me, but I sense a turning of the tide in this country. It just seems that there are more and more of us (Americans) who just won’t allow the leftist/marxist/defeatists to have their unfettered way anymore. The good people of this country are standing up and shouting back. Those who stand up to these non-Americans are not such a small number anymore and I’m delighted with that…and am very proud and impressed with what the GOE accomplished yesterday.

    Let the NY al-times say what they want, they and the other terrorist spinners like cnn and the rest are becoming increasingly irrelevant. They are preaching to their own diminishing choir….Americans are waking up and throwing thousands of bullshit flags on their propaganda, as demonstrated yesterday by the quick posting of the various new media blogs. As long as our side stays quicker on the draw on reporting the truth, and commits to turning out thousands of patriots to counter the scum protestors….then I have no doubt that we will turn this homefront war around and win it too.

    Looks like things may….just MAY be turning around in Iraq too. I base that on the fact that there is an over abundance of time given to news like the “US attorney scandal” on the news shows today, and very little coverage of the “civil war in Iraq”. wolf blitzer didn’t once ask his rote “do you think we are losing in Iraq?” question this morning…instead of looking like his usual sock puppet self, he actually looked a little panicky….that made me smile too.

    Overall, it’s a good day to be an American (as they all are)

    God Bless the Gathering of Eagles and thank you all for what you accomplished yesterday.

  7. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952

    It’s not just you, friend Jaybear….it’s guys like you, me, Misha, the Rotties and a whole bunch of people silent, or not so silently, fed up with these losers. Until they stop attempting to link wars to their social ideeology I believe they will fail. I personally will do everything I can to help them fail…..they disgust me beyond measure…that atrocious sindy shitcan, milking her own sons blood…... I find it inconceivable. Then again, she claims living on Jamba juice constitutes a hunger strike. Hell, I love Jamba Juice, I lived on Jamba Juice for a week at work, having a tight budget that week. Starvation my rosey red ass! But notice when squaring off with hundreds of vets….they backed right off. No doubt because the cops wouldn’t be able to spare them the ass beating of their lives.

  8. jaybear Comment by jaybear

    My Friend Caveman sez:

    No doubt because the cops wouldn’t be able to spare them the ass beating of their lives.

    Or maybe the cops would be intentionally slow to intervene, letting them take a few well deserved licks first.

    I’ve told the story before about when I attended the funeral of a young local Marine who was KIA in Iraq. There were a bunch of us who went outside to line the funeral route as we heard that “rev” phelps and his inbred retards were going to show up. There were veterans groups and the Marine Corps moms as well as civilians like me standing on either side of the street running past the church. Everyone had a flag and they stretched for at least a hundred yards on both sides. I was talking to a local cop and asked him what he’d do to me if I belted one of the phelps demonstrators. He said “Well, I’d arrest you…put you in the back of my car…drive you down the street…and then I’d buy you a cup of coffee”…believe me, THEY know who the good guys are.

    the phelps inbreeds never showed thank God. I stood there on that street waving a flag and crying like a baby as that hero’s hearse drove past that sea of American flags…I wept from grief and pride.

  9. Beth* A. Comment by Beth* A.

    Just one more (I think. For now :wink_wp:):

    And this from John Lilyea, proprietor of the whimsically named This Ain’t Hell:

    In my opinion, this Gathering of Eagles rally has done more for the healing of the wounds these veterans have been burdened with for forty years than any wall or memorial could ever. It was if they’d finally been given the opportunity to face their oppressors. There were no sorrowful stares, no sympathetic words. It was all smiles and laughter.

    All of those years of anger that had been bottled up was directed against their common enemy – moral and intellectual laziness. The world had to listen to them, the citizens who had sacrificed and paid the price and came home to the disapproval of the citizens who had never spent an uncomfortable moment in their lives.

    One veteran told me, “We’re here because those guys who are fighting in Iraq deserve better than what we got when we came home. No one stood up for us, but by God, we’re standing up for them. And if we don’t, who will?”

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  11. LC Gunsniper Comment by LC Gunsniper

    Oh lookie! The leg humper is back trolling for hits on its shitty little blog.

  12. Unregistered Comment by Nealest

    “MSM Lies”

    Who could have expected that? :lol_wp:

    When don’t they?

  13. LC HOGHEAD Comment by LC HOGHEAD

    Harry Riley over at GOE says the group went about $100k into debt with money they didnt have, to insure the success we see. PLEASE if you can ,go to the GOE site and contribute what you can to erase their debt, theyve got no Soros to pay their bills !!


  14. Unregistered Comment by Clarion

    Misha, I have to smack you for this. I left a request for you to post the Gathering of Eagles’ call to action in the comments of one post and mailed you with it, and got no response. :(

    I went. I was there, and I have this to say about it — what a great bunch of people. It was dirty, sloppy, and muddy, icy in places. Nobody cared. We set up a flag city near the Vietnam Wall and decked the whole thing in flags (I have pics but have not yet posted them). The whole spirit was one of mutual appreciation and camaraderie, like we’d all been the best of friends our whole lives.

    I concur wholeheartedly with the healing aspect of this. I saw that for myself. I knew what would happen if the protesters had started trouble with the vets. The vets would never start it, but they’d sure as hell finish it, and not a man would be left standing before the protesters would have gotten anywhere near that wall. (The presence of the Park Service helped.)

    Yes, the GoE outnumbered the protesters. It was most funny. And it was heartwarming to see. I had to leave early, but left secure in the knowledge that with our memorials in the hands of men like that, we had nothing to fear from a bunch of punks and aging hippies.

  15. Unregistered Comment by Clarion


    Or maybe the cops would be intentionally slow to intervene, letting them take a few well deserved licks first.

    This is an accurate assessment.

  16. TJ's Anti-Contrarian Blog Comment by TJ's Anti-Contrarian Blog

    I had hoped to fly into Pittsburgh and drive down, but the flights into Pittsburgh were canceled. How many more would have shown up if not for the Goracle’s Global Warming conspiracy?

  17. jaybear Comment by jaybear

    Clarion sez:

    I went. I was there,

    Proud of you my friend, wish I could have done the same but logistics here on the West Coast prohibited it.

    Where will you be posting your pictures?

    Good job Clarion,I think that we are in a steadily growing and more vocal majority. The days of the left controlling the debate are over.

  18. TJ's Anti-Contrarian Blog Comment by TJ's Anti-Contrarian Blog

    Looks like Spanky the Rott Stalker has shit on the rug again.

    Would someone please clean up (delete him), so that nobody accidentally steps in it (clicks on it).

    This will lower his “hits per day” to zero.

  19. ozzman002 Comment by ozzman002

    I just landed, I can tell you first hand we had them surrounded, we lined the street and kicked ass!
    I have the pics to trounce any lies from the MSM….!

    My birth father and I went down to the wall with the RECON 5 boys, Ranger Dan and a whole mess of Vets.

  20. Unregistered Comment by Clarion

    jay, I’ll post the URL when I’ve got them all processed and culled. I didn’t take as many as my friend did and I might borrow a few of hers for display purposes.

    At he risk of being dirty, one thought that might amuse you: One of the protesters had a sign that read: “Hey W! Real men know when to pull out!”

    My response: “Real men don’t pull out until they’ve shot their wad.”

  21. Unregistered Comment by Clarion

    And yes, I second ozzman. We had ‘em outnumbered.

  22. NCLivingBrit Comment by NCLivingBrit

    In my mind such behaviors make a Kent State response seem appropriate.

    Funny, I was thinking the same thing.

    I’d like to thank the Gathering of Eagles for doing what I’d love to have been able to do. If I wasn’t broke as can be, I’d have been there with you, even though I’m a no-mark Brit schlub who didn’t serve, I’d like to think I make a pretty good Anti-Moonbat Obstacle (TM).

    Wish me luck Monday, my wife and I are off to a local (Raleigh, NC) anti-war rally Monday with our “Islamic Extremists want to kill you, why do you want to let them?” signs Monday night.

  23. Emperor Misha I Comment by Emperor Misha I

    Misha, I have to smack you for this. I left a request for you to post the Gathering of Eagles’ call to action in the comments of one post and mailed you with it, and got no response. :(

    Not fair, Clarion. I may have missed your email, it happens occasionally due to the sheer volume, and I apologize for that, but I most certainly HAVE put up posts about the GoE.

    Maybe not enough of them, there’s no way you can support a great effort like that enough, but it’s not like I ignored it.


  24. L.C. Rowane Comment by L.C. Rowane

    My Dad and I were there. Now we’re at a truckstop outside of Nashville, on our way back home. We’re both damn proud to have been part of this. Pop finally took the time to see the wall, he saw a lot of his old buddies’ names. No one came anywhere near where we kept watch, with a threatening look. As a matter of fact, I saw nothing damaged at all. I ‘d write more but I left my keyboard at home

  25. ozzman002 Comment by ozzman002

    Misha,I’m emailing pix later. Please post them, all I have to say is WOW!!! I feel good!

    Makes me want to get our the HK and piss of the liberal trash…

    [Ozzy, I think you meant to say “pix”, so I changed the original “pis”.  If not, just email me at the link under “Imperial Correspondents”.

    Thanks.  -Spats]

  26. juandos Comment by juandos

    18 Doughty Street put together the following 1:49 commerical (YouTube) that’s most defitely worth a view: A World Without America

    Gee, I wonder what the seditious types, the whining 10,000 yesterday would make of this commercial?

  27. Unregistered Comment by mindy1

    I wish I could have gone,but I signed the in there is spirit petition. I watched the news-fox covered them, as did CNN briefly. Most news people ignored them and focused on the anti-war people. to the goe people :thumbup_tb: :clap_tb:

  28. Unregistered Comment by Azygos

    Anybody have an idea who the elderly gentleman in the furry hat is?

    Old War Dog

  29. Lady Heather Comment by Lady Heather

    This may sound crazy, Az, but I wonder if it’s “Marty” who calls in the Sean Hannity show?

    Just a guess.

  30. Cheapshot911 Comment by Cheapshot911

    Such a fine bitch-slappin’ expertly applied with a song in the heart. WOW!

    This Payback was long overdue.

    We bask in the warmth of the blazing pride you leave us with!

    Mrs. C and I are gonna toast ya’ll right!
    (grabs torch, heads down to winecellar)

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  32. LC 0311 crunchie Comment by LC 0311 crunchie

    Job well done Eagles, God bless you all. Damn I wish I could have made it to be with you all!

    Charlie Mike Eagles, I will be with you the next time.

  33. Unregistered Comment by Clarion

    Not fair, Clarion. I may have missed your email, it happens occasionally due to the sheer volume, and I apologize for that, but I most certainly HAVE put up posts about the GoE.

    Maybe not enough of them, there’s no way you can support a great effort like that enough, but it’s not like I ignored it.

    Where? Never saw any.

  34. Emperor Misha I Comment by Emperor Misha I

    Well, there’s this one and this one.

  35. Serious Sean Comment by Serious Sean

    Boy, the left has there panties in a bunch about this exposé…and the MSM is naturally covering up anything that makes Shitcan and her Hippie Ho Brigades look like the useful idiots that they are.

  36. Unregistered Comment by Clarion

    OK, my bad, then. I apologize, I never saw those and thought you’d totally ignored it.

    Also, a comment on the discrepancy between the media and Park Service estimates: The media is low, likely because they only ever saw the group out by the Lincoln Memorial. There were many more down by the wall and out in the “flag city” near the pool. I would hazard a guess that Park Service may be a little high in their estimates, but the media is low. The GoE would have been very hard to count accurately, because they didn’t for the most part bunch together like the anti-war contingent did. They moved around a lot and were spread out from the WW2 memorial all the way to the Lincoln. As the Park Police was on hand for the whole thing and scattered all over the Mall, their estimate was probably more accurate.

  37. L.C. Rowane Comment by L.C. Rowane

    I’d say the park police were very close and the msm were off by a long shot.

    oh, back home now going to hit the hay in a bit, y’all Rotties be good, now. :thumbup_tb:

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