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The Imperial Minister of War’s lovely, erudite and brilliant wife, SarahK, lays a smackdown on the race-baiting circus of this past week so fantastically beautiful, merciless and truly devastating that all of the participants in that sad show will be walking backwards for a month. Heck, their dead great-grandparents will be feeling the sting in the hereafter and their children will be born with slap marks for the next six generations.

Don’t believe us?

Go read it. Go read all of it.

Ouch. Ouche-dee-OW-ouch!

17 Responses to “Now THAT Is A Rant!”
  1. Unregistered Comment by mindy1

    FIRST!! While I can understand the team being insulted, to be scarred for life seems a little over the top. Move on and be the strong women you say you are.

  2. BauerPower Comment by BauerPower

    BRAVO! Freakin Bravo to that magnificent Rant.

  3. HoundOfDoom Comment by HoundOfDoom

    Yow! SarahK, great job! Stolen dreams? Well, they might as well become those ho’s. Say, if I call someone a ho, does that mean they become one? Sweet!

  4. frankj Comment by frankj

    Don’t encourage her! Now she’ll be ranting all the time!

  5. Merc Comment by Merc

    Good Rant! Right on.
    Yes it was not nice what anus said. But move on!!!!

  6. LC SkyeChild Comment by LC SkyeChild

    People are just too easily offended these days. Political correctness is gonna destroy this country. George Orwell will get the last laugh.

  7. Robohobo Comment by Robohobo

    SarahK has it perfectly. Ouch! That must have hurt!

    Just because the Rutgers girls got called a name they are going to be permanently scarred for life? That is why we are going to go into the long twilight of civilization without a whimper - we have become a group of soft, pussified people. If somebody calls me a white racist honky all I can do is laugh and tell the idiot they know nothing about me. And know they are just out of reasoned options for rational debate or too limited to know how to address anything with someone who has actual beliefs.

    Imus is a tool. CBS radio is within it’s rights to fire him. Sharpton and Jackson are racist pinko tools of the Left and Int’l ANSWER - we should have marginalized these idiots long ago.

    The whole thing is a waste of time and only a means to divert attention from the real problems in this country. It makes me sick.

    The Hobo

  8. Ten-Ten Comment by Ten-Ten

    “I’m a drunken, brawling Leprechaun!”

    Can I have myself fired?

    Will I ever get over such a horrid insult?

  9. Unregistered Comment by curious

    Imus was stupid for how he handled the aftermath of his remark and the Rutger’s women were stupid for allowing themselves to be used by professional racists.

    First off, what Imus said was not a racist remark. The words taken in context were “look at those Rutger’s girls…tattoos…those are some rough girls…nappy headed hos”. What Imus was talking about was their over all appearance, apparently he thinks if a woman has a tattoo it makes her rough and loose.

    Second, most of the women on the Rutgers team have long smooth hair, so the “Nappy headed” jab wasn’t describing their appearance. Two of the Rutger’s players are white. Hmmm, a radio personality who is famous for goofball comments makes a comment that is so outrageous it could not possibly be true, I think they call that sardonic humor.

    Since Imus’ comments were so ridiculous, the women on the Rutgers team should have just laughed at him, or said as I did when I first heard about this, “Who?” “Imus?….who is that”?

    Imus’ reaction to this nonsense should have been…”my show is a place where we goof off, the comment was goofball, get a grip…I’m sorry if the women on the Rutger’s team were offended, they can’t take my goof ball show seriously, it was not a racist comment, I just don’t like tattoos on women, makes them appear to be rough and loose, ladies I apologize”.

    And to the charges of racism, Imus should have said “since the Rutger’s basketball team has players who are both white and black my comment was not racist”.

    Imus should have told Al Sharpton to go apologize to all the people who had suffered harm as a result of Sharpton’s accusations of racism in the Tawana Brawley case before Sharpton had anything to say to Imus.

    Imus should have told Jesse Jackson to go apologize to all the families who have been harmed over the years by race riots which were incited by Jackson in his pursuit of his professional racist agenda before Jackson had anything to say to Imus.

  10. Unregistered Comment by curious

    While I can understand the team being insulted,

    How could anyone be insulated by anything Imus has to say? I just don’t get that, Imus is a self proclaimed goofball.

  11. LC Mrs. M-ITT™ Comment by LC Mrs. M-ITT™

    Stolen dreams and scars for life? Are these gals that sensitive? Are they that weak of mind and spirit that they are willing to give Imus the power to control their future? Are they going to allow a dipshit stupid comment out of the mouth of a senile has been to stab them that deeply?

    Yeah he screwed up. Yeah it was a dumbass comment that he deserved to get his ass kicked for it….but for heavens sake, don’t perpetuate the “Ho” persona by allowing yourselves to become Media Ho’s. You’re just proving him right girls.

    Try to show more character than that.

  12. DJ Allyn,  ITW Comment by DJ Allyn, ITW

    I wrote this in a comment on Liberaltopia:

    Let’s see what the “stringy blonde haired ho” has to say!

    As much as I hate to admit it, Ann Coulter actually did capture the essence of all of this:

    The reason people don’t like what Imus said was because the women on the Rutgers basketball team aren’t engaged in public discourse. They’re not public figures, they don’t have a forum, they aren’t trying to influence public policy.

    They play basketball — quite well, apparently — and did nothing to bring on an attack on their looks or character. It’s not the words Imus used: It would be just as bad if he had simply said the Rutgers women were ugly and loose.

    A stopped clock is right twice a day and all of that…

    The rest of her column is the usual fish stink looking for a wrapper, but take those two paragraphs by themselves and she hit the nail on the head.

    CBS is calling for a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on racism, and that makes me cringe.

    While ideally it would be nice to do away with racism and hate speech, but the moment you apply that ‘zero tolerance’ thing, they throw common sense out of the window.

    Remember when schools implemented this ‘zero tolerance policy’ on knives in public schools in an effort to prevent school stabbings? The interpretations of what a ‘knife’ was became downright silly. Kids were being suspended or expelled if they brought a plastic picnic knife to school to peel their oranges.

    Another example was the ‘zero tolerance policy’ on drugs in school. Aspirin became illegal.

    The First Amendment doesn’t guarantee the right that people will like what what someone else said. It only gives them the right to say it. It doesn’t mean that anyone has to listen to it either. We have the choice to say what we want, and listen to what we want. Or not.

    There are some exceptions, such as athe famous example of shouting “fire!” in a crowded theater, where by saying something might cause injury or death.

    I personally don’t care for the schtick Don Imus uses on his shows — so I don’t listen to it. I have that choice. If enough people don’t like it and stop listening, then the show goes away. The same goes for the Limbaughs, Hannitys, Savages, Coulters et al. (Even lefties like Mike Malloy)

    Imus was paid to be obnoxious. He was paid well, and he delivered. He has been an ass for years. In this particular incident, he crossed a line and got hit by a truck. So be it. Let it be a lesson for others to follow.

    Okay, back to my vacation…

  13. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952

    You get your car fixed yet, Dave?

  14. DJ Allyn,  ITW Comment by DJ Allyn, ITW

    You get your car fixed yet, Dave?

    Not yet. My insurance adjuster will be here Monday to look it over and I should have a check by Wednesday. They will then go after the company itself.

    The agent of the company cancelled his bond and had another one issued because he was afraid I would attach his bond and effectively put him out of business. His new bond won’t cover this so he pretty much put his bare ass out on the line on this.

    I took the car to the Audi dealer and they gave me an estimate of $9,845 in damages. The car is worth $11,000 retail. Most of the cost is the damage to the Tetronic transmission and the front end. (these aren’t cheap cars to fix)

    I’m just glad it wasn’t my 2007 Audi they fucked with.

  15. Emperor Misha I Comment by Emperor Misha I

    And just what is up with your email, Deej? Damn thing keeps bouncing me. :cry_wp:

  16. DJ Allyn,  ITW Comment by DJ Allyn, ITW

    And just what is up with your email, Deej? Damn thing keeps bouncing me.

    I just sent you an email through another account. I blame Aaron’s stupid Windows Exchange Server. He insists on running my mail through it and if I continue to have problems, I am going to tie his adam’s apple in a bow. :furious_tb:

  17. LC Mrs. M-ITT™ Comment by LC Mrs. M-ITT™

    I was just going through some of my Big Band music files this morning and something occurred to me. How many black young people (younger than say 30) have any idea who some of the greatest Black musicians were? I’m not talking Snopp Dog, James Brown, Michael Jackson or MC Hammer. How much has Rap and Hip Hop buried the finest Black artists that ever lived?

    I’m talking about Cab Calloway (some of the finest Swing Music out there)

    Dizzy Gillespie, Roy Eldridge, Louis Armstrong (Three of the finest trumpet players there were),

    Ella Fitzgerald, Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday (the First Ladies of Jazz)

    Mahalia Jackson (some of the finest Gospel around),

    Charlie “Bird” Parker (great Saxophone player)

    Count Basie, Duke Ellington (wonderful Band Leaders and composers)

    Nat King Cole (one of the most heavenly voices on the planet) just to name some of the greats.

    How many of these people are revered by black youth today? These people had to deal with far more serious trials than just being called a smart ass name by a senile white Shock Jock. They cut a hell of a larger path through our culture and music history than Snoop Dog ever dreamed of doing.

    And they did it without EVER denigrating themselves or their own race.