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Once again, Victimhood Inc.™ reacts to someone stripping away the layers of bullshit PC-ism and exposing the ugly truth in typical fashion.

The article comes out of the starting gate, stumbles and falls flat on its face in by-line.

An e-mail implying that illegal immigrants drain tax dollars circulated its way through the Florida Legislature,…

First off, it didn’t “imply” anything. It stated an obvious, well-established fact.

…and discussion quickly turned to the national debate on anti-immigration policy.

That’s “anti-ILLEGAL immigration”, you festering boils on the nutsac of humanity. “Reading comprehension” never has been one of your strong suits, has it?

What part of the following “offensive” e-mail blurb is too difficult for you to understand?

The e-mail, forwarded by Rep. Donald Brown from his state-issued account, had a clip-art cartoon and read: “Reminder: April 15th. Don’t forget to pay your taxes . . . 12 million illegal aliens are depending on you!

Pretty straight up and accurate.





“Offensive”? Only to those who want to continue leaving the floodgates open to the invasion of illiterate, illegal aliens who have no intention of ever integrating into American society.

“Innaccurate”? The only possible “innacuracy” we could possibly see in that statement is that there are probably MORE than 12 million illegal aliens here sucking up our tax dollars.

“Inappropriate”? Only to the hyper-sensitive PC pussies on the Left and their RINO Latino counterparts.

Ignorant.” So, stating a well-established FACT that hurts the tender sensitivities of the La Raza & AZTLAN-supporting, open borders crowd is now considered “ignorant“, is it? Well color us “ignorant“, then.

State Rep. Marcelo Llorente, the son of Cuban exiles and a Miami Republican who represents a district heavily populated by immigrants, almost immediately replied.

”Reasonable people have different positions on the immigration issue but to imply that taxpayers are subsidizing illegal aliens is outrageous,” he later told The Miami Herald.

Perhaps this fuckin’ idiot needs to talk to a few people outside of his hermetically sealed country club? Anyone have the phone numbers of a few police chiefs or sheriff’s, mayors, governors or hospital administrators they could send Señor Llorente?

Go read the entire thing. Just don’t have anything throwable near your computer when you do.


31 Responses to “Shooting The Messenger”
  1. LC FIAR Comment by LC FIAR

    I still contend that “Illegal Immigration” is not a valid term. To me, “immigration” implies a legal avenue has been taken. The correct term is “Illegal Invasion.” So, no one is opposed to immigration, we are opposed to illegal invasion.

    See how nice that cleans up?


  2. B.C., Imperial Torturer™ Comment by B.C., Imperial Torturer™

    I still contend that “Illegal Immigration” is not a valid term. To me, “immigration” implies a legal avenue has been taken.

    That’s why there’s that little thing called “a qualifier” in front of it. You know, the “illegal” word?

    Either way, they’re “illegal”, whether you use “immigration” or “alien” or “invasion”.

  3. LC Beaker Comment by LC Beaker

    I’m getting to the point where I would support using VX gas 20 miles inside the Mexican border, everyday, for the next 20 years. The fucknozzle should come walk through my town and tell me there are no negative effects if illegal immigration.

    Better yet, he can pay my tax bill too. Try to use an ER in Southern California. Usually, it’s flooded with People of Questionable Legal Status™ to the point where you may sit for hours with broken bones before seeing a doctor. I know this firsthand. Of course, those People of Questionable Legal Status™ are usually there because their kids have the sniffles, but what do they care. They’re not going to pay the ER bill anyway. I will, in the form of increased taxes and increased insurance premiums.

    Or maybe you can be unfortunate enough to be hit by a drunk driver who belongs to The People of Questionable Legal Status™. They won’t have insurance (even though that’s also against the law in California). Again, what do they care. If it’s a serious accident, the member of “The People of Questionable Legal Status™will just jaunt back down to Mexico for a while to avoid any legal or financial responsibility. If by chance they are arrested, they’ll fail to show for the hearing.

    Finally, if you complain about how the People of Questionable Legal Status™ are a burden to the hospitals, or schools, or anything else, you get labeled a racist. Hindsight is 20/20, but James Polk should have driven all the Mexicans south into Honduras and annexed the whole fucking country when we had our troops in Mexico City.

  4. Emperor Misha I Comment by Emperor Misha I

    And might I add to your excellent ass-kicking of that crap (other than the fact that I’m envious that you found it first), B.C., that if Señor Llorente, that race-baiting, pandering sack of shit really must insist that taxpayers aren’t paying for the illegal shitebuckets’ free medical help, tuition and G-d knows what else, then JUST WHO THE FUCKING HELL IS?

    The fucking tooth fairy? La Chupacabra?

    Fuck, I wish that moron had stayed in Cuba and been starved to death by that fucking psychopath Castro, because we’ve got enough idiots here already.

    Fucking asshole.

  5. maxxdog Comment by maxxdog

    Misha, I take it you don’t care for that shitbag? :lol_wp:

  6. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952

    It’s bad in Central Kalifornia too, LC Beaker……, I waited three hours, while all Spanish speaking folks were taken ahead of me, for you see, they had to find someone that spoke English. I was also the only one asked to pay anything to my knowledge.
    Let’s not get into the illegal bastard that crashed into me on the 152, coming home from work. Six grand to the car, three grand to the wife. The insurance company is still looking for him. What blows my mind is that the CHP let him go, no plates on his car, kids seatbelt’s unfastened, they let another person drive his car off….. Then asked me why i didn’t exchange information and leave it at that. Sorry officer, I wasn’t born yesterday. The first thing the bastard did was show me a license and tell me he had no insurance.
    No shit?
    My major regret is I wasn’t driving my F150 instead of the Hyundai. Fifty into a car doing ten would prove more interesting that way.
    Or the jobs taken for lower wages and shitty working conditions. Not to mention the one fourth of our jail space being taken by illegals.
    Many I have experienced first hand have absolutely no regard for life or the safety of others. Many are simply thieves.
    Yes, lets pay for the bastard children fathered and left behind….or the gangs and drugs.
    I’ll pay more for me veggies and fruit. It’s damn hard work, I’ve done it. Or as an afterthought…let prisoners pick the stuff……
    Bottom line, they cost us plenty…..

  7. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher

    I’m hungry. Think i’ll go get a Challupacabra.

  8. Merc Comment by Merc

    Why are so many “lawmakers” so cluefucked!!!???!!? :dunce_tb:
    Geeezz. Good thing I was sitting on the couch when I read that pile of shit article at the miami herald, or there would be a laptop sized hole in the wall in front of me. :furious_tb:
    Sometimes I wonder how these retards get elected. They’re every-fucking-where!!!! Congress is full of retards who can’t even understand basic economics, as is my state legislator(living wage my ass), And then every town anywhere near the border has a mayor who doesn’t know the difference between legal and il-legal. And believe giving these invaders “equal rights as all citizens have.” And on and on! Hardly anyone knows what they’re doing or at least what they should be doing.
    I think we all know which direction the country is headed unless something changes, FAST! :flush_tb:
    And Ditto what LC Beaker said.

  9. LC SkyeChild Comment by LC SkyeChild

    OT, sorta…since we’re talking about truth, lack of facts, etc…

    Whittle’s got his newest essay up!

    My apologies if it’s been mentioned already.

  10. kwongdzu Comment by kwongdzu

    So, how long before they start crucifying Brown for this painfully-truthful-but-not-politically-correct remark?

  11. Robohobo Comment by Robohobo

    How stupid does that clueless thimblewit think we are? Oh, sorry, never mind.

    My ancestors are immigrants but they came in thru Eliis Island LEGALLY, for G-d’s sake. They followed the rules. I was just watching a TV snews article a today about the 4 year long running gang battle between rival Mexican drug gangs in the city where I live. 12 dead and counting including one 12 year old girl shot in her bed thru the walls of her house in a drive-by. Turns out that one of the residents of the house was trespassing on a rivals turf. The 12 year olds twin sister is expected to recover. The Messicans drive like fools in old trucks or cars with no insurance. They turn the ERs into inaccessible pits for those who need the care and have real rights to it. The populate the jails and prisons at epidemic rates - 25% of the pop and climbing. They turn neighborhoods into ghettos that look just like where they came from. Pink and nauseous greeen paint is the colors they favors. It goes on ad nauseum……

    It is time to do something about the issues. Yeah, it is going to be painful to some businesses and people but I am long past caring. We are going to be run out of our own country by the PC multiculturalists who codify hate speech as speech they don’t happen to like. Effing Nazis.


  12. Robohobo Comment by Robohobo

    What the hell happened to my comment I spent 10 minutes typing?


    [It’s right up there now. For some idiotic reason known only to the software, it insisted on putting you in the moderation queue, so I had to rescue it for it to appear. But, no matter what the software does, comments don’t disappear, they just land in my inbox, waiting for my signature (or that of somebody else in Management™), so don’t despair. — Emp. M.]

  13. cmblake6 Comment by cmblake6

    WHY THE FUCK do you think the DNC is so averse to the continued existence of the 2A? Any ideas out there? Hmm?

  14. Mike M Comment by Mike M


    All these words were used by Miami-Dade lawmakers to describe their thoughts when they — like other House members and staff — received the e-mail from the DeFuniak Springs Republican.

    Well, I find it pretty offensive that elected lawmakers could be so inaccurate as to apply the completely inappropriate term “undocumented immigrant” to the horde of alien invaders threatening the very underpinnings of our nation. How fucking ignorant can these people be?

    State Rep. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall, a Miami Democrat, elaborated: “The question is: Who is really illegal? We need to ask that of native Americans.”

    In the finest “Native American” tradition, Dottie, the hyphenated Democrat dipshit, needs to be clued on the side of her thick skull with a coupstick.

  15. B.C., Imperial Torturer™ Comment by B.C., Imperial Torturer™

    So, how long before they start crucifying Brown for this painfully-truthful-but-not-politically-correct remark?

    kwongdzu, it’s already happening. It’s the hottest topic in the state at the moment, according to every local Snooze Outlet™.


  16. Dick Comment by Dick

    Looks like ol’ Yudy could use a Louisville Slugger upside his dumbass.
    At least the little fuck isn’t biased. :lol_wp:

  17. LC Mrs. M-ITT™ Comment by LC Mrs. M-ITT™

    “The question is: Who is really illegal? We need to ask that of native Americans.”

    Well if you want to open that little can of worms there Dotty….

    *Gives Choctaw Ancestors the floor*

    Just get your dumbf*ck Liberal Weenie ass OFF our land you insipid, pale faced, Socialist promoting, Terrorist Lovin, Freedom hating BITCH!

    *There… Choctaw Ancestors feel much better*

  18. Cheapshot911 Comment by Cheapshot911

    I still contend that “Illegal Immigration” is not a valid term. To me, “immigration” implies a legal avenue has been taken

    That’s just what I’m screamin’.
    Immigration only occur’s through legal means with proper documents.
    Anything else is illegal, and if perpetrated by a foreign national (which is also a designated race now)make’s that individual an alien.

    The term illegal alien is not assigned. It’s earned.
    One must commit an offense or two to US law.

    1st prosecutable offence: Jumping the fence/tresspassing/no respect for border.

    2nd prosecutable offence: Without official legitimacy, identification presented for employment puproses can only be forgeries/utterances,,

    3rd prosecutable offense: Assisting and abetting to commit these crimes becomes conspiracy.

    4th prosecutable offense: Employers cutting costs on this side seek these people specifically, as they are easiest to tyrranize to the employer’s advantage.

    Not far from R.I.C.O., are we now?!

  19. LC JackBoot IC/A-OBR Comment by LC JackBoot IC/A-OBR

    Nevermind the idiotarians falling all over themselves, jumping into this rancid pile of shite. Another gem from the full article (yes do read the damn thing entirely) from fellow illegal ass-crack licking elected congresscritters.

    Frederica Wilson, a Miami Democrat of Bahamian descent, especially took issue with the use of the word ‘aliens.’ Wilson, who believes the word is insulting, dehumanizing and unnecessary, filed a bill in February that asks the state to drop the use of ‘aliens‘ on official documents.

    Of course, the obligatory twaddle about non-US descent gives her the moral high-ground to make a statement breaking my mil-spec Meter-O-Stupid™. Exactly what would you propose as a legal-definition to substitute there Freaka? I’m sure they’ll pass that turd of legislation simultaneously with hanging Brown from the Capital flag-pole. Mustn’t offend right?

    A righteous clue-batting indeed !!

    Hey Bro, by the way, maybe a spew alert along with the breakable warning, huh?


  20. Unregistered Comment by Beartrapper

    OK, Just for the record, I am the 3rd generation of Polish immigrants that came through Ellis Island LEGALLY.
    I have been a framing contractor in the greater Colo Spgs area for the last 15 years. My gripe is the rhetoric that I hear constantly that these illegals are just doing the work Americans won’t do. THIS PISSES ME OFF TO NO END! It’s not that I won’t do the work, I can’t do the work for 30% less than it costs me to do buisness.
    I pay every fucking government mandated fee, all the required insurances, comply with every goddamned OSHA rule that applies and this costs ALOT of money.
    The illegals I compete with don’t do this. They will have a head man that is legal on paper and pay their labor cash. This way they bypass FICA, Medicare, unemployment insurance etc. When the system catches up to them, they just change the name of the buisness and start all over.
    I can compete with anyone if the we all play by the same rules, but if someone skirts the system then there is an unfair advantage and competetive capitalism is out the window.
    I have begun to send out a kind of resume with all my bids that flatly states that we employ no illegal labor. I suggest to everyone out there to demand the same of any contractor that may do any work for you.
    This not a race thing, it’s a right and wrong thing.
    If you break the law, there should be a consequence.
    I haven’t even started on the cost to infrastructure, insurance, education etc….this shit has to stop!

  21. Unregistered Comment by Purple Avenger

    I can declare myself an illegal with no money, no ID, walk into JFK Memorial Hospital in Lake Worth FL and get free health care.

    There is a sign in the emergency room stating this.

    Palm Beach County picks up the bill.

    Next time I need a hospital for anything, I’m going to be an illegal. Buying health insurance is for suckers.

  22. Unregistered Comment by curious

    The real story here is that the Hispanic caucus is using threats and strong arm tactics to stifle discussion of something which is a well known, obvious fact.

    Also, I think that Brown is a pussy for apologizing. If the Hispanic caucus gets offended over having facts pointed out to them, too bad. I am offended that people they claim to represent, illegal aliens, do not pay their fair share of taxes.

  23. Unregistered Comment by curious

    to Beartrapper,
    If I were you I would report any general contractor who uses these companies that use these illegals. You would probably have to do that anonymously for obvious reasons. I would also report the illegals.

    Also, I would set up an informal association of like minded framing contractors who are running into the same problem and get all the legal framing contractors to report anyone who uses these illegals and the illegals themselves.

    If the feds don’t do anything about it, I would then go to a national news outlet like Glen Beck, he would love to run a story like this.

  24. Unregistered Comment by curious

    Well, I find it pretty offensive that elected lawmakers could be so inaccurate as to apply the completely inappropriate term “undocumented immigrant” to the horde of alien invaders threatening the very underpinnings of our nation. How fucking ignorant can these people be?

    Mike, these so called “lawmakers” are not ignorant. Their voter base is comprised largely of illegals. Here’s how the scam works. In Florida, it is not a requirement to show a photo ID or birth certificate in order to register to vote or to vote. Theoretically you are supposed to be a citizen of the United States, but since you don’t have to show a photo ID or a birth certificate to register, this is not being enforced. Voting districts which have attempted to require real identification have been sued and/or threatened by the so called lawmakers. They have also been accused of racism.

    The voting laws were changed in Florida in the early 80s so that “minorities” can vote if they can fog a mirror. The excuse used for this new law was that large numbers of Puerto Ricans live in Florida and they are US citizens, and they were being denied the ability to vote. The real reason this new law was passed was so that large numbers of illegal aliens from central america and the Caribbean outside of Puerto Rico could vote illegally. They vote in overwhelming numbers for the Dhimmicrats and the Dhimmicrats passed these new voting laws.

    So, these so called lawmakers who get all upset when someone points out the truth about the illegal aliens are protecting their voters, and their job.

    If illegals were excluded from the vote, these morons would lose in an overwhelming landslide and they know it.

  25. Unregistered Comment by curious

    Pink and nauseous greeen paint

    Yes, outlaw those loud colors NOW!!! When loud colors are outlawed only outlaws will use loud colors.

    Just Kidding.

  26. kwongdzu Comment by kwongdzu

    About 2 years ago, I had a part time job as an aide in an ESL class. An ESL CITIZENSHIP class (actually part of a larger whole, in which students worked toward gaining citizenship). I met some fine people from Russia, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Estonia and Krygystan … they were all here legally. I remember, in particular, one couple whose daughter was marrying a Canadian guy, and they were having a very hard time working through the paperwork so that they could attend a wedding in Canada. As it turned out, only the father (not the mother, siblings and grandmother) ended up being able to go. However, these people didn’t piss and moan about it; they sucked it up and went on with their lives! I get really mad when people try to pass the move to curb illegal immigration off as mere racism. I have nothing but respect for the people who work through the process and attempt to assimilate - and are PROUD of being AMERICANS!!! I’d gladly trade several liberal whities for these people any day!

  27. LC NCLivingBrit Comment by LC NCLivingBrit

    Where I live I think I’m the only legal immigrant in my entire development. We also happen to be the only non-Hispanic or non-Black (mostly Nigerians here) people in the entire development.

    Coincidence? Naw……

  28. LC RobertHuntingdon Comment by LC RobertHuntingdon

    Cheapshot911 sez:

    Not far from R.I.C.O., are we now?!

    You know, citizens can sue under RICO too… hmmm…


  29. juandos Comment by juandos

    I still contend that “Illegal Immigration” is not a valid term. To me, “immigration” implies a legal avenue has been taken. The correct term is “Illegal Invasion.”

    Hence the word, “wetback“… :wink_wp:

  30. kwongdzu Comment by kwongdzu

    Juandos: Yeah, and I had a friend (whose parents were both legal Mexican immigrants) who referred to them as wetbacks and greasers! They use the term themselves. Someone really should do a big survey of first- generation legal immigrants and second-generation descendents to find out what their attitudes are. It wouldn’t surprise me if they are even more anti-invasion than the rest of us.

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