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Brother J (aka LC&IB Vulcanrider) having recently terminated his employment with the inept, PC-riddled and bureaucrapinated incompetence haven, known as the TSA, pens a fine take on Skeletor’s Department of Homeland InSecurity.

Posted over at Cigar Intelligence Agency: Knee Jerks From the DC Jerks Again

A most righteous screed from a former (Thank G-d) insider, and no, you won’t find anything useful for circumventing the system, just a look into how incredibly clue-fucked, yet another of W’s pet projects remains.

[Hah !! The Empire is double-teaming Chertoff today, I see. Buwaaahaaaaa-JB]

16 Responses to “A Fine Kiss-Off For Chertoff’s Jerkoffs”
  1. kwongdzu Comment by kwongdzu

    Could it be SAAYYTAAANNN?

  2. kwongdzu Comment by kwongdzu

    Oh, rats! How’d I do that? I posted on the wrong thread! Musta been satan.

  3. Deathknyte Comment by Deathknyte

    Or insufficent attention.

  4. kwongdzu Comment by kwongdzu

    Yes … insufficent (sic) attention! LOL

  5. Merc, Imperial SomethingorOther Comment by Merc, Imperial SomethingorOther

    MUHAHAHAHHAHAHA! coolsmiley/
    Not much more to say than that.
    DAMN!! 1 more time MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. jaybear Comment by jaybear

    The Prez just commuted Scooter Libby’s sentence

  7. jaybear Comment by jaybear

    Oh yeah, maybe now Bush will do the same thing for the falsely acccused Marines and Border Agents that he did for Libby eh??

    bueller? bueller?

  8. LC Wil Comment by LC Wil

    Big Commutation. 30 Month jail sentence for misremembering a conversation was eliminated.

    What about the quarter million dollar fine and the probation? How about reimbursing Libby’s legal fees?

    Fuckin’ fine reward for a loyal subordinate, dickweed.

    Oh, I’M SO SORRY - That’s PRESIDENT Dickweed. My bad.

  9. LC Beaker Comment by LC Beaker

    Fuckin’ fine reward for a loyal subordinate, dickweed.

    Who was convicted for what? Obstruction of justice during an politically motivated investigation into something that wasn’t even a crime? This is classic Bush, trying to have it both ways, but fucking it up completely.

    As for the TSA link, should we be surprised? Sounds to me like the TSA is run pretty much like every other government agency. Any fool can fuck something up, but nothing can produce a real clusterfuck of biblical proportions quite like the government.

    Those that can, do.
    Those that can’t, teach.
    Those that can’t do either, become bureaucrats.

  10. Unregistered Comment by Chairborne Ranger

    The Prez just commuted Scooter Libby’s sentence

    Let the libtard shit-flinging and rioting begin. All liberal site’s comments for the next month will involve all or some of the words “Bu$Hitler, cronyism, or impeach”. Oh wait, they already do. For a good example check digg’s comments(With any conservative and/or logical comments buried into the center of the earth).

  11. hOOt Gibson Comment by hOOt Gibson

    Look for the usual shit-for-brained libs(here and elsewhere) to scream bloody murder about Bush’s half-assed “pardon” while forgetting Bubba’s pardons of a few dozen murderers and drug dealers….


  12. Unregistered Comment by saintknowitall

    The Saint has found one TSA employee who actually has a brain. He let a couple containers of applesauce through for a young man who had alergies to wheat.

    care to read about it go here:

  13. Xystus Comment by Xystus

    Those that can, do.
    Those that can’t, teach.
    Those that can’t do either, become bureaucrats.

    The version I’ve heard is, Those who can’t teach, teach teachers to teach!

  14. MegaTroopX Comment by MegaTroopX

    Loyalty? Yeah right! This is the guy who’s had six SECARMYs, six SECNAVs, SEVEN SECUSAFs, and 2 SECDEFs during his term. They last only until he needs another body to feed the Dem Cong.

    The Loyalty driver is not installed on W’s operating system.

  15. LC CountryRED Comment by LC CountryRED

    Is this about scooter? NO or TSA YES

    .. This post is NOT about S C O O T E R
    This post is about TSA ! !

  16. L.C. Rowane Comment by L.C. Rowane

    Ya know, I agree with that Country Red, to hell with scooter libby, joe wilson, and, valery plame.

    There are US Marines who are facing life sentences for trumped up charges and border patrol agents doing a hard ten for doing their damned jobs but this is supposed to make the conservatives like Prez. Limpdick Mexicanfluffer again? Not me, my back is still smarting from the last stabbing and I’m a bit touchy about letting asswipes with blades behind me again.

    When these Marines and Border Patrol agents are freed and their records cleared this sawed-off asshole can hold his head up among TRUE conservatives again. Until then he can simply go piss up a rope.