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The NYPD, recognizing that terrorism is finding roots in their own back yard, comes out and manages to “get over” racial profiling concerns and decides to shift to the more proper (and smarter) Enemy Identification.

NYPD warns of homegrown terror threat

They preferred bookstores or hookah bars to mosques. They stopped listening to pop music and instead surfed Web sites promoting radical Islam. They threw away their baseball caps and grew beards.

New York Police Department intelligence analysts have concluded those were some of the telltale signs of homegrown terrorists in the making — a mounting threat as grave as that from established terrorist groups like al-Qaida. [Emph Mine-JB]

Not that most of us out here wouldn’t come up with the same conclusion, but bravo for the NYPD in pointing out the patently obvious. We’ve seen homegrown terrorists already (see- Timothy McVeigh, Jose Padilla) and virtually every country in Europe has their own developing radical Islamic jihadists setting up shop in their backyards.

An NYPD report released Wednesday warns of a “radicalization” process in which young men — otherwise unremarkable legal immigrants from the Middle East — grow disillusioned with life in America and adopt a philosophy that puts them on the path to jihad.

“Hopefully, the better we’re informed about this process, the more likely we’ll be to detect and disrupt it,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said while presenting the findings at a briefing of private security executives at police headquarters.

Refreshing to see a government organization, actually say ALL the right words concerning the War On Terror. The overwhelming vast majority of terrorists are radical islamic young males. Irrespective of this, the Feds and most local law enforcement organizations still bend over backwards to ensure the Politically Correct suicide pact is maintained.

The findings drew swift criticism from Arab-American civil rights groups, which accused the NYPD of stereotyping and of contradicting recent federal warnings that the chief terrorism threat remains foreign.

Enter the usual suspects. Notice how they’re trying to deflect away from domestic terrorism, by including the “chief” threat is foreign?

In a statement, Department of Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke said federal authorities “appreciate efforts to better understand the phenomenon of radicalization.”

“We are fortunate that radicalization seems to have less appeal in the U.S. than in other parts of the world,” he said, “but we do not believe that America is immune to homegrown terrorism.”

I’m simply speechless, one of Skeletor’s flacks, actually grudgingly agrees with the NYPD study, of course toned down a bit. Musn’t have CAIR screeching at DHS now would we?

The FBI declined to comment.

Good, because their domestic terrorist assignment and strategic details are none of our business.

Police officials said the study is based on an analysis of a series of domestic plots thwarted since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, including those in Lackawanna; Portland, Ore.; and Virginia. It was prepared by senior analysts with the NYPD Intelligence Division who traveled to Hamburg, Germany; Madrid; and other overseas spots to confer with authorities about similar cases.

The report found that homegrown terrorists often were indoctrinated in local “radicalization incubators” that are “rife with extremist rhetoric.”

Instead of mosques, those places were more likely to be “cafes, cab driver hangouts, flop houses, prisons, student associations, non-governmental organizations, hookah bars, butcher shops and bookstores,” the report says.

Sounds like the same breeding grounds for liberals doesn’t it?

The Internet also provides “the wandering mind of the conflicted young Muslim or potential convert with direct access to unfiltered radical and extremist ideology.”

The report warns that potential terrorists are difficult for law enforcers to detect because they blend in well with society. It also argues that more intelligence gathering is needed to thwart potential terror plots at their earliest stages.

Grab all the intel you can, but do keep it quiet, lest you draw skatey-eight million lawsuits and outrage from the hadji sympathizers and their lackeys.

Potential homegrown terrorists “are not on the law enforcement radar,” the study says. “Most have never been arrested or involved in any kind of legal trouble.”

They “look, act, talk and walk like everyone around them,” the study adds. “In the early stages of their radicalization, these individuals rarely travel, are not participating in any kind of militant activity, yet they are slowly building the mind-set, intention and commitment to conduct jihad.”

Good intel there. Tough to detect early, but if you know where the little spoldeyating sprouting begins you’ve got a start.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations accused the NYPD analysts of distorting the innocent behavior of observant Muslims.

“Is Islamic attire or giving up bad habits … now to be regarded as suspicious behavior?” asked the group’s chairman, Parvez Ahmed.

Kareem Shora, legal adviser for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, called the findings faulty and inflammatory.

Bad habits? I do believe that report stated that they are staying away from mosques and nothing about clothing or turbans.

“The report is at odds with federal law enforcement findings, including those of the recently released National Intelligence Estimate, and uses unfortunate stereotyping of entire communities,” Shora said in a statement. “The use of such language by the NYPD is un-American and goes against everything for which we stand.”

Not content with their usual screams of outrage, Shora decides to go “all-in” and call Enemy Identification un-American. I’m sure it goes against everything for which you stand, being using every trick in the book to get the American people to ignore your plans for subjugation of the west and the imposition of Sharia Law universally.

The National Intelligence Estimate concluded that Osama bin Laden’s network had regrouped and remains the most serious threat to the United States.

Kelly insisted the NYPD report made no effort to provide a “cookie-cutter” profile for terrorists. He also argued that the NYPD report “doesn’t contradict the National Intelligence Estimate — it augments it.”

Well said Commissioner, what it says unequivocally is that progress has been made into identifying the breeding grounds, behaviors and habits that create terrorists. In war and law-enforcement, it’s a huge advantage to get “inside” the bad guy’s head.

Score ONE for the good guys.

19 Responses to “New York Police Department Finds A Clue”
  1. LC Mrs. M-ITT™ Comment by LC Mrs. M-ITT™

    Kareem Shora, legal adviser for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee…..“The use of such language by the NYPD is un-American and goes against everything for which we stand.”

    I call BULLSHIT!!


    Since when have these so called “Arab-American” piss groups ever put America first? These jackasses wouldn’t know what being American was if it jumped up and buggered their girlfriends pet goats. The only time they embrace the Constitution is when they are trying to manipulate it for their own ends, which as we all know is to convert the world to Pislam.

    6 Flying Imams anyone?

  2. Unregistered Comment by leoni2, LC

    American-Arab? Shouldn’t that have been Arab-American? Oppps, my mistake, we can’t be accussed of trying to assimilate them into our culture. After all, we’re not the Borg, are we?

    Lousy, no good for nothing, piece of…..

  3. LC Wil Comment by LC Wil

    WELL IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME! Kinda surprised this came from the great, blue north, but some sign of sanity emerge.

    Now, someone go to the headquarters of CAIR. Bar the doors, weld shut the fire escapes. Brick up the first through third floor windows.

    Then burn it to the dirt. Stir the ashes. Sew salt on the site. Then, use a long term, persistant chemical to coat the ground with.

    If the idiots from the Allah’s Cock Lickers Union says one damn word, do them too.

  4. BauerPower Comment by BauerPower

    Watch, the NYPD will be ready to kick, and take hyphenated names, until Mayor Bloomberg (aka Mayor Kapo-stein) will shake his finger at the NYPD, and let the federal, state and city prosecutors nail the police, not the terrorists. They did this when Dinkins was in office, when the NYPD was ready to arrest Al Sharpton for the Crown Heights Riots, the Tawana Brawley crap, etc…. I predict the NYPD being knifed in the back, by the gutless City Council, Mayor, and probably some political desk officers in the Police….

    I trust the police themselves, but their mayor and management, not so much…..

  5. Unregistered Comment by irish19

    BauerPower, you may well be right. However, this is at least a long-verdue start to recognizing the problem. The fact that it comes from an official government agency, especially in a place as liberal as NYC, is doubly refreshing and encouraging.

  6. kwongdzu Comment by kwongdzu

    I seriously think any terrorist caught on US soil should be promptly exterminated. You’re guilty, you’re dead. We should start with Jose Padilla. McVeigh him.

  7. itbachalyahud Comment by itbachalyahud

    Does the U.S. government ever indict anyone for treason anymore?

    Seems that the bar for what qualifies as “aid and comfort” has been raised so high that unless you’re photographed handing Osama a nuclear device, and you admit to having done so, you can pretty much rest assured that they won’t call your actions treasonous.

  8. Unregistered Comment by Mark6591

    LC Wil for president! Roast marshmallows over the embers and BBQ some pork once there is a good bed of coals.

  9. BauerPower Comment by BauerPower

    Kwong, here’s who needs to die, whom we have in captivity…..

    1. Jose Padilla- Mr. Dirty Bomb
    2. Richard Reid- Shoe Bomber Shit for Brains
    3. Zaccharias Moussoui- Mr. 20th Hijacker
    4. John Walker Lindh- Rat Boy, aka the American Taliban from the San Fransicko Bay area.
    5. And any other of the koranimals we have locked up for murder, terrorism, or aiding in the commission of said acts…lawyers too.

    Anyone suggest how to off these guys?

    I saw deport em to an island. It’s uninhabited. Then drop em off there. When they want food, send canned ham and pork rhinds. After that, airdrop some pitbulls, angry and hungry, and let them sumbitches go after the terrorists and eat em alive. I call it OPERATION PAYBACK IS A BITCH.

  10. kwongdzu Comment by kwongdzu

    BP: I dunno. I’m not very creative, I guess. I figure just line them up and shoot them. Quick, efficient, foolproof. Done by lunchtime.

  11. Unregistered Comment by mindy1

    I am glad that they said that. It’s not discrimination if they are terrorists is it? :em95: :em41:

  12. Unregistered Comment by irish19

    I’m with kwongdzu. Just line ‘em up and shoot ‘em. No media except to take pix of the corpses. Buried in unmarked graves.
    BTW, that should have been “long-overdue”. PIMF.

  13. LC HJ Caveman82952 Comment by LC HJ Caveman82952

    I would be more than happy to donate the ammo……

  14. Panzermann403 Comment by Panzermann403

    BP: we need to think of the potential entertainment value here. Put these bastards on the largest tank shooting range you guys have, make it one of those with rolling hills and a bit of forest to prolong the agony.

    Giv’em 20 minutes time, then release a company of Abrams and a company of Bradleys on their asses. The crew that scores the kill may mount the head of the executed on their vehicle, get 25 crates of beer and 1 week of extra holiday.

    The condemned win their freedom when they reach the end of the range…. which is conveniently marked with a high-density mine field :em95:

  15. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher

    BAGHDAD — U.S. troops clashed with suspected Sunni insurgents holed up in a mosque north of Baghdad and launched an air-to-ground Hellfire missile into the structure.

    finally political correctness is disregarded

  16. Sir Christopher Comment by Sir Christopher

    ‘We’re taking the heat for Israel’
    US Jews say Israel’s treatment of Sudanese refugees rebounds onto them.

    HELLO: What about Egypt’s “treatment” of them!??!

  17. Unregistered Comment by DukeFenton

    LC Jackboot:

    The report found that homegrown terrorists often were indoctrinated in local “radicalization incubators” that are “rife with extremist rhetoric.”

    Instead of mosques, those places were more likely to be “cafes, cab driver hangouts, flop houses, prisons, student associations, non-governmental organizations, hookah bars, butcher shops and bookstores,” the report says.

    Sounds like the same breeding grounds for liberals doesn’t it?

    I think they’ve been confirmed to have over 99% common DNA. The hadji is thought to be the more evolved form because on rare occasions they’ve been known to hold a job.

  18. Unregistered Trackback by Find Ur Husband

    Find Ur Husband…

    Levinson was scheduled to be in London but had not checked into his hotel…