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Besides Helen Keller, Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles, that is…

Although the price tag on the Treasury Department’s Troubled Asset Relief Program is $700 billion,…

As Nancy Puglosi & “Hang Him High” Harry Reid dutifully promised those dumb enough to believe a single syllable that issues forth from their pielie-holes…

*Aaaaaaaaaaaand, here comes the pitch…*

the full amount that the government taxpayers (Fixed it for ya’—B.) has invested in its rescue effort for struggling financial institutions appears to be closer to $2.5 trillion.

*He takes a Ruthian swing and misses! Strike three! Game over!*

You’d think that with the number of OUR dollars being thrown around, like confetti & condoms at a Gay Pride Testicle Tickling & Labia Piercing Parade™, in order to “redistribute the wealth”, the Lamestream Midiots™ and their friends in the government would be trumpeting it from the tops of the mountains, from sea to shining see, right?

If you answered “Why, yes, they would!”, you’d be wrong. Dead wrong.

Bloomberg L.P., the parent company of Bloomberg News, said last week that it filed a lawsuit seeking information on the collateral that a group of banks pledged for some $2 trillion in emergency loans from the Federal Reserve.

Bloomberg asked a federal court in New York to require the Federal Reserve to disclose the identity of the banks that borrowed money through certain financing mechanisms, and to disclose what assets they pledged against those loans.

Bloomberg filed the suit after the Federal Reserve said that it would deny Bloomberg’s request for the information under the Freedom of Information Act.

“You do NOT need to see who we’re giving your money to and what they’re putting up as collateral, you silly plebes! After all, we’re here to take care of you!”

Like we’ve said before, these Socialist thieves are PURPOSELY & DELIBERATELY stealing OUR money and, with The Obamabortion® and His Merry Band of Washingtonian Communists™ in power, they will NEVER pay the price for driving this country into bankruptcy and, subsequently, the dustbin of history, without the Constitutionally-guaranteed right to overthrow the tyrannical whores.

Ken Lay deserves a full and unconditional pardon and an apology from the Left. Barney Frank, Chuck Shumer, Nancy Puglosi, Harry Reid, Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick, et al., deserve the gallows.

“CHANGE!™ (It’s all you’re gonna have left when we’re done with you. You HOPE™.)”

UPDATE: Make that closer to $3.5 TRILLION. But, what’s a mere TRILLION or so dollars amongst friends, eh?


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James Hansen and His Merry Band of NASA/NOAA Socialist “Scientists” continue busily packing the booster rockets for The Obamessiah’s Algore I economy-destroying ICBM (Intentionally-Caused Bolshevik Market). They’ve become so confident in their ability to lie, distort and deceive, without ANY repercussions, that they don’t even bother making shit up anymore— They just take numbers from naturally-warmer months and plug them into naturally-cooler months and then proclaim “It’s the warmest month EVAH!”. And, when they’re caught with their pants down around their ankles, like Barney Frank at a Crisco® Twister™ party in his personal brothel/apartment, they just brush it off with a wave of a hand and call those exposing them for the frauds that they are “Deniers!” & “Flat-Earthers!” and go on with their Social(ist) engineering scam, setting the table for Draconian/Marxist environmental edicts and fiats from Obameinfuhrer & his Washingtonian Politburo.

Think he was kidding about bankrupting the coal and coal-fired power industry? How about his lament that his only regret that fuel prices reached $4/gallon too quickly? Want to lay bets on how quickly the Dhimmis Communists in charge of Congress the Politburo reinstate the off-shore drilling bans, thus reinvigorating the assorted and sundry dictators’ and oil tyrants’ bank accounts around the world, by driving oil prices through the roof again? (And crippling our national security by continuing to hold us hostage to the whims of said dictators and tyrants?) Think he was kidding about electricity rates skyrocketing? (Tripling, quadrupling or even higher.)

The next time you see a “green” bill flying through Congress the Politburo and being signed off by The Obamabortion™, just remember that that’s exactly what it is— YOUR green going from YOUR wallets into the coffers of the Dhimmis Communists and their sycophants. But, it’s only “fair” to “redistribute the wealth” for “the common good”. Right?


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It’s the end of the fiscal year, so for anyone who’s ever worked in the Government knows only too well, it’s time to spend all the money.  After all, if you don’t spend all of what you got THIS year, you might not get as much NEXT year.

In the Federal Aviation Administration facility where I work, this year it means new furniture in all the management and administrative areas.  It doesn’t matter that what is already there is beautiful, dark cherry, solid-wood furniture, and is barely six years old.  It doesn’t matter that most of the furniture sits in unused offices.  It doesn’t matter that it’s all in “like-new” condition.  No, what matters is there is money to be spent, so spend it we must…or we might not get as much next year.

We’re replacing the receptionist desk, but we haven’t had a receptionist in ten years.  We’re replacing the desk, credenza and bookshelves in the automation specialist office, but we haven’t had a local automation specialist in eight years.  Of course, the manager and administrative assistant’s offices are both getting facelifts as well, along with the shared supervisor’s office (four workstations, all beautiful cherry wood, must be replaced). 

GSA rules say that the “surplus” furniture must first be made available to other agencies, but why take used when you can buy new?  It’ll wind up in a Federal auction to the public somewhere, and will be sold for a fraction of what the Government originally paid for it…and it’s in like-new condition.

All in all, we’re spending some $38,000 for new furniture to replace stuff that’s perfectly good and has another ten years or longer of useful life.

We’re just one tiny facility in one of the smaller federal agencies.  This is your government at work.  This is YOUR TAX DOLLARS at work.

I remember my Air Force days as a computer system analyst back in the 70’s when we all sat at gun-metal gray metal desks with slate tops, and probably got more work done than the average government employee today.  I worked in an office that was more civilian than military, and our GS12 manager sat at a metal desk just like mine.  We didn’t need the luxury of a high-dollar attorney’s office to get the job done.

And this is why we need REFORM, not “change”.  We need SMALLER government, not bigger.  We need LESS tax dollars, not more.  We need major across-the-board slashes in government spending.

We need candidates who realize that the biggest problem in the US Government is the US Government itself, and who are willing to work to reform the system.

We need Joe the Plumber.  We need Rick the Bricklayer, and Marty the Butcher.  We need Sarah Palin.

What we DON’T need is a member of the Chicago thug regime rising to national power.  What we don’t need is big-government solutions.  What we don’t need is pie-in-the-sky “we’re gonna GIVE you…”. 

Don’t give us ANYTHING.  Stop taking from us, then wasting it.

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