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Archive for December 29th, 2008

…of course, it’s very easy being a self-hating Joo advocating the national suicide of Eretz Yisroel when you don’t actually have to, you know, live in the areas that you urge to commit suicide. Such as that utter gasbag, Ezra Klein, who ought to have his foreskin sown back on.

With a very rusty needle (h/t LC & IB Ace)


This is the paragraph that I can’t get out of my head:

Hamas had in recent weeks let it be known that it doubted Israel would engage in a major military undertaking because of its coming elections. But in some ways the elections have made it impossible for officials like Mr. Barak not to react, because the public has grown anxious and angry over the rocket fire, which while causing no recent deaths and few injuries is deeply disturbing for those living near Gaza.

No deaths and few injuries. “Deeply disturbing.” Hamas lacks the technology to aim its rockets. They’re taking potshots. In response, the Israeli government launched air strikes that have now killed more than 280 Palestinians, injured hundreds beyond that, and further radicalized thousands in the Occupied Territories and millions in the region.

We’ll leave aside the fact that His Imperial Majesty doesn’t really give a flying fuck what “inflames” the perpetually inflamed hemorrhoids subhuman pisslamic parasites reducing the real estate value of our fair planet. It seems everything is an excuse for some ragheaded goatmuncher to go blow himself up in a Kindergarten.

Some tiny relatively unknown newspaper in a small Scandinavian country prints a few drawings of the prophet of their “peaceful” religion? Great, let’s go burn down embassies all over the Middle East, murder indiscriminately and why not gun down a few nuns while we’re at it?

Some irresponsible and barely literate hack at another newspaper starts floating rumors about the physically impossible feat of flushing Korans down the toilet? Yay! Let’s go murder everything that fucking moves.

It seems pretty bloody hard to avoid “feeding the cycle of violence” where those syphilitic offspring of dogs are concerned.

But nevermind all that. He does have a point. The Israeli response was, indeed, “disproportionate”, as dumb little Ezra points out. If they were to have responded “in kind”, they’d have indiscriminately carpet bombed the entire Gaza Strip without concern for civilian collateral damage. As a matter of fact, they’d have deliberately targeted civilian targets in hopes that they’d kill as many innocents as humanly possible.

Personally, we’re having a hard time seeing a problem with that, but we doubt that’s what Ezra the Imbecile is calling for.

The response will not come today, of course. It will come in months, or even in years, when an angry orphan detonates a belt filled with shrapnel, killing himself and 25 Israelis. At which point the Israelis will launch air strikes killing another 70 Palestinians, radicalizing thousands more, leading to more bombings, and so the cycle continues.

Sure. Blame the victim. They’re to blame for being murdered because they reacted in self-defense in the past when they were being murdered. Those damn Jooos in the Warsaw ghetto who were massacred in ‘44 had it coming for aggravating the Nazis. Good riddance. They should’ve been good Jooos like Ezra and let themselves be murdered. Correction: They should have been good Jooos like Ezra and hightailed it out of Warsaw, THEN cheered on the SS as they murdered their fellow Jooos.

The rocket attacks were undoubtedly “deeply disturbing” to Israelis.

Sending your kids to school every morning not knowing if you’ll ever see them again because Hamas makes a point of bombing when the school bell rings to increase the chances of getting a bunch of the kids will cause some anxiety, yes. Unless you’re a fuckheaded Kapo Jooo living far away from the action that is.

But so too are the checkpoints, the road closures, the restricted movement, the terrible joblessness, the unflinching oppression, the daily humiliations, the illegal settlement — I’m sorry, “outpost” — construction, “deeply disturbing” to the Palestinians, and far more injurious.

It is, Ezra? Really, now? I don’t know about you, other than the fact that you’ve got an IQ that would make an amoeba look like Albert Fucking Einstein, but I’ll take quite a bit of “humiliation” in return for having my kids return from school every day.

But obviously you think it’s perfectly justifiable for paleoswinians to blow up Joooish schoolchildren because they’ve been “humiliated” at a checkpoint. I guess that means that I can go on a murderous rampage because of all of the times I’ve been forced to take my shoes off at the airport?

And the 300 dead Palestinians should be disturbing to us all.

It should? And the thousands of completely and utterly innocent Jewish men, women and children murdered deliberately by the paleoswinian scum shouldn’t? You know, if the paleosimians laid down their arms tomorrow, there’d be peace.

If the Israelis laid down theirs, there’d be no more Jews in the Middle East.

There is nothing proportionate in this response. No way to fit it into a larger strategy that leads towards eventual peace.

Dead lice don’t bite.

No way to fool ourselves into believing that it will reduce bloodshed and stop terrorist attacks. It is simple vengeance.

The difference between “vengeance” and “cold-blooded murder” is that the former requires a legitimate provocation. It really is that simple. I’d go with the former any day of the week if I had to choose between the two.

However, in spite of your “strategic genius”, deliberately targeting the command structure of the most virulent plague of terrorism in the terrortories, Hamas, is not just “vengeance.” Lop the head off the snake and it’s no threat anymore. Or, if you like it better, the Fear of G-d Strategy. You murder innocents, we’ll wipe you out.

Works for me. Sooner or later they’ll run out of splodeydopes.

There’s a saying in the Jewish community: “Israel, right or wrong.” But sometimes Israel is simply wrong.

Sure, Ezra.

Why don’t you move to Be’ersheba or Ashkelon and say that? Bring the kids, why don’t you?


Am Yisroel Chai!

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Uncle J over at Blackfive alerts us to this delicious bit of irony. Seems Code Monkey at From My Position…On The Way was trolling the webs for some pink action (Not that kind BC, get yer mind out of the gutter) and…well I’ll let him explain.

I was trolling around on the dark side of the internet today to see how the hippies were responding to Gaza. I decided to see how the nitwits in pink were reacting and typed what I thought was their web page address into the address bar.
WARNING: Clicking the link below while consuming a beverage may be bad for the health of your monitor and/or keyboard!

Now trust me on this one and click here:

Oh the irony…

-Code Monkey

BWUHAHAHAHA!!!! Somebody deserves a medal for that right there!

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If there is anyone who happens to think that the Mediots have not been spending WAY too much time licking Obambi’s scrotal sac, they need look no further than this poll that has just been published.

Obama biggest news story since start of century: poll

Yes Dear Subjects. He’s even bigger than Bradgelina. The Obamessiah has become the biggest story this century.

All 8 years of it.

Which of course means the next 92 are going to be damn boring if this is the most exciting thing to happen this century.

Obama coverage eclipsed news stories about the Iraq war, the Beijing Olympics, the global economic crisis, hurricane Katrina, Pope John Paul II’s death, the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington D.C., and the tsunami in south Asia.

Well of course he is. Why would anyone want to remember all those little burps in our race to the future when we have Teh One™ to bow down before and worship? We’re not getting our ass kicked in Iraq, so the Mediots don’t want to keep bringing that up. Bobby Jindal is getting things taken care of in New Orleans, and the Newsies damn sure don’t want to give credit for that to a *shudder* Republican.

Oh…and those 3000+ innocent people who died on Sept.11?

Puhleeeeze. Can’t we all just Move On™?

Isn’t it enough to know that he only has to raise his nicotine stained metrosexual hands, flex those glistening man boobs pecs, wave his Dumbo ears and the winds will die down, the waves will calm, the climate will cease to change, dogs and cats will be at peace with one another, and Oprah will finally shut the hell up?
Forget that once he’s out of his “President-Elect” bubble he’s going to be busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest trying to hide who and what he really is, which is to say…NUTHIN….He’s the Obamessiah!!

All Hail He who must not answer any tough questions!

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